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Mr.STICK Co., Ltd. “Nuribo” from BreakingDown will debut as a singer!

[Mr.STICK Co., Ltd.] “Nuribo” from BreakingDown will debut as a singer!
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Press release: April 1, 2024
“Nuribo” from BreakingDown will make his debut as a singer!

Nuribo, who suddenly became popular after appearing on “Breaking Down” hosted by mixed martial artist Mirai Asakura, is active as a YouTuber, and is also an entrepreneur and the president of Mr. STICK Co., Ltd. It has been decided that he will make his debut as a singer. Ta. Please pay attention to the new challenge of Nuribo, who has become a hot topic for picking up songs that make use of his singing ability, and has a reputation for singing as well.
This project is being carried out in a business partnership with Eye-Land Co., Ltd., whose representative is Hitomi Shimatani. It will be broadcast on Mr.STICK’s official YouTube

coloring message
It has been decided that she will make her debut as a singer! I have loved singing since I was young, and it has been my dream to become a singer since I was young.
I had the feeling that “someday I’ll become a singer too!”, but I didn’t have the courage to take the first step, so I didn’t take on the challenge, and sometimes I gave up because I thought it was impossible for me, so now I want to make it happen. It feels like a miracle!
I think music is a wonderful thing, and I think it makes people happy. I want to become a singer who fascinates people, moves them, gives them courage and hope, and makes the sun that once rose never set again.
thank you! Osu!

What is coloring book?
In 2010, he attended Yoshimoto Kogyo’s training school as a member of the “NSC Tokyo 16th generation”, and after graduating from NSC, he worked as a comedian under Yoshimoto Kogyo for four years.
We have opened a YouTube channel, “Nuribo & Sawakin Channel,” which has gained popularity with videos of singing pick-up and English pick-up, and has gained 146,000 subscribers.
After auditioning for “Breaking Down 7” in 2022, she caught the eye of Mirai Asakura and was selected as an influencer and talent for “MA PROMOTIONS”
Corporate reality show “Nontitle Season 2 ~” starring Mirai Asakura and Hikaru will be released in 2023.
How would you spend this 10 million yen? After appearing in “~”, He founded Mr. STICK Co., Ltd. and is actively working as an entrepreneur in addition to his talent activities.

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