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Sony Music Labels Inc. Tatsuya Kitani announces the nationwide tour “One Man Tour “ROUNDABOUT””.

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
Tatsuya Kitani announces nationwide tour “One Man Tour “ROUNDABOUT””. ……
Tatsuya Kitani has announced that he will be holding a nationwide tour titled “One Man Tour “ROUNDABOUT”, which will begin in October and will include 8 performances in 7 locations.
[Image 1: &s3=13546-4140-4140-2099687450E6182493B72 cc9-2500×1767.jpg] This announcement was made on Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Tatsuya Kitani’s All Night Nippon X (Cross)”, which started regular
broadcasting from today.
Starting with the performance at Zepp Nagoya on October 2nd
(Wednesday), there will be 8 performances in 7 locations until the final performance at Zepp Haneda on October 31st (Thursday). Tatsuya Kitani is scheduled to hold his first Budokan live
performance, “Tatsuya Kitani 10th Anniversary Live He is Watching from the Ceiling”, on May 14th. The long-awaited one-man tour was announced at a time when tickets were sold out in just two hours after they went on sale to the general public, making them the premier tickets.
Also, on May 8th (Wednesday), the CD “Next Preview” containing the opening theme song for the TV anime “Sentai Dai Shikkaku” will be released. It is a sticker picture book made with the theme of “Ryujin Sentai Dragon Keeper sticker book sold in the world of “Sentai Dai Shikkaku”, and features characters from “Sentai Dai Shikkaku” as well as the lyrics of “Next Preview”. The humorous content is reminiscent of the Sentai Hero sticker books that I was passionate about when I was young, such as “Dragon Keeper Sugoroku” where you search for Combatant D from a large number of combatants, and “Where is Combatant D!?” It has become.
▼Tatsuya Kitani One Man Tour “ROUNDABOUT”▼
10/2(Wed) Zepp Nagoya
10/4(Fri) Zepp Fukuoka
10/12(Sat) Sendai GIGS
10/16 (Wed) Zepp Namba
10/25(Fri) Zepp Sapporo
10/30(Wed) & 31(Thu) Zepp Haneda(TOKYO)
Ticket price: 1st floor standing, 2nd floor reserved seats 5,900 yen *Tickets required for elementary school students and above
*Hiroshima performance is standing only.
CLUB UNREALITY members advance (lottery)
Reception period: April 1st (Monday) 25:00 to April 14th (Sunday) 23:59 Official homepage advance (lottery)
Reception period: April 1st (Monday) 25:00 to April 21st (Sunday) 23:59 ▼“Next preview” released on Wednesday, May 8, 2024▼
[Limited production edition] SRCL-12878~12879 / ¥4,560 (tax included) CD + booklet (sticker picture book specification)
CD reservation:
[Image 2:×671.jpg] (C) Negi Haruba/Kodansha/“Sentai Dai Shikkaku” Production Committee 【recorded music】
A total of 3 songs will be included, including the opening theme song for the TV anime “Sentai Dai Shikkaku” “Next Notice”
[CD purchaser benefits]
■Rakuten Books…Original acrylic key chain
■…Mega Jacket
■Seven Net Shopping…Original acrylic carabiner
■Tatsuya Kitani support store benefits…Original can badge
*The number of benefits is limited, so it will end as soon as it runs out. Please note.
*There will be no distribution outside of the above stores. note that. *Bonus designs will be announced later.
*Please note that it may take some time for the cart to be published for each online shop.
*, Rakuten Books, and some other online shops have “product pages eligible for benefits” and “pages for products not eligible for benefits.”
When making a reservation, please check that it is the desired product page before making a reservation.
▼TV anime “Sentai Dai Shikkaku” 2nd PV▼
Shochiku Anime Channel [Official]
▼“ROUNDABOUT” released on January 10, 2024▼
“ROUNDABOUT” special site: Streaming / Download: Purchase CD:
[First production limited edition] SRCL-12716~8 / ¥8,140 (tax included) CD + BD / Analog JK specification
[Regular edition first specification] SRCL-12719 / ¥3,520 (tax included) CD only
【recorded music】
1. If I die tomorrow
2. Blue Sumika
4. Cute aggression
5. Bakeneko
6. Moonlight (feat. Harumaki Gohan)
7. Shall we go on a trip?
8. Night routine (cover)
9. Scar
10. Even as an adult
[BD] (first edition only)
“LIVE IN CLUB UNREALITY Vol.2 at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA 2022.12.02” ▼“Tatsuya Kitani 10th Anniversary Live He is watching from the ceiling”▼ Tuesday, May 14, 2024 Nippon Budokan
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00 *Performance scheduled to end by 9pm Ticket: Reserved seat ¥7,900 (tax included)
*Tickets required for elementary school students and above.
*One person can apply for up to two tickets.
*Tickets are only available as electronic tickets.
Details page:
▼Tatsuya Kitani Official Fan Club “CLUB UNREALITY”▼
▼Tatsuya Kitani Profile▼
[Image 3:×800.jpg] Started posting songs online around 2014. Around the same time, he also began his career as a writer, providing songs for other artists. From around 2020, he accelerated his activities under the name “Tatsuya Kitani”, and in July 2023, released the opening theme song “Ao no Sumika” for the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” and
“Kaitama/Tamaori”, and performed the song “Ao no Sumika” for the 74th Kouhaku Uta Gassen. Participate in the event.
In addition to his activities under his own name, he has provided songs to numerous artists across genres, including WEST., Suisei Hoshimachi, and SUPER EIGHT.
In May 2024, exactly 10 years since he first posted his music on the Internet, “Tatsuya Kitani 10th Anniversary Live He is Watching from the Ceiling” is scheduled to be held, and tickets were sold out on the day it went on sale.
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