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TST Entertainment Co., Ltd. CrazyBoy release live event held at ZEROTOKYO

TST Entertainment Co., Ltd.
CrazyBoy release live event held at ZEROTOKYO
A release live event will be held at ZEROTOKYO on the same day that his first solo digital single “CHEDDAR” is released in two years! ……
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CrazyBoy, also known as ELLY, is a member of the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS who is widely active as a versatile entertainer, including performers, actors, choreographers, and hip-hop artists. It has been decided that the digital single “CHEDDAR”, which will be the first in about two years, will be distributed on Saturday, April 27, 2024, and on the same day, it has also been decided that a release live event will be held at ZEROTOKYO.
This work “CHEDDAR” is an addictive HIPHOP number with a dramatic development, with a powerful deep bass sound intertwined with the rap of Crazy Boy.As the song title “CHEDDAR” suggests, it is a
personification of cheddar cheese. However, the playful lyrics about women’s “melting love” and the melody of the chorus, which you can’t get out of your head once you hear it, combine to create a song that brings out the best taste.
This event will include a DANCE performance by Dr.SWAG, a group formed by KAITA & KAZtheFIRE who are leading the Japanese dance scene, and a DJ who reigns as the most important figure in Japanese club music. DJ/producer NAKKID, who also produces dance tracks for groups affiliated with KEKKE and LDH, will appear and add flair to the release live. Please come and enjoy CrazyBoy’s newly launched premium release live at the venue!
[Invited to take a commemorative photo with CrazyBoy!!] CrazyBoy “CHEDDAR” LDH OFFICIAL SHOP limited benefit decided!!
To commemorate the release of the CrazyBoy “CHEDDAR” music card to be released on April 27, 2024, LDH OFFICIAL SHOP limited application lottery benefits have been decided!
The lottery bonus includes an invitation to take a commemorative photo with CrazyBoy on the day of the release live!
Please take this opportunity to check it out!
[Application lottery benefits]
Please apply for your desired benefit when purchasing eligible products. We will invite the winners to the following events held at CrazyBoy Release Live.
Released on April 27, 2024 From among those who have ordered the CrazyBoy “CHEDDAR” music card, up to 10 people will be selected by lottery for each performance to be invited to a commemorative photo session with CrazyBoy.
OPEN 23:00
HP: DOOR: ¥4,000-
FASTPASS TICKET: ¥3,500- (Includes priority admission and admission fee) ZAIKO: Eplus:
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] ■ELLY/CrazyBoy (J SOUL BROTHERS III)
He has worked as a backup dancer and choreographer for many famous artists both domestically and internationally, and his unique physical ability and high technique, which are widely known in the dance world, attracted attention, and he joined the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS as a performer. He made his debut in 2010. In 2015, she starred in the movie “TRASH” for the first time. He has demonstrated a high degree of creative ability, having been involved in the choreography and composition of many artists’ songs, including J SOUL BROTHERS III.
In February 2017, the song “NEOTOKYO EP” distributed as a hip-hop artist under the name “CRAZYBOY” ranked first in the weekly rankings of four major distribution sites including iTunes / Recochoku. Collaborations with famous artists also became a hot topic. In July of the same year, “NEOTOKYO II EP” was released. They also ranked first in iTunes’ “Weekly Album Ranking” and mu-mo’s “Weekly Album Ranking,” achieving the feat of being at the top of both charts for the second time in a row, following their debut work “NEOTOKYO EP.”
“Shinichi Osawa” has rapidly evolved his musicality, not only rapping but also singing using auto-tune, and in recent years has been active in various fields as a producer and DJ. “ANARCHY” is a charismatic figure in the hip-hop world. He has guested on works such as “Mighty Crown,” a dancehall reggae sound that Japan is proud of to the world. In 2018, he participated in the song “BOW DOWN FT. CRAZYBOY from EXILE TRIBE”, a collaboration between hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and creative unit PKCZ(R) (VERBAL / DJ MAKIDAI / DJ DARUMA). It has been decided to be released in February by the Dutch dance music label “Spinnin’ Records / Trap City” and is attracting worldwide attention. In July of the same year, he held his first solo performance “CRAZYBOY presents NEOTOKYO ~THE PRIVATE PARTY 2018~” with his best album “NEOTOKYO FOREVER” (released on July 4, 2018). In June 2019, he announced his transfer to LDH music&publishing, changed his name to “CrazyBoy”, and released his first distribution single “PINK DIAMOND” on August 23rd. Since 2019, he has been participating in the e-sports “Fortnite” world tournament, and in February 2020, he won 8th place at the “Australian Open Featuring Fortnite PROAM”. Since November 2020, he has appeared regularly on ANIMAX’s “e-elements GAMING HOUSE SQUAD.” On December 25, 2021, the pre-release
“Ex-GIRLFRIEND /Lovers Again” from the original album will be released. (Sample EXILE’s famous song “Lovers Again”!) Released an original album “HIP LIFE: POP LIFE” with all new songs on January 21, 2022. (2nd place overall in iTunes AL) The music video for “Damn Girl (feat. Jackson Wang)”, a collaboration song with Asia’s leading artist Jackson Wang, has been played over 4.71 million times and also ranked on overseas iTunes song charts. (1st place overall in Singapore, Argentina, and Fiji, 1st place in HIPHOP in Thailand and Hong Kong), and has received high praise as a solo artist. He released his latest EP “NEOTOKYO V EP” on July 29th, and in August, he successfully hosted the summer FES “NEOTOKYO presents SUMMER ISLAND 2022” at Osaka Orix Theater (2 days) and Tokyo Garden Theater. He will appear in the Fuji TV drama “Paripi Komei” starting in September 2023 as Red Rabbit Kung Fu. In addition to being a performer, he is also widely active as a versatile entertainer, including as an actor, choreographer, and hip-hop artist.
Instagram:zerotokyo_official X: ZEROTOKYO_JAPAN
TikTok:zerotokyo_official_ LINE:ZEROTOKYO
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