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Japan SEM Association We want to implement gifted education for all children in schools across Japan!

[Japan SEM Association] We want to implement gifted education for all children in schools across Japan!

*View in browser* *Japan Schoolwide Enrichment Model Association*
Press release: April 1, 2024
April Dream Project
I want to implement gifted education for all children in schools across Japan! *The Schoolwide Enrichment Model:
It is made using the SEM method. *
This press release is a dream sent out by a business operator who sympathizes with the April Dream project and wants to make April 1st a day full of dreams, hoping to make them come true.
Association logo and dream
Our association aims to make April 1st the day for transmitting dreams. I agree with Dream. This press release is a dream of the Japan Schoolwide Enrichment Model Association.
Established Japan’s first “SEM: Schoolwide Enrichment Model” association Japan’s education, which is said to be uniform, has been at a standstill over the past 30 years, and is even said to be regressing. There are few programs that encourage creativity and flexible thinking, and there are few learning designs that allow children to go through their own learning cycles, and many children find learning boring because they only know how to output the answers they are given. Children’s innate intellectual curiosity and desire to learn seem to be suppressed.
Although society is changing at a rapid pace, classrooms that cannot keep up with the changes are unable to accommodate the diverse individualities of children, and the number of elementary and junior high school students who are said to be refusing to attend school has reached approximately 300,000. Masu. These problems cannot be improved through the individual efforts of teachers and other people involved in education. I believe that a major system change is needed in Japanese education.

Gifted education is education that satisfies each individual’s desire for learning and develops each individual’s “talents.”It can truly be described as education that develops creativity and flexible thinking and allows children to initiate their own learning cycle. Isn’t this “gifted education” necessary in Japan today?

Therefore, we can transform schools into places where children can create their own learning, and where both students and teachers can learn with excitement.*
Inclusive gifted education/talent development education for all children “SEM: Schoolwide Enrichment Model”*
The Japan Schoolwide Enrichment Model Association* was established with the aim of promoting this in Japan.

* “SEM: Schoolwide Enrichment Model” *
was developed over 40 years ago by Professor Renzulli of the University of Connecticut as a gifted education program in the United States. It has now been introduced as gifted education and
individualized/individualized education in more than 4,000 elementary, middle, and high schools around the world, mainly in American public schools.
Overall view of SEM
“SEM” is a system that aims to improve education throughout the school, including the venue, curriculum, and resources.
The final goal is “improvement”. The “ETM: Expanded Triad Model”, which forms the core of SEM, uses each child’s “likes” and “interests” as a firm foundation, and from there, it takes the world’s one unanswered “real problem” (Real
We will look for “problems” and create our own learning. *
SEM, which is inclusive talent education, allows all children to develop their talents by providing optimal learning tailored to individual characteristics, without labeling or categorizing children.*
This idea of ​​SEM is consistent with the current government’s educational policy of “integrated enrichment of individually optimal learning and collaborative learning,” and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s newly launched “Improvement of Individually Optimal Learning and Collaborative Learning.” This is consistent with the direction of “support for children and students.” The basis of SEM is the “3Es” philosophy that “schools should be fun places for teachers as well.” This point can also be said to be what is most needed in the current educational field in Japan. A fun place to learn for both students and teachers
SEM has been introduced in countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, India, China, and South Korea, but it is not yet well known in Japan. However, I believe that SEM will make Japan’s educational and learning environments more enriching and enjoyable. Our association has been officially recognized by Professor Renzulli and others*
As Japan’s first organization*, we will promote the spread of SEM in Japan, led by Mai Chiku, who learned SEM directly from Professor Renzulli.
Path to realization
* “Implement gifted education for all children in all schools in Japan” * That won’t be easy. Issues with the education system, above all, require a change in Japan’s view of education. In order to make our dreams come true, we are working on initiatives that will shake up Japanese education.
1. Providing correct information on “SEM”
In 2022, we conducted a direct interview with Professor Renzulli and others, and received messages for education in Japan. In addition, Mai Chiku, the representative director, uses lectures, seminars, SNS, etc. to convey the SEM methods and information she learned first-hand in the United States.
Valuable interviews conducted at the association’s predecessor, the “Respect for Individuality in Learning Project”
2. Support for “home SEM” that anyone can easily adopt
Mai Chiku, the representative director, has created * “At Home SEM” so that children and parents can practice SEM learning even in Japan, where SEM has not been introduced.
was independently developed under the guidance of Professor Renzulli and others. “At Home SEM”, which breaks down the core of SEM, “ETM: Expanded Triad Model,” into six easy-to-follow steps, serves as a learning compass for so-called “absentee children” and families practicing home schooling. It has also become. Our association provides support such as counseling for families who are practicing “home SEM.” (URL: )
“Home SEM” support page
3. Learning place practice
The most important key to conveying the wonders of SEM is the appearance of the children.
Our association operates “Home SEM SQUARES,” a learning space based on SEM, and directly supports children’s learning.
), we facilitate each exploration based on the three expansions of the “ETM: Expanded Triad Model.” Our daily learning and “exploration” is conducted online, and our daily interactions continue using the Metaverse space.
Introducing comments from families participating in “Home SEM SQUARES.” (All original text)
The teacher listened carefully to my daughter, who talked about topics everywhere, sympathized with me, and praised me. My daughter looked forward to hearing from her teacher every week.
She suggested topics that would expand my daughter’s interests, and although it was a short period of three months, we were able to enjoy exploring and learning.
It was also a period when parents and children were able to make happy discoveries, wondering if there was another side to them. I feel that my self-awareness has improved and this has also led to my
Starting next term, I would like to keep things going in a good way and expand my daughter’s potential.
I hope that the “diversity of learning” that allows each person to receive optimal learning will expand, just like at-home SEM. Thank you for the past 5 months. I am happy to be able to participate in this valuable opportunity.
It looks like my daughter had a great time. As for learning, I learned Braille, which I didn’t expect at all when I first joined, but I was surprised at how much fun they seemed to be participating every week. Since then, I have started to learn the Roman alphabet, which I had always rejected, and I have become interested in what my friends are learning, and I feel that I have grown.
She has never given a presentation before, but she seems relieved to hear that she can do it in a way that suits her daughter.
I was told in the study room for children with LD children that security and self-esteem are the pillars, and I was surprised to see that when these things are strong, the child’s true qualities really come out. I did.
I’m happy that my daughter sees me in the classroom and in the study room, but the main focus is on follow-up, which is something I’m not good at, and it’s not work that my daughter is forced to do, but learning that she wants to do herself and that will help her survive. I thought it wasn’t much, but I think I’ve really learned what I learned this time. I’m impressed.
She said that it was tiring to listen to other people’s stories, and that she wanted to speak and that waiting was a hassle, so after my first experience, I asked for private lessons, and I was grateful that she accepted.
Even so, they seem to listen carefully to the self-introductions of the children who are participating in the Good Evening Party, and think, “Maybe I should use this as a reference.”
I hope we can continue this next time.
*“Konbanha no Kai” is a meeting for exchange in the Metaverse space. He has been taking lessons for 3 months now and I feel like this is a place for my son to belong.
I really look forward to each session, as I feel that I get
stimulation that I don’t normally encounter in my daily life, and that I get unique ideas (!?) from the teacher’s feedback.
I may not be able to find something like this right away, but there is no doubt that the world will expand, so I would like to continue as much as possible.
I can see that he is having a lot of fun and is gaining strength very naturally. While interacting with the teacher and other students, both parents commented, “I’ve never seen my daughter so lively,” and “I’ve never seen her actively involved like this.” No.” I felt that.
Thank you again.
At first, I joined to keep in touch with people and to get into the habit of taking lessons regularly.
Since he was able to take Type 3 lessons and interact with MetaLife, his life and state of mind have changed dramatically.
Living a life of not going to school, choosing a path different from everyone else, and choosing a different study method than everyone else, is a good way for him to spend his days, but on the other hand, he struggles with loneliness and anxiety every day. There were days when I couldn’t sleep or go outside.
Through SEM, he was able to meet people who are exploring what he likes, and the ability to communicate with him filled him with satisfaction, gave him confidence, and greatly changed his life. Until recently, I didn’t want to meet anyone or leave the house, but in order to hold an exhibition, I received information from an acquaintance and did some research on my own, and went to the community center by myself. did.
I took the train to the exhibition space, looked at the exhibition in progress, and even had the opportunity to ask the curator my own questions.
I explained to the staff what I wanted to do, received everyone’s welcome and support, and told them that it was possible to hold an exhibition, saying, “If you take one action, you can open up 100 things…” Parents and children returned home feeling happy. We try to walk together at night, and we use this time to take the necessary photos, imagine what we want to do, and discuss information. Now, with an open mind, I hope to be able to be close to him, provide him with experiences, and watch over his artistic activities over the long term.
We have witnessed the changes in children and have realized how effective SEM is. I want to deliver this “SEM” to more children! That’s how I feel.
4.Holding an EXPO
“Home SEM” is a learning expo that presents the results of children’s research, exploration, and projects.
EXPO” is held twice a year in Metaverse space. This is an event that children look forward to. Participants who have become avatars can freely look around at project reports and works embedded in the metaverse space.
EXPO * promotes a cycle of learning by allowing one person’s project to inspire someone else *
The aim is to improve the quality of learning through presentations that are conscious of others, and to create a rhythm in learning. Presentation in the Metaverse
* [Example of previous presentations] *
Video work of cellophane tape craft
“Chunchun Newspaper”
Mystery solving project report
Presentation of handmade works and novels
History, game considerations
Learning Expo “Home SEM”
Non-members can also participate in EXPO. Not only can you view it, but you can also make presentations. You can receive feedback from participants and instructors, and experience SEM-like learning. We will convey the appeal of SEM through the EXPO, which is full of passion for learning.
* [Next “Home SEM EXPO”] *
Mid to late June 2024 (Recruitment starts around May)
(Reference) 2nd EXPO 5. Event implementation
As one way to help people understand what SEM is, we hold events from a SEM perspective. These events are a place for children and their parents to interact, and are also part of our SEM expansion
activities, which expand interests and connect learning vertically and horizontally.

[Example of past events]
Cellophane tape craft workshop
Summer camp @ Talmarly
Autumn camp 2023
Spring Camp 2024
We are planning various events in the future.
Event information image
* May 2024 Creative Cooking @ Nagoya *
~Let’s try recreating “that dish” that appeared in books, manga, and movies! ~ Rent a kitchen and try to recreate dishes you’ve seen in books, manga, or movies. This is a fun program to develop “creativity” among thinking skills and activities such as “How can I reproduce it?” * August 2024 Kankuzu Workshop @ Kawasaki *
~It would be a waste to throw it away! Let’s make original Kankuzu art while soaking in “Kankuzu Onsen” ~
We will welcome Izumi Ogawara, a wood-drawing artist using wood shavings, to create art works using wood shavings, and enjoy the kankuzu hot springs where you can enjoy the scent and feel of wood. This is an expanded experience that includes perspectives such as SDGs, craftsmen, career education, and diversity.
On to the next challenge
1. Aiming to introduce the Japanese version of Lenzuri Learning Renzulli Learning is an SEM online individual learning program offered in the United States. We present a profile of each student’s abilities, interests, learning style, and preferred method of expression, and design optimal learning for each student using a search engine that matches multi-coded resources (teaching materials) with the student’s profile. Teachers can use this program to select immersive enrichment activities for their students and incorporate them into any topic in the standard curriculum, making it a great help in introducing SEM into schools.
Utilizing this program is my dream*: “I want to implement gifted education for all children in every school in Japan!”*
We believe that this will greatly accelerate the realization of However, since Renzulli Learning is written in English and the content is mainly American, it must be customized for Japan in order to be used effectively in Japanese schools and homes. Our association would like to provide Lenzuri learning customized for Japan. We would like to launch a project to secure the necessary human and financial resources for this purpose.
2. Support for introducing “SEM” to schools, etc.
There is still no school in Japan that has fully introduced SEM. However, schools with an eye on the future are beginning to explore and implement educational methods that differ from the traditional education style of uniform classes and memorization of knowledge. We would like to work with these schools to create schools centered on SEM.
At schools where “SEM” has been introduced, people look at what they like, work on “genuine challenges” that could change the world, pursue their own projects that are not based on what they are given, and learn what they need to carry out their projects. We believe that students and teachers can enjoy stimulating and energizing learning by engaging in individualized and optimal learning.
dream promoter
[Corporate overview]
Japan Schoolwide Enrichment Model Association
Location: Aichi Prefecture

【board member】
Representative Director Mai Chiku
*Representative Director Mai Chiku*
Received a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Connecticut’s Niag Graduate School of Education in “Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development.”
Studied specialized in SEM under Professor Joseph Renzulli, who researched and developed SEM (school-wide expansion model).
We devised an expanded triad model, “Home SEM,” which can be practiced at home, and promote education to develop the talents and passions of all children.
Director Shiho Ueda
*Director Shiho Ueda*
Searching for a form of education that meets the educational needs of each child, he majored in educational administration at the Faculty of Education, Kyoto University.
After raising children, she learned how to provide support to meet diverse needs and obtained qualifications as a support education specialist.
He runs the “Learning Support Room ludo” and provides learning support tailored to the characteristics and individuality of each child.
Dream supporter/cooperator
[Special Advisor]
Nobutaka Matsumura Professor Emeritus, Kansai University
[Special Supporters]
Professors at the University of Connecticut
Professor Joseph S. Renzulli, Professor Sally M. Reese, Professor Del Sigley Nobutaka Matsumura Professor Emeritus, Kansai University
Professor Joseph S. Renzulli
Professor Sally M. Reese
Professor Del Sigley
“April Dream” is a PR event where companies send out their dreams that they would like to achieve in the future on April 1st.
This is a project by TIMES. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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