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Home » Cheiron-GIFTS 2024 Open Calls Started The NPO Cheiron Initiative has started its fifth call for grants for families and partners accompanying researchers who are taking on challenges outside of Japan.

Cheiron-GIFTS 2024 Open Calls Started The NPO Cheiron Initiative has started its fifth call for grants for families and partners accompanying researchers who are taking on challenges outside of Japan.

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[Cheiron-GIFTS 2024 Open Calls Started] The NPO Cheiron Initiative has started its fifth call for grants for families and partners
accompanying researchers who are taking on challenges outside of Japan.
The NPO Keiron Initiative is a grant system for researchers’ families and partners, with the aim of supporting the creation of an
environment where researchers can devote themselves to research with peace of mind and choose the path of studying abroad. “Cheiron-GIFTS (Researcher Family Study Abroad Support Initiative)”.
[Image:×1080.jpg] Cheiron-GIFTS 2024 has been focusing on the issue of overseas career paths for researchers’ families and partners, which has been the theme since its establishment. We will continue to work on issues that question the role of partners.
With the need for diversity in various fields, the nature of “family” is also becoming more diverse. For example, new family forms that do not fit into traditional concepts are emerging, such as LGBTQ+ couples, common-law marriages, and single mothers and fathers. On the other hand, Japan’s social infrastructure is built based on previous forms, and it can be said that it lags far behind countries overseas. Therefore, since last year, Cheiron-GIFTS has set a challenge to find ways to develop the various families and partners of researchers overseas in Japan after studying abroad. The dissemination of information about the overseas environment of researchers’ families and partners is in line with the sharing of information on experiences as set out in the founding purpose of the NPO Chiron Initiative. Through our website and social media, we support the building of careers as communicators who use articles and other methods to convey the challenges faced by the families and partners of researchers who studied abroad, as well as the perspectives and experiences they gained by accompanying them. .
Last year, in 2023, we received 45 applications from 8 countries on the themes of “Family Career Paths” and “Diverse Families and Partners in Their Study Abroad Places,” and a special award was awarded. A total of 7 proposals, including 3 proposals, were selected. The proposals of the selected applicants are as follows.
◆Problem 1: Promote the career change of the spouse of a cancer immunology researcher from being a nurse to a childcare worker, and support the life and development of three children, including one who requires daily support (https:
◆Issue 2: Respect each individual’s career and support families with a father and eldest daughter living separately in the United States and a mother and two remaining children in Japan to raise their eldest child to attend a local elementary school.
◆Problem 3: Support the career continuity and education of a gastroenterologist who accompanies a researcher specializing in language networks and spends time as a househusband with three elementary school-aged children (https://www.cheiron.
◆Problem 4: Support the start of an overseas research career of the wife of an otorhinolaryngologist accompanying a researcher
specializing in cancer stem cells and metabolism, as well as childcare for her child (https://www.cheiron) .jp/post/cheiron-gifts-2023-4) ◆Special Prize 1: A representative accompanying a researcher specializing in the physiology and ecology of insects will be supported with childcare and education expenses for their child in order to continue their career through telework
( /post/cheiron-gifts-2023-s1)
◆Special Award 2: The wife of a researcher working on the development of next-generation battery materials will interview the families of past Cheiron-GIFTS winners and provide information as well as provide childcare support. ( ◆Special Award 3: Support for a wife accompanying her husband, a cancer researcher, to study abroad in the UK to step up as a public health nurse in the UK while raising twin babies
( /cheiron-gifts-2023-s3) Chiaki and Nozomi Takada, the winners of the first year of Cheiron-GIFTS 2020, said the following when reporting on their activities. “With the support of Cheiron-GIFTS 2020, I obtained my nurse practitioner qualification in the United States. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, I was able to take a big step toward achieving my goal, and I am grateful to the NPO that supported me. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at the Keiron Initiative.Currently, I am working as a staff member at Northwestern Hospital, which is ranked in the top 10 best hospitals in the United States, and I am happy to have been selected by my manager as a “Role Model,” the highest rank. We hope that this system will continue to provide important support for the study abroad challenges of researchers’ families and their futures.”
Haruna Adachi, the chairperson of this corporation, said: “The Cheiron-GIFTS subsidy system has entered its fifth year.This activity is supported by many people who support the purpose of the NPO Cheiron Initiative.In 2021, the Cheiron-GIFTS subsidy system We have received a lot of support from over 100 people, and from this year, with the cooperation of Epos Card Co., Ltd., an operating company of Marui Group Co., Ltd., we will continue to share the thoughts of researchers and their families. We have started working on the “Keiron Epos Card”, a new option that connects researchers with the future of the world.With your warm words in our hearts, the Keiron Initiative will support researchers and their families and partners to the best of our ability. We will continue to work on further activities so that those smiles will support future innovation.”¹For more information on the Cheiron Grant Initiative for Families enabling Tomorrow’s Science (Cheiron-GIFTS), please refer to Attachment 1 and the website below. ²Attachment 2: Cheiron-GIFTS 2024 public recruitment guidelines Website:
About the NPO Chiron Initiative Domestic and international
governments, academic and corporate researchers, research funding organizations, and academic publishers share a vision for promoting new science that combines research stakeholders with social trends surrounding families. , medical, legal, accounting, and business experts, next-generation community promoters, and the researchers’ families themselves work together to promote these activities. The main activities include:
About Cheiron-GIFTS Founded in 2020 by the NPO Cheiron Initiative, Cheiron-GIFTS (Researcher Family Study Abroad Support Initiative) is a program for supporting families and families of researchers who are affiliated or planning to belong to universities or research institutions outside Japan. This is a subsidy system for partners. Together with their families and partners, we support researchers who aim to be active in a wide range of fields around the world, including basic science, cutting-edge science, philosophy and art. Mediproduce Co., Ltd. cooperates with the activities of Cheiron-GIFTS, a non-profit organization called Cheiron Initiative.
We hope that Cheiron-GIFTS will lead to life support for families and partners that cannot be covered by overseas researchers’ fellowships and research funds.
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