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We will implement “false resume” recruitment

We will implement “false resume” recruitment

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Press release: April 1, 2024
April Fool
*To those involved in the media*
We will implement “false resume” recruitment
*We are accepting applications with fake resumes for a limited period of 2 weeks from April 1st to April 14th, 2024! *
“Boku to Me to Co., Ltd.”, which conducts planning and marketing for Generation Z, will be implementing “Fake Resume Recruitment” from April 1, 2024, for a limited period of two weeks, where people can apply with fake resumes. . *
*What is “recruitment with false resumes”*
As a planning and marketing company representing Generation Z, we are looking for people who can design PR and produce brands that incorporate the perspectives of real young people living today.

The “recruitment of false resumes” program started last year with the idea that “telling a lie is part of one’s ability” has resulted in several unique individuals joining the organization thanks to their resumes filled with lies.

Therefore, following on from last year, we have decided to implement the “recruitment of false resumes” this year as well. We are accepting applications with false resumes for a limited period of two weeks from April 1st to April 14th, 2024. *

This recruitment page Please contact us with “I would like to be hired with a false resume.”

*Lies that hurt people will not be accepted.
*Positive and humorous lies are most welcome.

We look forward to hearing your witty lies this year!

*Comments from successful candidates for “Fake Resume Recruitment”* I happened to see it on SNS and applied for a job with a false resume, but thanks to a chance, I am currently working as an assistant director for TikTok, where I am writing scripts for short dramas. I feel that it is a very fresh and good experience.

Also, I work with many people who have interesting careers, so my daily life is really exciting.

I myself was like that, but my environment changed a lot with a small opportunity, so if you feel stagnant, please take this opportunity to try it!
*About me and me and the company*
Me to Me to Co., Ltd. is a planning and marketing company that represents Generation Z. We are developing many projects that are unique to Generation Z.

We will be in charge of everything from insight research, planning, creative production, and communication that incorporates the perspective of the real Generation Z living today.

We are also implementing new ways of working, including a remote system, sauna employment, and working in rural areas. Many companies have been born from within the company, with the aim of having all members be geniuses.

■ Company profile
Representative Director: Kento Imataki
Location: 3rd floor, Navi Shibuya V, 5-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business content: Planning and marketing business related to Generation Z, brand business
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