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Home » What does it mean to live a light and spiritually rich life with “just a few high-quality things”? “Small living will teach you everything you really need” Released on April 2nd

What does it mean to live a light and spiritually rich life with “just a few high-quality things”? “Small living will teach you everything you really need” Released on April 2nd

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What does it mean to live a light and spiritually rich life with “just a few high-quality things”? “Small living will teach you everything you really need” Released on April 2nd
A “third option” for those who are not satisfied with decluttering or minimalism.
Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichiro Kobayakawa), which mainly publishes business books and practical books, will publish the book “Everything you really need is a small book” on April 2, 2024. We will be publishing “Lifestyle Lessons”. This book is written by Mayuko Yokota, a lifestyle consultant from GUCCI JAPAN who has published a total of 120,000 copies. This book introduces how to review the things and things you use at home and redesign them to create a lifestyle that better suits you.
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[Table 4:] Highlights of this book
・Introducing tips for living a truly rich life learned from customers we met at GUCCI
・Explanation of “how to reorganize your life” that can be imitated immediately ・Publishing a list of masterpieces that you won’t regret buying Learn to love yourself as you are by living small
In the past, the author, Mayuko Yokota, worked as a Gucci salesperson, visiting customers’ homes and witnessing their luxurious lives beyond her imagination. Mr. Yokota felt that such a luxurious lifestyle was a symbol of affluence, and he admired it. They wanted more things and poured their money and energy into acquiring more things. However, even after shopping a lot, I was never truly satisfied.
At that time, I became conscious of living a small life that was not dominated by material possessions. It is an encounter with a woman who lives a simple and calm life. There was almost no furniture in this woman’s house, and the only thing that stood out was a display cabinet. Regarding the shelves displaying only her favorite things, she says, “Even when I come home tired from work, I feel good when I look at this corner.” Even though I don’t have many things, I feel very rich in living a life where I cherish each and every item that I have a passion for. After this encounter, I began to reevaluate my own life. By arranging only my favorite things on a small shelf and practicing “small living,” in which I pursue my individuality, I explored what true satisfaction is. Through this process, I found a way to increase my self-esteem and accept myself as I am.
This book introduces recommendations for “small living” based on the author’s own experiences for all people who seek inner fulfillment that cannot be obtained through material wealth alone. Based on the author’s own experience, this book explains how living a life where you choose only the things that are truly meaningful to you, rather than being influenced by things, can enrich your life.
In this column, we introduce “really good things” along with specific product names!
The column at the end of each chapter introduces “really good things that people who live small choose that they want to keep with them for a long time.” We have featured items that the author has loved for many years. It’s filled with hints to start living a “minimally rich and spiritually fulfilling life” in your own way.
[Introduced items] (partial excerpt)
Louis Poulsen lighting/Kartel stool/
Fritz Hansen’s Arinko Chair/Baccarat’s Manekineko, etc.
[Image 2:×600.jpg] table of contents
Introduction Chapter 1: Living a small life and loving yourself as you are Chapter 1: Making your life smaller Chapter 2: Living with your “favorites” and creating small colors Chapter 3: Simple rules to keep your mind in order even when you are busy Chapter 4: Adjusting the quality of your habits to live comfortably Review Chapter 5: Make your life more comfortable with small efforts Chapter 6: Daily self-care that improves your quality of life Chapter 7: My small rewards Chapter 8: Socializing with people that feel small but big happiness Chapter 9: Find small happiness and live happily every day Conclusion: Small May the happiness of life last forever
Author introduction
Mayuko Yokota (Yokota Mayuko)
Minimum Rich (R) Consultant / Representative of Office Fares As a sales staff member of Kering Japan Co., Ltd. (formerly GUCCI JAPAN), he was in charge of celebrities and VIP customers, and was promoted to store manager in three years. Became No. 1 in customer acquisition. It is an opportunity to learn how to live an elegant life as a woman while choosing things for VIP guests, and to practice your own “adult elegance”. In 2004, he established Office Fare, using the Italian word “Fare”, which is synonymous with the English word “Do”, as its name. Rather than just throwing things away, we feel true richness in the way we carefully care for and love the things we choose, and advocate a “minimum rich life,” which is “a life with only a few
high-quality things.” Conducts seminars, lectures, and writing activities. His books have sold over 120,000 copies, including “Nice shoes will give you the confidence to take a step forward” and “Alone time will teach you everything you really need” (Cross Media Publishing).
Book information
“Living small will teach you everything you really need.”
[Image 3:×1500.jpg] Author: Mayuko Yokota List price: 1,518 yen (1,380 yen + tax) Format: B6 variant / 280 pages ISBN: 978-4-295-40956-4 Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.) Release date :April 2, 2024
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