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Home » Awaken to the future Conducting dialogue-based practical PROTEAN career education for third-year high school students at Waseda Jitsugyo School

Awaken to the future Conducting dialogue-based practical PROTEAN career education for third-year high school students at Waseda Jitsugyo School

[Awaken to the future] Conducting dialogue-based practical PROTEAN career education for third-year high school students at Waseda Jitsugyo School

Press release: April 2, 2024
[Awaken to the future] Conducting dialogue-based practical PROTEAN career education for third-year high school students at Waseda Jitsugyo School
*Kennosuke Tanaka, Tetsu Ariyama, two representatives of the association, and members of the Education Lab talked about the PROTEAN career over two weeks*
* PROTEAN Career Association, a general incorporated association that supports the building of better relationships between organizations and individuals and the independent career development of individuals. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Kennosuke Tanaka and Toru Ariyama, hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) is developing a “Modern Protean Career Education” class. Starting in 2022, this is a class on designing your own way of living and working that has been delivered to more than 2,000 elementary, middle school, high school, and university students. This time, the class was held for 63 third-year students from Waseda Jitsugyo High School. Waseda Jitsugyo School holds special classes for high school seniors who are about to graduate during this two-month period from January to February every year. As part of these special classes, the “Waseda Jitsugyo Business School” and “Welcome Senior Extracurricular Class” were held. This time, PROTEAN career education was
incorporated into a special class inviting senior students who are active in society.
Click here for more information and to apply for PROTEAN Career Education:* **

*Class outline*
Over the course of two weeks, the association’s representative directors and members of the Education Lab talked about their own careers and interacted with the students.

* [Part 1] Waseda Jitsugyo Business School*
Implementation date: Saturday, February 17, 2024
Students attending: 63 third year high school students from Waseda Jitsugyo School
Lecturers: Kennosuke Tanaka (Representative Director of the
Association, Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University), Toru Ariyama (Representative Director of the Association, President and Representative Director of 4designs Inc.)
* ■3rd period: PROTEAN workout that sustains “living in your own way”_Kennosuke Tanaka*
The class, which began with the words, “Awaken to the future,” always proceeded in a dialogue style between the instructor and students, and was truly a workout. As we opened five doors to open the future of students who were still dormant and had hidden potential, the students gradually became awakened. At the end of the session, while answering rapid-fire questions from the students, it was time to take a closer look at the question, “Whose problems do you want to solve in the future?”
   * ■4th period: The Choice ~Career turning point~ From a Protean career perspective_Toru Ariyama*
It was time for the instructors to reflect on their own experiences and ask themselves the question, “What choice would I make?” While tracing the experiences of the instructor, who is also a senior at Waseda Jitsugyo, we thought about what each student thought about and what decisions they made during the selection process, and what kind of future happiness each student envisioned. I have explained to you that there is no right or wrong way to make a choice based on the ups and downs of your life, and that the right thing to do is to grow in the path you choose, and that growth will become career capital that you will never lose.

* [Part 2] Welcome senior extracurricular class*
Implementation date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
Students attending: 39 third-year high school students from Waseda Jitsugyo School
Lecturers: 17 people
Takahito Inoue, Eiji Usui, Yasuko Uchino, Tetsuya Kato, Akiko Kubonai, Otsumi Kuroiwa, Tatsuya Kanzaki, Seiji Kobayashi, Tomoko Sasada, Junko Takayashiki, Hisato Takita, Koichiro Nakamura, Keizo Hirase, Takashi Miyata, Eiko Miyata・Miyuki Yamaoka・Koji Yamamoto
* ■5th period and 6th period: Let’s go find your core*
We understood the concept of PROTEAN career theory and performed individual and pair work. Think carefully about what kind of person you are and choose three words. While sharing this with students in pairs, they had time to think about how others see them and what they are about themselves.
Afterwards, a group of 17 instructors and 2 students held a roundtable discussion with seniors in their lives. We each had a fulfilling time listening to our vague concerns about the future and discussing how we could get closer to our personal aspirations.

*Introducing PROTEAN Career Education*
* Mr. Kunihiko Tamai, junior and senior high school teacher at Waseda Jitsugyo School*
In the first week, Professor Kennosuke Tanaka and Toru Ariyama visited our school and gave a talk about PROTEAN Careers. In the second week, 17 members of the PROTEAN Career Association Education Lab Team held a dialogue with third-year high school students.
The response from the students was great, and the students became very interested in “PROTEAN Careers.” We were able to see once again from the students’ behavior that it is important to think seriously about a career from the early stages of high school.
Most of all, I was moved by the warmth of the members of the PROTEAN Career Association, who spoke kindly and positively to the third year high school students and listened patiently to their voices. I sincerely hope that PROTEAN Career will spread throughout Japan. * Impressions from students who took the course (excerpts) * ・The negative problems of modern society are rampant, and everywhere I looked I felt gloomy, as if I was only complaining. However, I woke up when I heard Mr. Tanaka’s words, “If you do new things, you will grow” and “It’s not VUCA.” To continue to think about what the problem is, how to solve it, and what is needed for that purpose on a daily basis, and to maintain the motivation to think about it, you need to have a positive attitude toward the future that says, “I want to do this.” I felt it was important to have a positive mindset.

・I thought it was amazing that Mr. Ariyama was able to pursue what he wanted to do and take risks. I wanted to seek out opportunities on my own and gain as much experience as possible in order to determine the balance between my abilities and my ideals. I’m relatively
stability-oriented, but I want to believe in possibilities and take action.

・When I told him about my concerns about going to university, he asked me, “Why do you think that way?” I wasn’t sure if the answer was right for me, but he told me, “You have almost 90 years left to live. You can change it as many times as you like,” and I started by getting started.

・The seniors I spoke to all valued the idea of ​​taking the first step. I’ll try anything. It doesn’t have to be something you want to do right now! ! If you try your hand at something, you’ll definitely find it. Don’t waste your four years at university! thank you very much.

・Hearing about the lives of various people made me realize that “You only live once.” I had a vague feeling of anxiety about the future, but after today’s class, my expectations changed. I want to live my life passionately by focusing on my goals, what I want to do, and what excites me.

・Over the course of two weeks, I was asked to listen to his stories, and he taught me how to maintain a mindset that should be important in the future, such as having a spirit of challenge and having the ability to maintain one’s own core while continuing to change freely. Ta. It really touched my heart.

Thoughts on PROTEAN career education
*Comment from Kennosuke Tanaka, Representative Director of PROTEAN Career Association General Incorporated Association*
He strongly conveyed these words to the students: “Awaken to the future.” The actions in front of us create the future, and each person’s potential is maximized. Admission to university marks a new beginning. While asking the students questions, I proposed that they formulate a career strategy for their four years at university by the end of March, before they graduate from high school. We can tell you this because we have accumulated a lot of experience as working adults and have learned the Protean career theory. The moment I entered the classroom, I felt everyone’s energy. Your expectations for the future will increase!
*Protean Career Association General Incorporated Association Representative Director Toru Ariyama (Waseda Jitsugyo High School alumnus)*
I am very grateful to Mr. Tamai for giving me the opportunity to tell my juniors about my PROTEAN career and experience as a third-year high school student at Waseda Jitsugyo High School, my alma mater. I was able to take classes in the building of my alma mater, where I studied for six years in junior high and high school, reminiscing about my school days. In the post-class survey, we received many comments saying they wanted to try something new, and we believe that we were able to convey the importance of taking action and taking on challenges in the coming era where there are no right answers. I sincerely hope that each of my juniors will believe in their own infinite potential and boldly take on the challenge of achieving their dreams.
* Association Overview *
Location: 2F, Shinjuku Washington Hotel Building Main Building, 3-2-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: Career interactive organizational development support service/Career support service for individuals/Certification system management
Representative Director: Kennosuke Tanaka (Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University) / Toru Ariyama (Representative Director and CEO, 4designs Inc.)
Established date: March 2020
Association website:
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