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Home » Cygames Co., Ltd. Is “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” reborn as “Granblue Fantasy Versus Thunder, God, and Tools”? ! The official website has been renewed!

Cygames Co., Ltd. Is “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” reborn as “Granblue Fantasy Versus Thunder, God, and Tools”? ! The official website has been renewed!

[Cygames Co., Ltd.] “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” is “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-”
A new life in “Thunder, God, and Tools”? ! The official website has been renewed!

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Is “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” reborn as “Granblue Fantasy Versus Thunder, God, and Tools”? ! The official website has been renewed!
*The latest trailer and character type diagnosis for AC club specifications are released! *
Cygames Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cygames
Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Watanabe) is planning and producing the PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/Steam software “Granblue”, which is planned and produced by Arc System Works Co., Ltd. fantasy verses
-Rising- (hereinafter referred to as GBVSR)”, we would like to inform you that the official website has been renewed ahead of update Ver. 1.30, which will be distributed on Tuesday, April 2nd.
* ■The official website has been renewed to AC club specifications? ! * We have updated the official website of “GBVSR” ahead of the Ver1.30 update on April 2nd (Tuesday).
The key visual on the TOP page, the character page, etc. have been changed to a new design based on AC club specifications, making it lively.
In addition, a trailer has been released, and a TV commercial created by AC Club creatives is also being aired.
Please check it out as it will help you better understand the concept of “Easy to use and click to kill”.

* ▼“Granblue Fantasy: Thunder, God, and Tools” Final Trailer * **

* ▼Updated parts*
 TOP page
Character page
Players card maker

Please check the official website for details.

* ■“Character Type Diagnosis” has also been significantly renewed! * “Character Type Diagnosis”, which allows you to diagnose your recommended characters by answering simple questions, has also been renewed.
Not only beginners of “GBVSR” but also those who have already decided on the character they will use may have a new encounter with the “Character Type Diagnosis” in the AC Club version. You can share the diagnosis results on SNS, so please give it a try.

* ■Unique playable characters! *
Many unique characters are participating in “Granblue Fantasy: Thunder, God, and Gu.”
You can also check the characteristics and ease of use of the characters participating in the game on the updated character page, so please take this opportunity to find your favorite character. In addition, a new playable character “Vane” will be released in update Ver. 1.30 on April 2nd (Tuesday), and “Beatrix” will be released in late May.
* “Vane” *
He is a sportsman warrior dressed in a bright orange uniform that is reminiscent of a rugby player!
The edge of the giant shoulder armor is a sharp knife, and the chin is constantly cut.
However, I will never complain!
* “Beatrix” *
With her ponytail and sporty appearance, you can imagine she is a member of the tennis club!
The bright ribbon tying her ponytail makes her look like a stylish sportsman, so she will be very popular with students!
* ■AC Department|AC-bu *
A creative team formed in 1999 while a student at Tama Art University, characterized by the creation of intense and high-spirited works. After “Euroboys” won the NHK Digital Stadium Annual Grand Prix, they began creative activities in various media such as television, commercials, and music videos.
Viewing client work as commission work, he continues to present innovative and experimental works in a variety of media. They have a clear concept of providing viewers with unexpected and strange emotions in a style that remains fresh and unique even over time, and they call it “Uncomfort” and share it within the team. In recent years, this activity itself has been reevaluated as contemporary art. Main works include MV “group_inou / THERAPY”, “Powder / New Tribe”, “ORANGE RANGE /
I want to eat SUSHI”, TV anime “Pop Team Epic / Bobnemi Mimi”, TV commercial “Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. / Cup Noodle Miso” “MISO I want to eat”, Train Channel “JR East/Awareness video to prevent lost items”, promotion “Tokyo Metropolitan Election
Commission/TOHYO Miyako”, etc.
* ■Now on sale in three editions! *
In addition to the “Standard Edition,” which allows you to enjoy the entire main game, there is also a “Deluxe Edition,” which comes with downloadable content such as “Deluxe Character Pass Part 1.”

In addition, we have started distributing the “Free Edition,” which allows you to easily enjoy online battles and “Graburu Legend Battle!” for free. When purchasing each edition, it is possible to carry over the save data from the “Free Edition”, so if you are considering purchasing, please try the “Free Edition” as well.

*“Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” Product Overview*
Title: Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-
Genre: Competitive action & party
Number of players: 1 to 30 people
Online: Supported
Price: “Standard Edition” 6,600 yen (tax included)
“Deluxe Edition” 9,680 yen (tax included)
“Free Edition” Free
Release date: Now on sale (released on December 14, 2023)
Platform: PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/Steam
Rating: IARC 12+
Planning and production: Cygames Co., Ltd.
Development: Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
Rights notation: (C) Cygames, Inc. Developed by ARC SYSTEM WORKS

“Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” official website
GBVS Official X (old Twitter)
“Granblue Fantasy Versus” official YouTube channel
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