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Vtubers’ dreams We will walk together with the “Vtubers’ dreams” listeners.

Prexy Co., Ltd.
We will walk together with the “Vtuber’s Dream” listeners.
We agree with April Dream and will announce our dream. I hope it reaches more people…
Star Facet is the term for diamond, and was born as an office that uses unique talents as diamonds in the rough and makes them shine. We are making this press release because we want people to know more about us. Our company supports April Dream, which aims to make April 1st the day to share dreams.
This press release is a dream of “Prexy Co., Ltd. Star Facet PRODUCTION”.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Recently, the word Vtuber has become popular in the world, and I think most people have seen it at least once. It has been featured in various news, appeared in commercials in collaboration with companies, and can even be seen at convenience stores. We are releasing this because we want as many people as possible to know about our dreams by talking about our dreams. Up until now, we have done a variety of things, including introducing amusement facilities and brands, public competitions, and the charm of local areas. We would like to introduce more of your services and products in the future. We have asked the talents of our company to tell us about their dreams, so we would like to introduce some of them to you.
Sophia Tsukino X:
[Image 2:×700.jpg] I want to be someone who makes a lot of people smile. I want to be like the moonlight that shines on you when you have a hard day. A light that you will remember when you spend quality time and look up at the night sky someday. I’ll shine soft moonlight next to you! To be honest, I’m still searching for a concrete dream! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I hope you find a wonderful dream! ! !
Hoshino Purane X:
[Image 3:×700.jpg] There are various things like increasing the number of subscribers on my channel and wanting to stand on a big stage, but first of all, I want to make everyone healthy and happy within my reach! You might think this is a dream, but it’s still something Prane has always thought in her heart! Heart-to-heart sharing! I want to laugh a lot with everyone through these activities! This would never be possible without you, so please stay close and support us! thank you! ! Orica Stella
[Image 4:×700.jpg] I want to be able to reach many people with my voice through songs and words. We have now taken the first step towards that end. I think that the reactions and thoughts of various people may conflict with each other, but I want to take a step forward with the feeling that this is me! I’ll release Orison someday!
Midorikawa Rana X:
[Image 5:×700.jpg] Don’t you think being able to empathize with people makes you happy? I love that person, I love this sound, I love that place… I feel happy when I meet someone with whom I can share even just one moment of “love”.
A VTuber may be a dream, an idol, or someone who can give you something, but I want to enjoy my favorite moments with my listeners. I want to be like a friend, like a fellow otaku.
By the way, do you know about boat races?
Amasaki Spica
[Image 6:×700.jpg] V I am Spica Amasaki, who works as Vactor, which is a combination of “virtual” actor and “actor”!
My dream is to bring 3D acting to everyone’s everyday life! “is. I dream that someday in the near future, 2.5-dimensional musicals will be performed in 3D, and this will become a part of everyday life. The other day, I became the first Vtuber to perform a one-man play in 3D. I will continue to act as Victor in the future.
On time
[Image 7:×700.jpg] [[The distance is just right] I want to become a Vtuber who looks like a friend… who looks like a co-worker… who feels like you’re right next to me!
“Today was fun too” “I’ll do my best tomorrow too” I hope to receive such words from everyone, so I’ll become someone who shares a lot of energy with others!
I love singing, so I’m doing a [large-scale song collaboration project] and making it my own! ! I also want to create an [original song]! ! !
Even now! from now on! I’ll do my best in a positive way, so please support me☆ Fuyou X:
[Image 8:×700.jpg] I don’t just want to do big things, I want to enjoy myself as a life-sized person. Hurry up at your own pace! So I want to continue enjoying my favorite games slowly!
★ Star Facet PRODUCTION ★ [Prexy Co., Ltd.] A comprehensive production company that manages Vtubers and livers and plans events. HP:↓For inquiries, click here↓“April Dream” is a project by PR TIMES that will be broadcast on April 1st about the dreams that companies would like to achieve in the future. We are seriously aiming to make this dream come true.
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