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Home » Mother’s Yuka Otani, a flower designer who expresses the precious feelings for mothers with flowers, has been appointed as the official ambassador for the Mother’s Day Gift “Preserved Flower Category”.

Mother’s Yuka Otani, a flower designer who expresses the precious feelings for mothers with flowers, has been appointed as the official ambassador for the Mother’s Day Gift “Preserved Flower Category”.

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[Mother’s] Yuka Otani, a flower designer who expresses the precious feelings for mothers with flowers, has been appointed as the official ambassador for the Mother’s Day Gift “Preserved Flower Category”.
Mother’s, a media site specializing in Mother’s Day, has recently appointed flower gift expert Yuka Otani as the official ambassador for the preserved flower category on Mother’s I would like to inform you that.
Yuka Otani is active as the exclusive flower designer for Flower Lifestyle shop GROUND in Kobe, which designs “living with flowers.” In particular, we have a reputation for our design skills in preserved flowers and flower arrangements.
In addition, in the 20 years since the ground opened, it has attracted attention from media such as TV and newspapers from the perspective of SDGs of not disposing of flowers (flower loss).
[Image 1:×567.jpg] At Mother’s (, in order to convey the product characteristics and story of Mother’s Day gifts more deeply and easily to users, we have asked experts and experts in each industry to recommend Mother’s Day gifts. We are asking you to become an ambassador. In particular, we preferentially request ambassadors from genres and industries where choosing a gift for Mother’s Day is difficult, in order to expand the healthy market for Mother’s Day gifts and spread awareness of user benefits.
Mother’s Preserved Flower Department Ambassador “Yuka Otani” Profile & Self-Introduction
[Image 2:×567.jpg] 【profile】
Mr. Otani has been active in the flower industry for over 30 years, counting from his time as a part-time worker.
Total production of high brand shop displays, instructors, and wedding flowers for house weddings. Started a business based on those experiences. To date, they have helped 300,000 customers with flower gifts, and since starting their own business, they have achieved a flower waste rate of 0% for 20 years, and are attracting attention for SDGs. Media coverage record
Yomiuri Shimbun, Kobe Shimbun, Japan Agricultural Newspaper, TV Asahi, Yomiuri Television, J-WAVE, Kiss FM KOBE, and others.
nice to meet you. My name is Yuka Otani from GROUND.
In the past, I have had many meetings with over 3,000 brides and grooms at wedding halls to discuss ideal flowers and express their feelings with flowers. This is the origin of my career as a flower designer.
It has been 20 years since we opened our flower shop, and to date we have helped more than 300,000 people with flower gifts.We do not mass-produce flowers using manuals, but rather carefully consider each individual’s wishes. I am creating it.
With the theme of “Flowers are family,” we will deliver flowers that will make mothers feel happy and at peace, as if they have added a new member to their family.
At Mother’s, we collaborate with ambassador Yuka Otani to help select attractive products and give advice as gifts for your beloved mother or mother-in-law that will energize your mother’s mind and body. Masu.
4 preserved flowers made by Yuka Otani, a specialist in expressing important feelings
Mr. Otani: Rather than sending flowers every year because it’s Mother’s Day as if it’s a bit of an obligation, I can express my gratitude and respect to my mother once a year. We would like to introduce four thoughts that we have put the spotlight on.
Thought 1: “The warmth of family”
[Image 3:×628.jpg] When I ask people, “What kind of feelings do you want to express on Mother’s Day?”, there are two things that almost everyone will say. Those are my words of gratitude, to say thank you for raising me, and my wishes for good health, to stay healthy forever. Taking care of these two feelings, we created two gentle roses called cup-blooming roses, which have many petals and a round shape, and a carnation in the center to express gratitude and hope for good health and to stay healthy forever. Raspberries, which have the flower language of “love,” were arranged to be surrounded by hydrangeas because the flower language of hydrangeas is “family.” Mom, our family will always be there for you. It also contains such thoughts.
Thought 2: “Thank you”
[Image 4:×628.jpg] I can’t say anything because we’re always together. That is the word “thank you.”
Nothing is taken for granted, and there is so much to be grateful for every day. This arrangement consists of four roses, mainly a rose called French Marianne. The arrangement uses 5 roses in total, but the number of roses has a meaning. If it’s one ring, it’s “love at first sight,” and if it’s three rings, it’s “I love you.”
And, the fifth rose was arranged to express the thoughts of “I’m so glad I met you” and “I’m so glad you’re my mother.”
Thought 3: “I’ll always be by your side”
[Image 5:×628.jpg] When I think about “what is family?”, I think of it as something that always exists in my heart, regardless of distance or time.
I want to create flowers that will make you think of you and your family when you look at them, whether you are happy or sad.
I created it with that in mind. Your mother, who is far away and cannot see you often, and your mother-in-law, who is always attentive to you, will remember you and your family every time you look at the clock and leave with a bright and positive outlook.
 This is the kind of feeling that is put into it.
Thought 4: “Mom’s future”
[Image 6:×628.jpg] My mother, who raised me this far, is still looking after my grandchildren and has spent all her time for my family, so I want her to enjoy her future.
 We created this idea from “mothers for families” to “families for mothers.” We wish you a bright future full of smiles and may you enjoy colorful flowers like a harvest festival.
These are the four recommended Mother’s Day gifts.
The four flower gifts introduced above are all products that can be gift wrapped for Mother’s Day.
If you present your mother or mother-in-law with original preserved flowers carefully crafted by Mr. Otani, a flower gift specialist, you are sure to be delighted!
I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day that conveys your feelings of “Thank you mom.”
Mother’s Day gifts selected by flower designer Yuka Otani are introduced on the page below. Please use this as a reference when choosing a Mother’s Day gift!
Yuka Otani, a specialist who has met with over 3,000 brides and grooms to express their precious feelings through flowers, has created a selection of 4 preserved flowers to convey your feelings to your mother.
Why it is recommended to give preserved flowers on Mother’s Day Preserved Flower Ambassador by GROUND Yuka Otani
This solves the mother’s problem that flowers “wither quickly”! A Mother’s Day gift that will turn “I don’t know how to take care of it and it’s a hassle” into “Every day is exciting and easy!”
Mother’s Day in 2024 will be on May 12th (Sunday). Carnations were once said to be given on Mother’s Day, but since May is the season when flowers are in full bloom, it is now popular to give not only carnations but also seasonal flowers such as roses and hydrangeas. . Therefore, I would like to once again recommend giving preserved flowers on Mother’s Day!
Why is it recommended to give preserved flowers on Mother’s Day? 1. Easy to care for!
2. It won’t wither!
3. You can display it anywhere!
Four. You can purchase online!
Five. Reasonably priced!
More than 80% of mothers say they want to decorate their homes with flowers, and flowers are displayed for the positive effects of healing, interior design, feng shui, and improving children’s sensibilities.
The rest is introduced below.
What is preserved flower? Correct storage and care methods
Preserved Flower Ambassador by GROUND Yuka Otani
Preserved flowers are popular as “flowers that never wither.” Although you can enjoy beautiful flowers for a long time, there is actually a “best time to see them” just like flowers that have bloomed.
In order to enjoy the “best viewing period” for as long as possible, the key is “proper storage” and “care.”
This time, we will explain the charm of preserved flowers as well as the correct storage and care methods.
The rest is introduced below.
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