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Home » Bunka Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Tomoko Nagano’s former boss, Shigeru Tsuyuki, appears live as a guest. “My selection was correct.”

Bunka Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Tomoko Nagano’s former boss, Shigeru Tsuyuki, appears live as a guest. “My selection was correct.”

Bunka Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Tomoko Nagano’s former boss, Shigeru Tsuyuki, makes a live guest appearance: “My selection was correct.”
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting “Tomoko Nagano’s Update” April 1st (Monday) first broadcast report
On April 1st (Monday), a new program “Tomoko Nagano Update” (Natural Broadcasting) started, and in the guest corner “Update Tomorrow” at 4:00 pm, Nagano’s boss from Fuji TV, who has a close connection with Tomoko Nagano, will appear. , Shigeru Tsuyuki appears. He is the person who hired Nagano as an announcer for Fuji Television.
[Image:×2700.jpg] From left) Shigeru Tsuyuki, Tomoko Nagano
Tomoko Nagano: “I’m so, so happy. Mr. Tsuyuki is here. But I’m even more nervous (lol)”
Shigeru Tsuyuki: “No matter how old you are, it’s amazing to have a program named after you.”
Nagano: “I’m happy just to hear Tsuyuki-san say that. You know everything about me when I was a new announcer, right?”
Junko Suzuki (Nukabukuro Broadcasting System Announcer) “Do you remember your impressions during the entrance exam?”
Tsuyuki: “I only vaguely remember it (lol), but every year has its own characteristics, so I remember those things.Isn’t the announcer exam a hassle? They were made to do all kinds of things, and the number of people was narrowed down.I kept watching them and thought, “Mr. Nagano, I wonder if he’s the best.”
Nagano: “Eh!?”
Tsuyuki: “There’s also the fact that I’m tall (lol).I felt like I had a kind of resilience.Even women, there are people who try their best and say, “What the heck!” and people who fail or get scolded. There are people out there who are like, “Henna, henna.” In this kind of world, you have to be people who think, “What the hell?” and work hard. That’s what I felt.”
Nagano: “I guess it’s because I got so angry at Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “Miss DJ” (lol)”
Suzuki: “I got hit hard there (lol)”
Nagano: “My classmates are also excellent, including Masaharu Miyake and Shinichi Karube.”
Tsuyuki: “Both men and women were shining in the 1985 period.” Nagano: Thank you. But do you remember? About two or three years after I joined the company, I asked him why he had hired him, and he said, “It was because Fuji had such momentum.” (laughs) ). “I took it as a test.”
Tsuyuki: “I may have said that half-jokingly (lol)”
Suzuki: “That means Mr. Tsuyuki’s assessment at that time was correct.” Tsuyuki: Yes, after all, when I see that star announcers are emerging from among them after about five years, I can confirm that my choices were correct.At that time, that was the case. I’m looking forward to it.”
Suzuki: “I think there are various words that were said to Tsuyuki-san…” Nagano: In my case, I was told things like, “Don’t push yourself too hard,” but when Tomoyo Abe, who is one year younger than me, says things like, “When I can’t get into the flashy style of a Fuji TV announcer,” When I said to Mr. Tsuyuki, “Someone like my senior, Rieko Terada, is the announcer for Fuji TV, right? I’m totally different,” and he said, “Fuji TV doesn’t need two Rieko Teradas.” Tsuyuki: “I remember hearing that from Tomoyo Abe (lol). Something like that happened too.”
Nagano: “There are so many things like being saved, being raised, being scolded, etc. (lol)”
“Nagano Tomoko Update” is broadcast every Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting (FM91.6MHz, AM1134kHz, radiko). With radiko’s time-free feature, you can listen up to one week later.
[Program overview]
■Program name: “Tomoko Nagano Update”
■Broadcast date and time: Live broadcast every Monday to Friday from 3:30pm to 5:00pm *Starts April 1st (Monday)
■Personality: Tomoko Nagano
■Program partners: [Monday] Junko Suzuki (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Announcer) [Tuesday-Friday] Toshio Suzuki (Nippon Cultural
Broadcasting Commentary Committee)
■Net stations: West Japan Broadcasting (3:30pm-4:00pm), Kochi Broadcasting (3:30pm-4:30pm)
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