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MTU Co., Ltd. Raised 380 million yen (total 450 million yen) in Series A round

MTU Co., Ltd.
[MTU Co., Ltd.] Raised 380 million yen (total 450 million yen) in Series A round ~ Expansion of medical security cloud service “Mowl” ~
MTU Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuya Hara), whose mission is to “maximize people’s healthy life expectancy through medical care and IT,” is a D4V (Design for Ventures), Iceblue Fund Limited Liability Partnership. , 90s1 Investment Business Limited Partnership, and other shareholders including Mr. Yoshimori Ito, raised 380 million yen in Series A funding. With this Series A round, the total amount of funding raised to date is approximately 450 million yen.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] With this funding, MTU Co., Ltd. will be able to provide services to medical institutions and dental clinics.
We will expand the medical security cloud service “Mowl”.
Through this funding, MTU Co., Ltd. will promote the expansion of Mowl’s services and organization, and provide medical DX services with higher added value to more hospitals.
Challenges that MTU solves
The medical industry is currently facing a variety of issues, including the risk of medical suspensions due to cyber-attacks and people being unable to receive medical care, delays in DX response, and a shortage of human resources.
In order to address the many issues that exist in medical
institutions, MTU provides support for the increasing number of patients, security measures, and support for patient collection, and aims to “maximize healthy life expectancy through medical x IT services.” We will make it happen.
Purpose of this procurement
The main uses of the funds are expected to be to expand the medical security cloud service “Mowl,” strengthen recruitment for the purpose of organizational expansion, and develop an AI medical data platform. We will strengthen our organizational personnel and build a foundation with the aim of achieving sales of 5 billion yen in fiscal 2025. Funding overview
Amount raised: Approximately 380 million yen (cumulative total 450 million yen) Procurement method Third-party allotment capital increase
Use of funds: Strengthen product development and development system, strengthen marketing, strengthen recruitment
Comments from underwriters
D4V2 Investment Limited Partnership (Design for Ventures)
Partner Fumiaki Nagase
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Improving cybersecurity and improving operational efficiency in medical institutions is a major issue that modern society must face. We hope that MTU will become an indispensable partner for hospitals and clinics across the country to appropriately manage and utilize important information. I was attracted by the active business driving force of the MTU team, which is breaking into a closed industry, and decided to invest. We will fully utilize D4V’s product design knowledge and network with the healthcare industry to support MTU’s challenges.
90s1 Investment Limited Partnership
Representative Partner Hodaka Kunimoto
[Image 3:×1856.jpg] It is quite difficult to popularize security cloud services in the medical industry in a short time frame, but we are confident that we can achieve this with Mr. Hara’s strategy and action, which is why we invested this time. We have high expectations for Mr. Hara’s big challenge, as he is not completely satisfied with his two sales. Iceblue Fund Limited Liability Partnership
Ms. Saaya Nakayama
“I want to contribute to the lives of as many people as possible” and “I want to maximize the healthy life expectancy of people all over the world.” We have a mission vision that is so grand that we hesitate to commit to it, but which is clearly needed by the world. I was impressed by the attitude with which they were holding it up and running with all their might.
Also, you say that your strengths are courage and the ability to break through, but even though you have a career that includes receiving an MVP award at the world’s number one pharmaceutical company, and have received MA twice, you are completely satisfied with the current situation. I was also moved by the way they worked single-mindedly (wearing T-shirts and hoodies with the company logo on them) with a greedy, greedy desire to improve.
I believe that CEO Hara and the reassuring team members gathered under him will be able to make this ideal a reality, so I have asked for their support and investment.
I look forward to the future we can create together.
(Details about our mission and vision are also posted on our blog, so please take a look.)
Toggle Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yoshimori Ito
We are very happy to have decided to invest in MTU. We believe that MTU’s technology and vision have the potential to become a true game changer in the medical industry. Due to the complexity and high barriers to entry in the medical field, many companies are currently taking on the challenge but have not been able to produce truly groundbreaking results. However, I strongly believe that MTU and its passionate team can overcome this challenge and create new value for the medical industry.
President Hara and other MTU members have faced many challenges with their expertise and passion. Their strong vision and execution ability will be the driving force behind innovative change in this industry. Through our investment, we are confident that together with MTU we can improve the quality of medical care and bring real value to people’s lives.
Comment from Takuya Hara, President and Representative Director
[Image 4:×225.jpg] MTU Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO Takuya Hara
MTU is an abbreviation for Medical Technology Unit.
Our mission is to “solve issues through medical care and IT in order to maximize people’s healthy life expectancy.”
Mowl provided by our company is a medical security cloud service for medical institutions (hospitals/dental clinics). We will support IT issues, including the recent hacking damage to medical institutions, both online and offline.
As an IT partner for medical institutions, we aim to provide IT services that contribute to medical institutions in Japan and around the world.
Together with MTU’s reassuring shareholders who participated in this Series A round, we will take the first step toward becoming one of the world’s leading medical companies.
In addition to our security business, we will develop medical data platforms that utilize AI, and strive to provide valuable services to more medical professionals and patients.
About MTU Co., Ltd.
Address: 16F, Ark Hills South Tower, 1-4-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Representative: Takuya Hara, President and CEO
Establishment date: January 23, 2020 (Reiwa 2)
Capital: 126,021,627 yen (as of the end of December 2022)
Business details Security business for medical institutions, AI medical data platform business, WEB marketing business for medical institutions
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