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Home » FeiyuTech, SCORP-Mini 2 wins gold award DPG Mobile Award 2024

FeiyuTech, SCORP-Mini 2 wins gold award DPG Mobile Award 2024

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FeiyuTech, SCORP-Mini 2 wins gold award DPG Mobile Award 2024 Vimble 3, a gimbal for smartphones, also received an award.
Two products received awards at the DGP Mobile Award 2024 from FeiyuTech, for which Roa International Co., Ltd. (location:
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ally Won) serves as the sole distributor in Japan.
Gold Award Gimbal – Premium – Category: SCORP-Mini 2
Award Gimbal – Standard – Category: Vimble 2
FeiyuTech Japan official page:
[Image 1:×1502.jpg] What is DGP Mobile Award?
This award aims to help you enjoy “smartphone cameras” more deeply, and targets all kinds of solutions related to “smartphone cameras,” such as “taking pictures,” “viewing,” and “saving images” using smartphone camera functions. Professional photographers and critics who are active in specialized media participated in the judging. Only items approved by professionals will be selected.
Award page:
Award-winning product introduction
Gold Award Gimbal – Premium – Category: SCORP-Mini 2
This is the lightest and smallest 3-axis gimbal in the SCORP series. In addition to smartphones, it can also be equipped with single-lens reflex cameras, mirrorless cameras, and action cameras. Equipped with the world’s first* AI tracker, it supports tracking and shooting subjects without the need for an app. Ideal for SNS, dance/sports photography, and videos and photos of children playing together without the need for a photographer.
Product page:
[Image 2:×856.jpg] *The world’s first gimbal with a built-in tracking module as a stabilizer for SLR and mirrorless cameras: According to FeiyuTech Global Headquarters, December 2023
Award Gimbal – Standard – Category: Vimble 3
This is a 3-axis gimbal for smartphones that absorbs camera shake the most in the VIMBLE series. Equipped with an authentic design and an operation system that allows you to capture the footage you want, this model is easy to shoot even for beginners. The 19cm extension rod allows you to take photos at the optimal angle, making it easier to take high-angle and low-angle photos with a selfie stick. Automatic zoom movement and focus processing between two points can be performed automatically, allowing unique and cinematic video shooting. Product page:
[Image 3:×1298.jpg] About FeiyuTech
We were established in South China in 2007 as a company that develops and produces drones and related products. In 2013, we began full-scale gimbal development with the development of the action camera gimbal “G3” that applied drone gyro technology. Today, we have grown as a manufacturer with a wide range of products that are compatible with smartphones, single-lens reflex cameras, and more.
Developed and produced with the idea that anyone can easily create professional-quality videos. All processes are thoroughly controlled at our own factory.
We will continue to discover new possibilities for gimbal shooting and develop products that make video shooting even easier and more fun. [Loa International Co., Ltd. Overview] Established: July 2006 Representative Director and President: Ally Won Address: 6-27-45 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 THE KINDAI 20 SHINJUKU 3FURL :https://www.roa- Business details: Import/export and wholesale/distribution of PC & mobile accessories, small design home appliances, and gadgets Direct sales shop: More details about this release: