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Become the number one reason for the health of the elderly!

Nakashiro Co., Ltd.
Become the number one reason for the health of the elderly!
We aim to create a community that is revitalized by healthy elderly people and a place that is loved by all generations.
As this facility is used by people of all generations, from young people to the elderly, we want it to be a place where people of all generations can enjoy their time with smiles and energy.
“Going to take a bath” becomes a reason to go out, which leads to elderly people going out, and the fact that it is a place loved by everyone as a place for conversation and gatherings extends healthy lifespans, and customers who always come to our store will continue to do so. We wanted to share this “dream” with the hope that you will be able to smile.
Many of our staff members are children and grandchildren of our generation, and the presence of healthy elderly people makes our families and friends happy, and it’s a wonderful thing to have a local community revitalized by healthy elderly people. We will continue to spread this idea.
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams.
This press release is a dream of “Teruha Spa Resort Moji Branch”.
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[Image 2:] According to the Cabinet Office’s 2020 Aging Society White Paper, the aging rate of people aged 65 and over has reached 29.0% as of October 1, 2020. Among these, Kitakyushu City, where Teruha Spa Resort Moji is located, has the highest aging rate among designated cities, with approximately one in three people being elderly. We believe that extending healthy life expectancy and building a healthy and vibrant society with longevity is a challenge and goal for Japan as a whole. Thoughts of Teruha Spa Resort Moji store
Teruha Spa Resort Moji is a hot spring complex with a variety of content, including baths, saunas, rock baths, meals, scrubbing, body care, a game corner, and even a hotel for guests. The bathing complex is used by people of all generations, from the young to the elderly, and one of the characteristics of the hot spring complex is that it has evolved by collecting content that can be enjoyed by people of all generations, with a focus on baths.
It is said that the frequency of going out for elderly people has an impact on their healthy life expectancy, and reasons such as “going to Teruha Spa Resort Moji Branch” will lead to elderly people going out and extending their healthy life expectancy. sea ​​bream. In addition, it is a place loved by everyone as a place for conversation and gathering for all generations, and it is the dream of the Teruha Spa Resort Moji store, which is filled with the hope that the customers who visit the store will always have a smile on their face.
[Image 3:] As a community place where people can interact
At the Teruha Spa Resort Moji branch, we not only greet the elderly customers and reception staff who visit us every day with things like “Good morning,” but also “I went to ○○ yesterday” and “Mr. ○○ is already here.” Conversations such as “What are you doing?” have become commonplace. Even after using our facilities, our staff members say, “The bath felt great,” and “Thank you,” which makes us feel energized.
Customers who have been coming to our store since they were children have now grown up and come back again and again with their moms and dads.The Teruha Spa Resort Moji branch is used as a gathering place for three generations of the family. We also have customers. It is common to see customers who met each other in the baths meet up at the Teruha Spa Resort Moji store without an appointment and have a conversation.
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Teruha Spa Resort Moji store dream
[Image 6:×1102.jpg] In the future, Teruha Spa Resort Moji will continue to convey our dreams and help our customers have a happy time so that many people can recognize it as a place of relaxation that transcends generations. We aim to create a facility where eating food becomes a part of the elderly’s connection with society, their hobbies and purpose in life, and extends their healthy life expectancy, thereby becoming a reason for their health.
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Equipment outline
[Image 9:×1194.jpg] [Teruha Spa Resort Moji Branch] Open-air bath with a view of the Kanmon Straits Address: 800-0063
3-13-26 Osatohonmachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture Phone number: 093-382-1010
“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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