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Home » Umemura Gakuen Educational Corporation Chukyo University Chukyo University’s new student cafeteria is open! We now offer meal plans for athletes!

Umemura Gakuen Educational Corporation Chukyo University Chukyo University’s new student cafeteria is open! We now offer meal plans for athletes!

[Umemura Gakuen Educational Corporation Chukyo University] Chukyo University’s new student cafeteria is open! We now offer meal plans for athletes!

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Press release: April 1, 2024
Chukyo University’s new student cafeteria opens! We now offer meal plans for athletes!
Umemura Gakuen Chukyo University Educational Corporation (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
Chairman: Kiyohide Umemura) has undertaken a large-scale renovation of the student cafeteria on the Toyota campus, and will begin operations on Monday, April 1st as a new space for providing healthy and nutritionally balanced meals. did.
The names of the renovated student cafeterias were chosen through a public request from students, with the first floor being “EAGLE TERRACE” and the second floor being “CHUGLE CAFE.”

*Notable is a meal plan for student-athletes who train at high intensity.*

A nutritionally balanced diet that takes PFC balance into account, and also takes into consideration vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, calcium, etc. It is now possible to provide all students, including student-athletes, with the same level of meals provided at national training centers and professional sports teams at a low cost. Two types of athlete set meals are prepared daily.
Teppanyaki grilled chicken (from 500 yen)

There are three types of set meal menus: (Lv.1) LIGHT, (Lv.2) STANDARD, and (Lv.3) HEAVY, each with different amounts of main dish, side dish, and rice, each depending on the characteristics of the competition. You can get the right amount of calories.
These are new initiatives that aim not only to improve the performance of student athletes, but also to maintain the health of general students and faculty.
[LIGHT] Around 750~900kcal
[STANDARD] Around 900~1150kcal
[HEAVY] Around 1300~1700Kcal
American football club eating HEAVY
Figure builds muscle and maintains weight with LIGFT
Student lounge on the second floor
Student lounge with cafe on the second floor

On the second floor, there is a spacious student lounge with a cafe attached. Enjoy freshly baked bread and coffee on the sofa with an electrical outlet. Additionally, we are equipped with a large projector, and are considering holding lectures, team meetings, and public viewings in the future.
Freshly baked bread in the cafe
Students are happy with the variety of bread
There are many ways to alleviate congestion.
In order to alleviate crowding during lunch, we have introduced mobile ordering, added new menus such as rice bowls that can be served quickly, and are now also able to offer menus such as bento boxes for takeout.
Lunch boxes and snacks are also sold in the cafe space.
Order with mobile order

The pre-opening event was held on March 29th, and featured players from the six clubs that Chukyo University has designated to
strengthen, the students who named the school cafeteria, and a special guest, Kawabata, a member of the Japanese national team at the Tokyo Olympics. A tasting session was held with the participation of Mr. Kaito and others.
All participants seemed satisfied with their meals, making it a day that foreshadows future success for the school cafeteria.

[Special guest]
Shigehiro Takahashi (Japan swimming representative at the Los Angeles and Seoul Olympics)
Shinji Aoto (Seoul, Barcelona Olympics Japan track and field representative, Nagano Olympics Japan bobsled representative) Satoru Terao (Lillehammer, Nagano, Salt Lake City, Turin Olympic short track representative from Japan)
Kana Ichikawa (London Olympics track and field representative from Japan) Kaito Kawabata (Japan’s track and field representative at the Tokyo Olympics) Takeshi Kawamoto (Tokyo Olympic swimming representative from Japan) Mana Kawabe (Beijing Olympics figure skating representative from Japan) Tape cutting scene
Students tasting food
We hope that this new initiative will not only improve the competitive ability of student athletes, but also contribute to maintaining the health of general students, faculty, staff, and local residents. Through this renovation, Chukyo University will provide an environment where students can easily enjoy healthy and balanced meals.

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