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Home » Tears and Travel Cafe Akane On July 9th (“Crying” Day), a tearful event (Tearful Festival) will be held fr om Kamakura to bring tears to people around the world in hopes of world peace, sponsored by the SDGs organization “Kam akura Sustainable” I wil

Tears and Travel Cafe Akane On July 9th (“Crying” Day), a tearful event (Tearful Festival) will be held fr om Kamakura to bring tears to people around the world in hopes of world peace, sponsored by the SDGs organization “Kam akura Sustainable” I wil

Tears and Travel Cafe Akane
On July 9th (“Crying Day”), in hopes of world peace, we will hold a tearful event (Tearful Festival) from Kamakura hosted by the SDGs organization “Kamakura Sustainable” to make people around the world cry.
Can you fire a missile at a crying person? We think about what it means to be human, what it means to live, and the future of the world through tears.
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of “Tears and Travel Cafe Akane”.
Ruikatsu, which involves consciously shedding tears, is a mental detox method suitable for modern people. Commonly known as “Mr. Namida”, he is a tear-sensitivity therapist and representative of the SDGs organization “Kamakura Sustainable”, who holds “Ruikatsu” seminars and lectures for companies, local governments, educational
institutions, medical institutions, and welfare facilities. Hidefumi Yoshida will hold a Tears Festival in Kamakura on July 9th, which is World Tears Day, and will spread the word to the world. We provide an opportunity to relieve stress by not only making people smile, but also making people around the world cry (with emotion). We will also contribute to eliminating the conflicts that continue to erupt around the world with “crying faces.”
■At the Tears Festival, artists will be performing songs that are filled with tears and will be streamed live online to the world. A music festival will be held at a historic temple. In addition to performances by individual artists and symphony orchestras, we will deliver music that moves people around the world in a variety of formats, including traditional music from Kamakura. We will also introduce videos of zazen meditation, sutra copying, etc., which are the proud culture of Kamakura. Also, in the historical drama “The Thirteen People of Kamakura-dono,” which aired last year, the story of “Azuma Kagami,” which is famous for Masako’s speech that inspired the retainers to repay Yoritomo’s kindness, was brought to tears by viewers. I will reproduce it with
[Image 3:×345.jpg] ■“Ruikatsu” attracting attention in a stressful society
Modern society is one in which science and technology are highly developed, making life more convenient and comfortable. On the other hand, in this society, which is also called a stress society, people today are burdened with a lot of stress and are suffering from mental illnesses.
For example, the blue light emitted from computers and smartphones has the effect of activating the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, the body is in an active state. This activation of the sympathetic nervous system is also said to be the cause of stress. The sympathetic nervous system is also activated in situations where you are likely to feel tired or stressed, such as while working, studying, or being in a stressful situation. The key to relieving stress is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body. One of the methods is “ruikatsu”.
“Ruikatsu” is a method of releasing stress by consciously shedding tears. It is said that when a person cries for just 2 to 3 minutes, the autonomic nervous system is switched from a sympathetic nervous system (=nerves that promote tension and excitement) to a state in which the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant (= a state in which the brain is relaxed). . It is thought that crying can heal the brain and relieve accumulated stress. Research has also shown that it reduces “mental confusion,” “anger,” and “hostility.”
[Image 4:×624.png ]
The mechanism by which tears come from empathy
[Image 5:×483.png ]
Just one tear shed can reduce stress for a week.
[Image 6:×772.png ]
The value of the stress hormone “cortisol” is significantly reduced by tear activation
[Image 7:×491.png ]
POMS tests have shown that tear-activation not only relieves stress, but also improves mental confusion, anger, and hostility.
■Kamakura, the birthplace of samurai culture that attracts people all over the world, is the perfect place to express your tears of gratitude.
The reason we chose Kamakura, the site of the Genpei War, is because there are spots scattered all over the place that hit the lachrymal glands directly. There are heartbreaking anecdotes about being born into a prosperous family but forced to commit suicide, as well as moving stories of human dramas related to benevolence and service that remain in temples and shrines, and are a must-see for visitors to Kamakura. brings tears to my eyes. For example, “Taiheiki” depicts the fall of the shogunate that remains in Hojo Takatoki Harakiri Yagura, an episode in which Nichimune and a certain woman return the favor by reciting the Lotus Sutra at Daikoji Temple, and a story about exorcising evil spirits at Kenchoji Temple’s Hansobobo. There are many tear-jerking stories, such as stories about blessings and stories about the dog that threatened to assassinate Yoshitoki at Kakuonji Temple, and some people shed tears just by stepping into the precincts of the temples and shrines. Kamakura is also a scenic area, with beautiful scenery that will make you cry. It is no exaggeration to say that Kamakura is made of soil that will make you cry.
The organizer, Yoshida, is from Kamakura. We offer a tear-jerking event that you can’t experience anywhere else, only because we know the local area so well. Currently, in collaboration with LINORE Co., Ltd. (located in Musashimurayama City, Tokyo), which operates a travel business, we are also holding a “Kamakura Tears Activity Tour” where you can visit Kamakura’s beautiful scenery and mysterious spots and cry a lot. Last year, we had KAT-TUN’s Yuichi Nakamaru take us on a tour on the popular TV show “Shuichi.” This tour has also attracted attention from overseas media such as British national broadcaster BBC and German national broadcaster ARD. The official website introduces the tearful tour in a video.
[Image 8:×650.png ]
At Hojo Takatoki Harakiri Yagura, participants shed tears of sympathy at the tragic episode that led to them committing suicide after being attacked by Yoshisada Nitta’s army.
[Image 9:×360.png ]
After entering the Mt. Gion hiking course and walking for 7 to 8 minutes, you will be moved to a viewing platform that offers a panoramic view of the sea and city of Kamakura, bringing tears to your eyes.
[Image 10:×433.png ]
[Image 11:×655.png ]
[Image 12:×665.png ]
[Image 13:×486.png ]
▼ British national broadcaster BBC “Kamakura Tears Tour” introduction video:
[Video 8:] ▼Asian Boss “Kamakura Tears Tour” introduction video:
[Video 9:] ▼ German national broadcaster ARD “Kamakura Tears Tour” introduction video (after 16:20):
▼ “Weekly Travel Journal” article “Rear activity tour attracting attention during the coronavirus pandemic”:
▼ Nippon TV “Shuichi” Yuichi Nakamaru solo series 3rd edition ““Cry” tour in Kamakura” ▼Kamakura weather “5 shrines and temples in Kamakura with stories that will make you cry”
[Video 10:] ■What is the SDGs organization “Kamakura Sustainable”?
An organization that spreads kindness throughout Kamakura by being “kind to people” through Ruikatsu, “kind to society through SDGs,” and “kind to the earth” by picking up trash.Kamakura Mayor Takashi Matsuo attended the first opening event. Inviting him as a guest, we held a “Tearful Talk Live to think about the future of Kamakura, which aims to become a fair trade city.”
We collaborate with companies and local governments to hold various events that contribute to the SDGs. Additionally, Kamakura City celebrated its 60th anniversary last year since it was declared a City of Peace. Our organization would like to carry out activities that contribute to peace. As part of this effort, we will hold a peace festival called “Tearful Festival”.
[Examples of collaborative projects with companies and local governments (slides below)]
[Image 14: ]
■What is “Tears and Travel Cafe Akane”?
We started “Tears of Tears” in 2013 and have made nearly 50,000 people cry in various locations across Japan. I’ve come to think that modern people are even looking for a place to cry. In Japanese society, crying is often talked about in a negative context, such as “Men should not cry.” “Tears are a woman’s weapon.” However, it has now been medically proven that crying is good for your health. I hear voices everywhere saying, “I can’t cry in front of my family, I can’t cry at work, so where should I cry?” Therefore, I felt the need to create a place where I could cry properly, and in 2019 I produced “Tears and Travel Cafe Akane”.
[Tears and Travel Cafe Akane Reference WEB Article]
・What is a cafe where you can feel free to cry? – A gentle space started by a “crying expert” (Mynavi, March 27, 2019)
[Image 15:×531.png ]
In front of “Tears and Travel Cafe Akane” Eishida Yoshida, a lacrimal therapist known as “Namida Sensei”
[Tears and Travel Cafe Akane Reference YouTube Video]
[Video 11:] ■Profile of lacrimal therapist Hidefumi Yoshida
Born in 1975. Studied psychology and education at Waseda University, and researched human resource management at the same graduate school. After working at a welfare facility for the elderly and at a school, he assumed his current position. When she was a high school teacher, she observed students who came to her for counseling and found that the students who cried during the consultation tended to recover quickly, which led her to note that “tears have the effect of refreshing people and helping them recover.” In 2013, he started “Tearful Life”. Established the certified “Lacrimal Therapist” certification with Hideho Arita, a physician, brain physiologist, and professor emeritus of Toho University School of Medicine. As a lacrimal therapist, I give lacrimal lectures at educational
institutions (for students, teachers, PTAs), medical institutions (for medical personnel such as doctors and nurses), welfare facilities (for users and staff), companies, and local governments. and held workshops. He also produces a cafe that makes you cry called “Tears and Travel Cafe Akane” and a tour that makes you cry called “Kamakura Tears Tour”. We are also actively developing services using “Tear-Katsu” (described in the attached reference PDF). In addition, once every two months, I hold a lacrimal therapist certification course with Mr. Arita. Approximately 300 lacrimal therapists are currently working throughout Japan. Commonly known as “Namida Sensei”. Former high school teacher (licensed to teach English and information science), former school counselor (certified psychologist). His main publications include “Tears of Vitality Ruikatsuryoku” (Genbunsha).
[Image 16:×597.png ]
Eishida Yoshida’s book Tears Vitality Ruikatsuryoku
▼ Namida Sensei HP:
▼ Ruikatsu HP:
▼ Lacrimal Therapist Certification Course HP:
▼ Tears and Travel Cafe Akane HP: ▼ Kamakura Ruikatsu Tour HP: ■Mr. Namida was made into a movie and received a lot of attention around the world.
The attention to tear activity has been increasing year by year, and director Noemi Nakai has produced a short documentary film, “Tears Teacher.” It has been shown at international film festivals and has been featured in the New York Times, making it a sensation on a global scale.
▼ Movie “Tears Teacher” official website: [Example of Dr. Namida’s activities (slides below)]
[Image 17: ]
[Tearful reference web article]
・“Tears” workshop in Kamakura: Cry to feel refreshed and relieve stress (July 15, 2022 Kamakura Keizai Shimbun)
・“I want to make men over 40 cry” A reporter attended the “Tear Activity Seminar” held in Tokyo, and what was the surprising sight he saw at the venue? (July 21, 2021 “Urban Life Metro”)
・Know your “crying point” and shed a tear once a week (February 18, 2020 “THE21 Online” Mental Health Special)
・Does the more you cry, the more stress you get? The appeal of “Tear-katsu” (July 15, 2019 “Shogyo ONLINE” Seminar for employees at Sapporo Breweries)
・I will teach you how to cry in 3 seconds even if you haven’t cried in 30 years (June 4, 2021 “PRESIDENT”)
[Tear-katsu reference YouTube video]
[Video 12:]
[Video 13: ]
[Video 14:] “April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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