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Home » Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd./ALTERNA Asakusa Project Part 2! Invest from 100,000 yen per unit in a modern Japanese inn in Asakusa, Tokyo, which is highly popular with overseas tourists. Alterna releases new d eals in the “Mitsu

Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd./ALTERNA Asakusa Project Part 2! Invest from 100,000 yen per unit in a modern Japanese inn in Asakusa, Tokyo, which is highly popular with overseas tourists. Alterna releases new d eals in the “Mitsu

[Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd./ALTERNA] [Asana project] Part 2! ] Invest from 100,000 yen per unit in a modern Japanese inn in Asakusa, Tokyo, which is highly popular with overseas tourists. Alterna releases new deals in the “Mitsui & Co. Digital Securities” series

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Press release: April 2, 2024
[Shallow project
Part 2! ] Invest from 100,000 yen per unit in a modern Japanese inn in Asakusa, Tokyo, which is highly popular with overseas tourists. Alterna releases new deals in the “Mitsui & Co. Digital Securities” series
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Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has announced the launch of “Mitsui & Co.’s Digital Securities ~Asakusa/Machinaka Ryokan~ ( We would like to inform you that we have released and started accepting applications for “Transfer Restrictions (*1)”.

The investment target is a “pro-style ryokan” with the concept of “machinaka ryokan.”
Tokyo Asakusa”. Being located in the center of Asakusa and being able to experience the comfort of a ryokan has made it very popular among overseas tourists.

We will begin accepting provisional applications from April 2nd (Tuesday), with applications starting from 100,000 yen per unit. Additionally, we will be holding a seminar to explain this project from 7pm on Monday, April 8th.

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*1 This security is structured and sold by Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

*Project details*
The new investment target is “Prostyle Ryokan Tokyo Asakusa”, which was completed in 2019 and is located in the “Machinaka” area of ​​Asakusa, Tokyo. While staying in the city, we want you to experience the hospitality that is unique to Japan and the comfort of a ryokan. It is operated based on this concept.
“ Ranking 2022 Best Selling Inn Award (Tokyo)
Accommodation facility size: 11-50 rooms)” (*2) won first place. It is highly praised for its rooms with views of the Tokyo Sky Tree and Sumida River, as well as its easy access to popular tourist spots such as Sensoji Temple and Hanayashiki.
We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to invest in one of Tokyo’s major tourist destinations through a digital securities fund for as little as 100,000 yen per unit.
Product name Mitsui & Co.’s digital securities ~Asakusa/Machinaka Ryokan~ (with transfer restrictions)
Number of units issued: 15,500 units
Issue price/Application unit: 100,000 yen per unit/1 unit or more, 1 unit Operation period 5 years 0 months (scheduled for redemption in April 2029) Type of securities offered Security tokens (tokenized securities) representing the beneficiary rights of the beneficiary certificate issuing trust
Expected dividend yield 4.0% (*3)
Trustee Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Blockchain platform Progmat
Asset Manager Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. Handling company Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. *2
This site introduces the facilities with the highest lodging transaction amount on, a travel information site managed and operated by Recruit Co., Ltd. that also allows lodging reservations, for the period from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Masu. The data is compiled by number of rooms at accommodation facilities: 301 or more rooms, 101 to 300 rooms, 51 to 100 rooms, 11 to 50 rooms, and 10 or less rooms. However, only Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba are counted as “more than 701 rooms, 501-700 rooms, 301-500 rooms, 101-300 rooms, 51-100 rooms, 11-50 rooms, and 10 rooms or less.”

*3 The expected dividend yield (pre-tax, annualized) is the average value for the first and second periods, and is calculated as “(expected dividend per unit ÷ number of operating days x 365 days) ÷ It is calculated based on the issue price (100,000 yen) (rounded to the second decimal place), and does not take into account the profit or loss from the sale of the property at the end of the investment. The expected distribution per unit is 1,817 yen for the first period (ending October 2024) and 2,017 yen for the second period (ending April 2025), which are based on the performance forecast submitted by the asset manager. These are current estimated amounts calculated based on certain assumptions, and may be subject to future changes in the real estate market, etc., changes in interest rates, changes in rent based on the rent change clause in the lease contract, and other changes in circumstances. Differences may occur between the
assumptions and the results, and as a result, earnings and
distributions may fluctuate significantly, and these amounts are not guaranteed.

* Lecturer: Hiroyuki Maruno (Co-founder/Director, Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd.)
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*At this seminar, our company may solicit financial products, recommend transactions, and make buying and selling proposals regarding our services and products.

* Alternative purchase benefits! *
Customers who purchased this product and entered using the designated application form will be selected by lottery to win the “Pro Style Ryokan.”
We will give away a free accommodation ticket to Tokyo Asakusa and a 20,000 yen meal ticket to Nikuan Otakino, which has its main store in Shirokane, Tokyo.

For details, see Alterna’s news page.
Please see the contents.

*About Alterna*
Alterna is an asset management service for individuals that allows them to easily invest in real assets that can be expected to generate stable rental income, such as infrastructure such as large real estate in the city center, logistics facilities, and power plants, for the purpose of yield, using a smartphone. Digital Securities (ST: Security By using Token), we are able to make individual investments in small amounts starting from 100,000 yen in various stable assets that have previously had limited investment opportunities for institutional investors. We provide new investment options to individual investors and support the transition from savings to investment.

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*Strengthening recruitment activities in line with business expansion* As our business expands, we are strengthening recruitment activities for each position.
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* About Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. *
We are Japan’s first digital-native asset management company that comprehensively develops, operates, and sells digital securities funds backed by real assets such as real estate and infrastructure. By providing ALTERNA, a service that allows asset management using digital securities, we will provide new options to those who want to build stable assets for the future.
Head Office: 4th floor, Ningyocho PREX, 1-9-8 Nihonbashihoridomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takashi Ueno, Representative Director and President Established: April 1, 2020
Capital: 3 billion yen (including capital reserves)
Business registration: Financial instruments business operator Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 3277
Real estate transaction business: Governor of Tokyo (1) No. 105400 Member association: Japan Securities Dealers Association
         Type 2 Financial Instruments Business Association
Japan Investment Advisors Association, General Incorporated Association Corporate site:
For inquiries regarding this matter:
*The content described here is a press release for the purpose of public announcement only regarding the handling of asset-backed security tokens using the beneficiary certificate issuing trust scheme, and is not intended to be used for individual financial products in Japan or overseas. It is not intended for recruitment or solicitation. Offers and solicitations for individual products will be made through Alterna using a prospectus.
“Stable assets” refers to the investment target assets of financial products that Alterna plans to provide, such as real estate and infrastructure, and is expected to achieve stable investment results over the medium to long term through the continuous operation of these assets. Thing. Please note that the financial products provided by Alterna do not guarantee principal or future investment results. *There is a prescribed examination before opening an account. *Descriptions regarding risks, etc. are based on Mitsui & Co. Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd.’s own judgment and evaluation based on general risk assessments, etc., and risks, etc. differ depending on the actual financial product. please note.
*Financial products have special risks associated with them, including domestic and international political, economic, and financial conditions, market conditions such as exchange rates, stock prices, commodity prices, and interest rate levels, the creditworthiness of issuers, etc., and other indicators. Due to fluctuations in the underlying assets, there is a risk of a large loss (principal loss risk) or a loss that exceeds the principal (principal loss risk). *The principal of the financial products we handle is not guaranteed, and the value may fluctuate depending on market conditions such as the value of the underlying real estate, interest rate levels, and exchange rates. loss may occur. For this reason, customers who invest in financial products handled by our company are exposed to the risk of not receiving the expected dividends, or of incurring losses that exceed the original principal, resulting in damage to the original principal.
*The financial products that our company handles differ in the content and degree of risk depending on their characteristics and the characteristics of the underlying assets (real estate, etc.), so when applying for a financial product transaction contract, please be sure to read the contract carefully. Please read the pre-conclusion documents, prospectus, etc. carefully and make your own decision to conclude a financial instruments transaction contract.
*Please note that the financial products handled by our company are not subject to cooling-off (Article 37-6 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act does not apply).
*When investing in financial products handled by our company, you may be required to pay certain fees and expenses for each product. The specific amount of fees, etc. varies depending on the contract conditions such as the product, transaction amount, transaction method, etc., and therefore it is not possible to state the specific amount or calculation method. For details on fees, etc., please carefully read the contents of the documents issued before contract conclusion, prospectus, etc. for each financial product.
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