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Home » Shindengen Kogyo Co., Ltd. Shindengen’s “invisible ordinary charger” for EVs will be able to be linked with the shared payment service “everiwa” from summer 2024

Shindengen Kogyo Co., Ltd. Shindengen’s “invisible ordinary charger” for EVs will be able to be linked with the shared payment service “everiwa” from summer 2024

Shindengen Industries Co., Ltd.
Shindengen’s “invisible ordinary charger” for EVs will be able to be linked with the shared payment service “everiwa” from summer 2024 Shindengen 6kW regular charger is now available as a model compatible with “everiwa”, a service that allows you to easily charge and share EV chargers. You can use it just by reading the QR code on your smartphone. Share chargers for corporations and private homes with free pricing.
The EV charging service “everiwa Charger Share” provided by Panasonic Corporation Electric Works is compatible with Shindengen Industries Co., Ltd.’s 6kW “invisible normal charger PM-CS09 series” for EVs. did. “Non-visible normal charger” is a waterproof compact EV charger that can be freely installed on the ground, wall, or ceiling. everiwa is a platform that can control the energization of EV chargers in conjunction with a smartphone app, and provides a shared service that allows individuals and businesses to lend or borrow EV chargers. The Bluetooth communication function built into the invisible normal charger allows direct control from everiwa’s smartphone app, allowing installers to rent out equipment without having to prepare a communication line on the charger side. .
[Image 1:×560.jpg] Shindengen Kogyo “Normal charger that cannot be seen”
A 6kW normal charger for EVs that is equipped with a commercial Bluetooth communication function and can be used for charging service development. It is a built-in collaboration compatible product that allows you to operate the charger from a specially developed controller and can be used for a variety of services such as billing authentication services and energy management.
A new concept of “not showing” that allows you to freely arrange charging services and presentation methods. It is more compact than a wheel stopper block in a parking lot, and is sturdy and completely waterproof, so it can be installed on the ground. For example, in an indoor parking lot such as a commercial facility, this product can be fixed on the ground and the charging connector cable can be installed on a simple pole.
“everiwa Charger Share” is the first user service of Shindengen’s “invisible ordinary charger” that supports smartphone and Bluetooth communication.
EV charging service “everiwa Charger Share”
This is an EV charger sharing service provided by Panasonic
Corporation Electric Works. Hosts can install charging spots without special hardware or additional construction by simply registering their equipment on the app and pasting a 2D code sticker on the installed EV charger. Since charging fees and reservation slots can be freely set, it can be used to effectively utilize vacant parking spaces, attract customers, and improve convenience for users and residents.
[Image 2:×706.jpg] About Shindengen Industries
A power electronics manufacturer whose main products are power semiconductors such as diodes and power control ICs used in home appliances such as televisions and lighting, as well as in-vehicle electrical components for cars and motorcycles. Founded in Japan in 1949, we are a global company active all over the world. We specialize in the development system of power supply system equipment, and provide maximum efficiency and optimal design for each product. We were among the first to offer 90kW and 150kW class chargers to the EV market, and have updated the charging experience for the latest EVs. The “Invisible Ordinary Charger” is a core technology product of power supply manufacturer Shindengen, which was developed with the hope that the convenience and enjoyment of EVs will spread throughout society through the free expression of various people and companies. We will continue to meet the expectations of our customers, working behind the scenes to make their brands and ideas shine even more.
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