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Senior Life Create Co., Ltd. Signed “Chonan Town Watch Network Business Agreement” with Chonan Town, Chiba Prefecture

[Senior Life Create Co., Ltd.] Signed “Chonan Town Watch Network Business Agreement” with Chonan Town, Chiba Prefecture

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Concluded “Chonan Town Watch Network Business Agreement” with Chonan Town, Chiba Prefecture
*Contributing to the community by delivering lunch boxes specifically for the elderly.If you notice anything unusual in the town during delivery, contact the relevant authorities*
Senior Life Create Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroshi Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) offers delivery lunch boxes for the elderly, “Delivery Cook.”
One Two Three” Futaba Mobara Store (Operating corporation: Futaba Business System Co., Ltd., Representative Director: Shimada
Shigeru) has recently concluded a “Chonan Town Watch Network Business Agreement” with Chonan Town, Chiba Prefecture. The signing ceremony with Chonan Town was held on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.
Left: Futaba Mobara Store (Futaba Business Systems Co., Ltd.) President and Representative Director Shigeru Shimada / Right: Chonan Town Mayor Sadao Hirano
* ◆Contributing to the local community by leveraging our strengths in monitoring the elderly since our founding*
According to the “Chonan Town Elderly Health and Welfare Plan/Eighth Nursing Care Insurance Business Plan” *1, which was formulated by Chonan Town in March 2021, the aging rate in Chonan Town as of October 2020 was 43.4%. This is extremely high compared to the national aging rate of 28.8%, and as the population ages further in the future, demand for medical care and nursing care is expected to increase. Under these circumstances, Chonan Town is working on the “Chonan Town Watch Network” to create a system to protect the elderly in the community, in order to lead to a safe and secure life for the elderly. Our company is a delivery company specializing in delivery lunch boxes for the elderly, which operates 357 stores nationwide (as of March 26, 2024), including Chonan Town.
Since our founding, we have been monitoring elderly people during bento delivery through “One to Three.” Our desire to leverage our strengths and contribute even more to the region matched the wishes of Chonan Town, leading to the conclusion of the Chonan Town Watch Network Business Agreement.
*1 Chonan Town Elderly Health and Welfare Plan / 8th Nursing Care Insurance Business Plan * * * Chonan Town Mayor Sadao Hirano* *Partial excerpt
In Honmachi, the number of elderly people as of the end of February 2024 is 3,355, and the aging rate is extremely high at 46.5%. Under these circumstances, the number of people living alone and households consisting only of elderly people is increasing, and the elderly need to be supervised in their daily lives. The meal delivery business for the elderly is an optimal business for checking on the safety of the elderly through hand-delivery, and providing well-balanced menus to ensure that they are receiving the nutrients essential to their health, so this system of monitoring will be further strengthened. I hope that it will be done.

* Futaba Mobara Store Management Corporation Futaba Business System Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Shigeru Shimada* ※Excerpt
At the same time, I feel the weight of responsibility of being a part of the monitoring network business, and the joy of knowing that the lunch box delivery business that we have been running for three years has come this far. In the future, we will cooperate with Chonan Town’s monitoring network project, and we hope to contribute to the local community by distributing boxed lunches to the elderly.
* ◆If we discover any unusual changes in the elderly person during delivery, we will contact the relevant authorities*
As a result of this agreement, our company’s specific role will be to monitor and contact Chonan Town when lunch box delivery staff discover any abnormalities in the elderly recipients. Delivery staff
hand-deliver bento boxes to customers every day*2, so they may notice irregularities in their appearance such as “mail stuck in the mailbox” or “the shutters remain closed all the time,” or “people are not talking.” There are some changes that can be noticed only by understanding the person’s daily behavior, such as the person not being able to engage with the person, or “the person looks pale and looks sick.” In the past, when there was no response when calling at the time of delivery, and the door would not open even after several visits on the day of delivery, the delivery person contacted the care manager and the family, and when the family came to the door, the customer In one case, a person had collapsed inside the house. *2 Closed only on the first three days of the New Year (January 1st to January 3rd)

* ◆Promoting initiatives to realize “Everything is for the elderly”* As a company that operates a business that is closely related to the elderly, we believe that it is important for our franchisees to work together to take care of the elderly. In addition to this agreement with Chonan Town, we will continue to work together with our member stores to realize our philosophy of “Everything is for the elderly” while collaborating with local governments and other organizations. Masu.
* Outline of conclusion of “Chonan Town Watch Network Business Agreement” * ■Participant: Chonan Town, Chiba Prefecture
■Conclusion date: March 26, 2024 (Tuesday)
■ Purpose of conclusion:
In order to ensure the safety of people living in the town who require assistance, etc., and to build a community where they can live with peace of mind, the purpose is to contribute to the improvement of local welfare by reporting abnormalities with the cooperation of cooperating organizations.
[Our track record of concluding agreements regarding monitoring of the elderly] *As of March 26, 2024, including municipalities where member stores are the main parties to the agreement
* Company Profile *
Company name: Senior Life Create Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Hiroshi Takahashi
Head Office: 6F Nitten Sanda Building, 3-12-14 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Phone number: 03-5427-3981
Established: December 1999
Capital: 50 million yen
Business details:
1) Operation of the Franchise Headquarters for Home Delivery Lunch Boxes Specialized for the Elderly “Delivery Cook One Two Three” 2) Operation of Tokusuke-kun, a food wholesale business for elderly facilities 3) Management of “Showa Roman Club”, a community salon for the elderly 4) Operation of “Yui no Kitchen”, a commissioned kitchen for elderly care facilities
5) Operation of the personal mail order business “Kenkou Chokyubin” *About details about this release*

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