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Koyuu Co., Ltd. Edgift Co., Ltd., which develops “Tegumi”, joins Hanamaru Group.

[Koyuu Co., Ltd.] Edgift Co., Ltd., which develops “Tegumi”, joins Hanamaru Group.

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Edgift Co., Ltd., which develops “Tegme”, joins Hanamaru Group.

Kouyuu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Urawa Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative: Masanobu Takahama), which operates Hanamaru Study Group, and Edgift Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative: Koshikawa), which develops the assembly toy “Tegumi” Hikari/Miho Muramatsu)
We would like to announce that we will be welcoming the group to the group and working together.

*What is the assembly toy “Tegmy”*
An assembly block that allows you to freely create from
two-dimensional to three-dimensional shapes by combining six types of parts with grooves (slits). By trial and error, you can create houses, vehicles, and even living creatures by experimenting with the direction and angle of insertion. It is a toy that specializes in trial and error, which tests the imagination and thinking power of thinking about what and how to assemble, due to the reasonable restrictions of “flat parts” and “only 6 types”. In 2023, it received the “Good Toy 2023” and “2023 Good Design New Hope Awards” in quick succession. It’s a toy that’s getting a lot of attention right now.

* Affinity between “Hanamaru Study Group” and “Tegumi”*
Hanamaru Study Group has been developing a wide range of thinking skills materials, including books, teaching tools, and in-house teaching materials. In daily classes, we provide content that develops “deep thinking skills,” including elements such as spatial awareness, planar shapes, trial and error, logic, and discovery, as well as creativity, humanity, and a sense of affirmation that supports them. Masu.
Since Tegumy is a toy that incorporates the important elements of thinking power, such as “crossing back and forth between
two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects,” “high-quality trial and error,” and “rich imagination,” we decided that the two companies were aiming in the same direction. In the future, we have decided to collaborate in order to combine the knowledge and technology of both companies and create new educational content. *Future development goals*
Using a completed toy called “Tegumy” as a starting point, we create various thinking problems and thinking games. We plan to develop this content as class content, and refine it into more educationally meaningful content by analyzing how children actually grow using Tegumy.

[Company information]
*Koyu Co., Ltd.*
Representative: Masanobu Takahama
Location: 9-19-10 Tokiwa, Urawa-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Establishment date: February 2, 1993
Business details: Management of cram schools “Hanamaru Study Group” and “School FC”, etc.
Official website:
Hanamaru Study Group HP: Contact:

*Edgift Co., Ltd.*
Representative: Hikaru Koshikawa, Miho Muramatsu
Address: 2-9-9 Asahicho, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture
Establishment date: August 30, 2021
Business details: Development and sales of educational toys “TEGUMII”, planning and management of educational events
Official website:
Tegumi HP:
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