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TASAKI Co., Ltd. TASAKI announces collaboration sneakers with to commemorate its 70th anniversary

TASAKI Co., Ltd.
TASAKI releases collaboration sneakers with ASICS to commemorate 70th anniversary of founding
TASAKI, which continues to create modern and edgy jewelry using pearls and diamonds as its two main elements, will be releasing sneakers in collaboration with Japan’s leading sports brand, ASICS, to commemorate its 70th anniversary.
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] Special sneakers featuring TASAKI original colors and TASAKI pearls on the globally popular model “GT-2160” will be available from April 26th (Friday) to May 12th (Sunday), 2024 BA- It will be on sale at TASAKI’s 70th anniversary exhibition “FLOATING SHELL” to be held at TSU ART GALLERY.
A mellow piece of Akoya pearls, including art pieces wrapped in pearls woven with more than 1000 Akoya pearls, as well as jewelry charms inspired by the iconic jewelry “balance” and “danger”. Three lines will be introduced: a luxury line with a distinctive luster, and a signature line that gives a sporty style a modern look.
ASICS, a leader in sustainability in the sports world, and TASAKI, which transforms ethically produced pearls and diamonds into jewelry, resonated with each other, leading to this collaboration.
Please enjoy the surprising matching of pearls and sneakers created by both brands that spread from Japan to the global market.
[Art piece]
[Image 2:×2978.jpg] TASAKI 70th Pearl Sequence Sneakers [Akoya Pearl, Silver] ¥4,411,000 *24.0cm, 25.0cm only
[Luxury line]
[Image 3:×2978.jpg] Balance fringe sneakers [18K YG, Akoya pearls] ¥2,651,000
[Image 4:×2975.jpg] Danger sneakers [18K YG, Akoya pearls] ¥2,541,000
[Signature line]
[Image 5:×2978.jpg] Balance Signature Sneakers [Silver (18K yellow gold coating), Akoya pearls] ¥176,000
[Image 6:×2978.jpg] Danger Fang sneakers [Silver (18K yellow gold coating), Akoya pearls] ¥165,000 *All sneakers [artificial leather, synthetic fiber, natural leather, rubber sole]
Unfolded size: 23.0-28.0cm (0.5cm increments)
All prices above include tax (C) TASAKI
TASAKI 70th Anniversary Exhibition “FLOATING SHELL”
Date: April 26th (Friday) – May 12th (Sunday), 2024
Location: BA-TSU ART GALLERY / StandBy (5-11-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Time: 11:00~19:00 *Reservation not required
[Image 7:×2758.jpg] TASAKI 70th anniversary exhibition “FLOATING SHELL” key visual (C) TASAKI The exhibition is scheduled to be held in various countries around the world over the course of this year, starting with Tokyo, then moving to Shanghai, Osaka, Taipei, Seoul, Paris, and London.
TASAKI 70th anniversary special site: -ASICS-
Founded in 1949, ASICS Corporation believes that its mission is to provide products and services that help people around the world lead healthy and happy lives, with a focus on sporting goods. We have been pursuing the quality and functionality of our products for many years. Today, it is a global company that provides eco-friendly and sustainable products and services, and is a brand that is widely trusted by not only top athletes but also general users around the world.
A luxury jeweler from Japan founded in 1954. With pearls and diamonds as two major elements, they continue to create modern and edgy jewelry backed by world-class material quality, delicate and innovative creativity, and refined craftsmanship. A brand that is characterized by an innovative world of beauty that overturns stereotypes, created together with up-and-coming creators.
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