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Women’s Professional Golfers Federation We want to bring the fun of golf to everyone!

LPGA Women’s Professional Golfers Federation
We want to bring the joy of golf to everyone!
The Women’s Professional Golfers Federation powers up!
Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams. This press release is a dream of the LPGA Women’s Professional Golfers Federation.
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The LPGA Women’s Professional Golfers Federation (Representative: Erina Yamato) has announced “Golf Empowers Japan,” an initiative to bring the joy of golf to everyone and lead Japan to a sustainable society that can be proud of on the world stage. This vision is: 1) revitalizing the golf industry, 2) regional revitalization, 3) supporting athletes and juniors, 4) building new business, people, and social networks, 5) promoting wellbeing, and 6) empowering women. We will achieve this through six philosophies: the promotion of
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1) Revitalization of the golf industry
Golf is more than just a sport; it is a bridge between economy and culture. We use innovative golf events and technology to introduce new appeals of golf to people of all generations and revitalize the industry as a whole.
2) Initiatives for regional revitalization
We promote projects that rediscover the charm of local regions and revitalize local economies. We will promote the revitalization of the tourism industry through events that utilize local specialties and tourism resources.
3) Athlete/Junior Support Program
In cooperation with educational institutions, we provide comprehensive support to young athletes and junior players who will lead the next generation. This includes training assistance, educational programs, and mental health care.
4) New network of business, people, and society
Through golf, we encourage people to support each other, deepen empathy, and collaborate to enrich Japanese society as a whole. We aim to encourage positive social change among people from diverse backgrounds.
5) Promotion of well-being
We will develop initiatives to improve the health and well-being of society as a whole. We support a richer life by focusing on programs and environment maintenance that support mental and physical health. 6) Promoting women’s empowerment
We will create an environment where women can play an active role in all areas of society. We promote diversity and inclusion and achieve equal opportunities regardless of gender.
To everyone who sympathizes with the vision of “Golf Empowers Japan”. Representative Yamato commented, “Through these initiatives, we want to create a bright future for Japan through golf.We want to work together with everyone from all over the country to create a brighter future for Japan.”
We are looking for a wide range of people to cooperate with our efforts, including companies, educational institutions, golf-related organizations and professionals, and individuals who love golf. Join us as we enrich Japan through golf and share the joy with people of all generations. Your participation is the strength of this movement. Please feel free to contact us. “April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES in which companies broadcast their dreams that they hope to eventually come true on April 1st. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
What is the LPGA Women’s Professional Golfers Federation?
This is an organization founded by professional female golfer Rina Yamato and brings together female professional golfers who are members of the LPGA. With the motto “The women’s professional team closest to the fans,” our mission is to further expand and communicate the possibilities of golf. In order to revitalize the golf industry, our organization aims to further expand the possibilities of golf and provide new value in cooperation with female professionals who support this activity.
LPGA Women’s Professional Golfers Federation Representative Yamato Erina Born in Yamagata Prefecture. After graduating from the prestigious Tohoku High School, he passed the professional test in 2009 and continues to be an active professional golfer with one win on the Step Up Tour and a second place T on the regular tour. Recently, he is a popular professional athlete who has been active in a variety of fields, including commentating on tournament tours and founding his own golf apparel brand. Favorite quote: Those who master the basics control the world Hobbies: Cars, fashion, wine Specialties: Lean golf swing that allows even a small body to hit the ball twitter: ■LPGA Women’s Professional Golfers Federation Official website: Official facebook page: Official twitter: Services for corporations: https://ladyprogolfers. com/tob/ Lesson service: Contact:
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