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Home » chipper Co., Ltd. AI writing tool “Creative Drive” launches alpha version of article type generation funct ion that improves article generation accuracy

chipper Co., Ltd. AI writing tool “Creative Drive” launches alpha version of article type generation funct ion that improves article generation accuracy

[chipper Co., Ltd.] AI writing tool “Creative Drive” launches alpha version of article type generation function that improves article generation accuracy

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Press release: April 1, 2024
AI writing tool “Creative Drive” launches alpha version of article type generation function to improve article generation accuracy *Categorizes articles into 6 unique formats and generates articles according to the article format to optimize articles*
SEO specialized AI writing tool “Creative”
Chipper Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuki Totoki), which operates “Drive”, categorizes articles into six types of formats based on its own logic and optimizes generated articles by format.・The alpha version of the highly accurate article type function will be available from April 1, 2024.
Overview of article type generation function alpha version
Traditional Creative
Drive has provided a function that allows anyone to easily generate SEO-optimized articles using simple operations centered on keyword input.
On the other hand, because many of the generated articles are explanatory or method-oriented, there is no diversity in the structure of comparison articles or review articles, and this has led to the problem that it is difficult to write “articles that the writer intended”. .
Therefore, by classifying article formats into six types using our own logic and allowing selection at the time of generation, we
While taking advantage of Drive’s strengths, we provide a function that allows you to generate “articles that the writer intended.” This time, the alpha version of the article type generation function will be tested for the purpose of verifying the quality of generation in each format and the strengths and weaknesses of each keyword. * 1. Column type *
Articles with opinions, insights, and analysis on specific topics and news. It is often used as a forum for experts and industry leaders to share their perspectives and expertise. The purpose is to provide the reader with new knowledge or to present a new perspective on an existing topic.

■Generation example (title/partial heading)
Input keyword: SEO structured data
Title: What is structured data? A thorough explanation of the keys to increasing SEO effectiveness
H2: What is structured data? Let’s understand from the basics H3: Basic concepts of structured data
H3: Types and formats of structured data
H3: Relationship between structured data and HTML markup

H2: Why is structured data effective for SEO?
H3: How search engines handle structured data
H3: Rich snippets lead to higher click-through rates
H3: Impact of structured data on search results

* 2. How-to type *
Articles with step-by-step instructions for accomplishing a specific task or project. Help readers solve specific problems by providing concrete answers to the question “How do I…?” They often include visual elements such as images, videos, and checklists to help you understand the process better.

■Generation example (title/partial heading)
Keyword: Savings NISA Rakuten Securities How to get started
Title: Start saving NISA with Rakuten Securities! Introducing steps and points in an easy-to-understand manner
h2: What is a savings NISA? Basic knowledge that even beginners can understand h3: What is the appeal of a savings NISA? Build assets through long-term investment
h3: Advantages of choosing a savings NISA with Rakuten Securities

h2: Things to prepare before starting a savings NISA with Rakuten Securities h3: Necessary documents and procedure flow
h3: Selection of savings NISA products for beginner investors

* 3. List type *
An article that lists and presents items, tips, and ideas related to a topic. A format that makes it easier for readers to quickly scan and remember information.
Encourage content consumption by emphasizing a specific number or order, such as “Top 10…” or “5 Ways to…”

■Generation example (title/partial heading)
Keywords: protein women diet
Title: Supporting women’s health and diet! 5 recommended proteins Heading:
h2: Introduction: Introduction to protein for women
h3: Basic knowledge of protein
h3: How to choose protein suitable for women

h2: 5 recommended proteins for women
h3: Natural Healthy Standard Mineral Enzyme Protein
h3: DHC soy protein (vanilla flavor)
h3: MYPROTEIN Impact Whey Protein
h3: Suntory WELLNESS Pea Protein 100
h3: Be Legend Whey Protein (Matcha Flavor)

* 4. Review type *
Review-style articles evaluate products, services, movies, books, etc. and analyze their advantages and disadvantages. Provides information that helps consumers make decisions before purchasing. It is important to remain objective while providing ratings based on personal opinions and experiences.

■Generation example (title/partial heading)
Keyword: EOS Kiss X10
Title: How is EOS Kiss X10? Advantages and disadvantages that prospective purchasers want to know
h2: What is EOS Kiss X10? Reasons for attention from beginners to professionals h3: Basic information on Canon’s popular series, EOS Kiss X10 h3: Why choose EOS Kiss X10? Approaching its charm

h2: Attractive features and usability of EOS Kiss X10
h3: Never fail with innovative autofocus function
h3: Light and compact yet high performance! Verifying portability h3: How is it compatible with the wide selection of lenses? EOS Kiss X10 compatibility

* 5. Case study type *
Articles that detail a specific example or case study and share lessons and insights from it. Demonstrate through real-life examples how specific approaches and strategies led to success. They often focus on challenges that businesses or individuals faced and how they overcame them.

■Generation example (title/partial heading)
Keyword: Matching app Trouble Case study
Title: Users speak! Trouble examples of matching apps and their solutions Heading:
h2: What are the troubles when using matching apps?
h3: Common concerns seen from user feedback
h3: Introduction of trouble cases: Unexpected events
h3: Type of trouble seen in the case

h2: Actual trouble cases and their solutions
h3: Case 1: Invasion of privacy and how to deal with it
h3: Case 2: Misleading profile information
h3: Case 3: What to do when asked for money
h3: Case 4: Safety measures when actually meeting

* 6. Comparison type *
An article that directly compares two or more products, services, or ideas and evaluates the pros and cons of each. We help readers weigh their options and choose the option that’s best for them. In order to maintain fairness and objectivity, it is necessary to clearly set standards for comparison and provide information without bias.

■Generation example (title/partial heading)
Keywords: Real estate investment Stock investment
Title: Asset management options! Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of real estate investment and stock investment Heading:
h2: Real estate investment and stock investment as the basis of asset management h3: Basic knowledge of real estate investment
h3: Basic knowledge of stock investment

h2: Advantages and disadvantages of real estate investment
h3: Rental income as a stable source of income
h3: Price fluctuation risk and liquidity issues
h3: Tax incentives and their conditions

How to use the article type generation function alpha version The alpha version of the article type generation function is available to paid members of Creative Drive (including new subscribers) and can be applied for below.
*Terms of use*
・Apply from the application link below
・Up to 5 articles per user

*Target users*
・Creative Drive paid membership
*This also applies to newly registered paid members.

*Application limit*
30 users

*Application link*

*Application deadline*
April 21, 2024 23:59

* others*
・The alpha version of the article type generation function is a test-stage service aimed at making it into a full-fledged service. ・If there are a large number of applications, we may limit the number of users on a first-come, first-served basis.
・Recruitment may end without notice.

“Creative Drive” service overview
Drive is an SEO-specific AI writing tool whose mission is to “bring inspiration and creativity to your business.” Many businesses struggle to disseminate the information necessary to effectively attract customers online due to time and budget constraints, lack of professional expressiveness, and busy daily work. Creative
Drive combines advanced AI technology and chipper’s unique SEO know-how to make it easy for anyone to do content marketing through SEO writing.
Drive utilizes AI technology to automate not only writing (article writing) but also “SEO measures” that extract user insights from competitive content analysis and design content for the target, reducing writing time and Costs can be shortened and reduced compared to conventional methods.
In addition, by combining the unique SEO know-how that chipper has cultivated up to now with the article generation logic, we will not only be able to simply create articles, but also “understand the user’s search intent and put the user first” in order to display at the top of the search results. You can create articles.
Rate plan
Creative Drive pricing plans are available in four types.

▼List of plans
・Free: Language model GPT-4 Turbo*, 30 credits (3 articles) provided free of charge
・Standard: Language model GPT-4 Turbo*, 100 credits (approximately 10 articles) provided, ¥10,000/month
・Professional: Language model GPT-4 Turbo*, 300 credits (approximately 30 articles) provided, ¥25,000/month
・Premium: Language model GPT-4 Turbo*, unlimited use, ¥50,000/month

※Formal name
GPT-4 Turbo: gpt-4-1106-preview
Creative Drive official website:

Company Profile
Company name: chipper Co., Ltd.
Address: THE CASK GOTANDA 302, 2-5-2 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yuki Totoki
Established: February 20, 2017
Business content: D2C business co-creation partner business, web marketing support
Contact form:
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