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Home » Up to 20% OFF! Original 3D background material for WEBTOON/publishing, “Enrollment season! School stuff” sale held

Up to 20% OFF! Original 3D background material for WEBTOON/publishing, “Enrollment season! School stuff” sale held

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
Up to 20% OFF! Original 3D background material for WEBTOON/publishing, “Enrollment season! School stuff” sale held
~Improving productivity through digital transformation of WEBTOON production~ ……
PLAYTOONS, which sells original 3D assets (3D materials) that perfectly reproduce Japanese landscapes such as “Kabukicho”, “city center apartments”, and “schools”, is selling “Admission season! School stuff”. ” special feature has started, and from April 2, 2024 to April 15, 2024, “clinics/hospitals” and “city buses” will have up to 20% off sales.
Introducing some 20% off products
This 3D background is a realistic reproduction of a clinic in a small rural city with a period design.
The overall structure and colors of the facility incorporate an atmosphere of the good old days, and were precisely created using SketchUp.
By changing the color and customizing accessories, it can also be used as an urban hospital, flexibly responding to various scenarios.
[Image 1:]
[Image 2:×1931.png ]
[Image 3:×1931.png ]
[Image 4:×1931.png ]
[Image 5:×1931.png ]
Tokyo bus
This is a general city bus. I created it in such a way that you get on through the back door and get off through the front door.
The interior of the train, including the ticketing machine, payment machine, and route information, was also made to look exactly like the real thing.
Dynamic components: front door, rear door, front wheel angle change, route display plate, license plate
[Image 6:×2005.jpg]
[Image 7:×2005.jpg]
[Image 8:×2005.jpg]
[Image 9:×2005.jpg] What are PLAYTOONS’s 3D backgrounds and 2D asset materials?
PLAYTOONS’ original materials are assets created to seamlessly match domestic daily life works. We also have other fantasy materials.
Advantages of introducing 3D/2D assets
・The assets you purchase can be used as many times as you like in one work. -You can use your favorite angle as a background.
– Can be used with CLIP STUDIO etc.
・By introducing assets, you can reduce the production cost of line drawings. About 3D/2D asset inlay production support
We will support you by inserting purchased assets such as backgrounds and accessories for each frame of the name you are creating on WEBTOON! The production will be supported by Rocket staff who have created over 60 WEBTOON works. Our company has many creators who can handle 3D models, and are familiar with how to embed assets such as 3D backgrounds.
Please see the document below for details.
About the inset production request option
This is an option that can be added for free when purchasing 3D/2D materials on PLAYTOONS.
We look forward to receiving not only requests, but also estimates and consultations.
Please see the document below for instructions on how to use the inset option.
“PLAYTOONS” is a WEBTOON and WEB novel submission and viewing platform that, unlike previous manga submission sites, allows even the general public to register as creators and earn income by creating serialized or one-shot works. Masu.
About Rocket Staff Co., Ltd.
We operate our own Webtoon studio, “Studio reBorn,” and develop and provide the production, planning, and comicalization of WEBTOON works, as well as the WEBTOON posting site “PLAYTOONS.”
More details about this release: