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Luup LUUP electric assist bicycles will be available in the Yokohama area

LUUP electric assist bicycles are now available in the Yokohama area Approximately 100 units will be available from Monday, April 1, 2024. ……
Luup Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Daiki Okai, hereinafter referred to as “Luup”) will launch the electric micromobility sharing service “LUUP” in the Yokohama area from April 1, 2024 (Monday). We would like to inform you that the electrically assisted bicycle is now available for use.
[Image 1:×947.png ]
Luup is developing a sharing service for electric, small,
single-seater micromobility with the mission of “creating
infrastructure that turns the entire city into a station square.”In addition to electric assist bicycles and electric kickboards, Luup We comprehensively deal with electric, small, and single-seater electric micromobility, establishing first and last mile transportation methods, and aiming for a future where everyone can move freely. Commuting to work, school, shopping, going out, sightseeing. It is used as a means of daily transportation in a variety of situations. From October 21, 2021 (Thursday), Yokohama City will use electric scooters to promote the enhancement of transportation networks that enhance the attractiveness of the area and ease of getting around, as well as to reduce last-mile mobility issues. We have concluded a three-way comprehensive partnership agreement with the city and Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 General Incorporated Association, and have been conducting demonstration experiments (*1). Afterwards, based on the fact that we were able to provide the service in the Minato Mirai 21 area, which could be used for transportation between tourist spots, we expanded the service to the area around Yokohama Station and the Motomachi Chinatown/Kannai area (*2). Additionally, Luup has become a supporting member (*3) of the Yokohama Tourism and Convention Bureau, a foundation that promotes tourism area development.
In addition, “SEASIDE CINEMA” was held for 6 days from May 2nd (Tuesday) to May 7th (Sunday), 2023 at four venues: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA, Yokohama Bay Quarter, and Yokohama World Porters. 2023,” and provided transportation support between venues (*).
After the revised Road Traffic Law went into effect in July 2023, the number of ports and rides increased, and we received many comments from users and owners that they would like to use electrically assisted bicycles as well as in other areas. During the demonstration experiment with electric scooters, they were often used for
sightseeing purposes, but we also provide a means of transportation that can be used daily by not only visitors but also local residents, improving convenience. In order to do this, electric assist bicycles have been introduced in addition to electric kickboards. Going forward, we will continue to expand our services to improve the ease of getting around the city and reduce last-mile mobility issues.
[Image 2:×640.png ]
Yokohama area port map
*1…Press release “Yokohama’s first electric kickboard sharing service “LUUP” begins” ( *2…Press release “LUUP” electric scooter sharing service begins in the Yokohama Station area and Motomachi Chinatown/Kannai area”
( /)
*3…Press release “Luup becomes supporting member of Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau,” a foundation that promotes tourism region development”
( bureau/)
*4…Press release “Luup cooperates with the outdoor theater event “SEASIDE CINEMA 2023” in Minato Mirai, Yokohama and supports transportation between venues”
( cinema/)
Features of LUUP
LUUP has succeeded in downsizing vehicles, making it possible to install ports even in small spaces. In the Yokohama area as well, we would like to aim for a density in the future where you can find a LUUP port within a 1-2 minute walk. Electrically assisted bicycles also come with baskets, so you can choose your mobility option depending on your needs, such as using the bicycle if you have luggage. The overall version has been updated based on various feedback received from users, such as improving the stability of the saddle and attaching a basket/smartphone holder.
In addition, since it is mandatory to reserve the destination port to return the vehicle in advance on the app when starting the ride, there will be no overflow of vehicles due to concentrated returns at a particular port. Furthermore, when returning the vehicle, we always take a photo of the vehicle parked at the port and send it to us, so the vehicle is returned to the port in good condition. The service is designed to protect the landscape and not cause any inconvenience to people in the town.
[Image 3:×1360.png ]
[Image 4:×1360.png ]
“LUUP” service overview
Sharing service for electric kickboards and electric assist bicycles ·detail
Using the smartphone app “LUUP”, you can ride an electric kickboard or electric assist bicycle and travel from port to port throughout the city.
・Usage fee
Basic ride fee: 50 yen (tax included) + hourly fee: 15 yen per minute (tax included)
・Available area
Yokohama city area *Please check the LUUP app for details
・Number of ports
More than 170 locations *Scheduled to expand from time to time ・Number of electrically assisted bicycles
100 units *More will be added at any time
・Terms of use for electric kickboards
The conditions for using the electric scooter are 1. Submission of age verification documents and 2. Passing consecutive perfect scores on the traffic rules test from the app. If you are using only an electric assist bicycle, these measures are not required.
Insurance covers property damage, personal injury, and your own injuries. %81%A6
[Image 5:×691.png ]
Yokohama Hammerhead Port
How to use LUUP
Please read this carefully before riding.
● How to use the app
Please download “LUUP” and register as a member. Download link:
If you wish to use an electric scooter, please submit age verification documents from the account settings screen and take the traffic rules test.
From the map screen, find the port where you want to start your ride. You can confirm that there is a vehicle in the port from the port details screen.
Book your ride or once you arrive at the port, press the “Scan QR Code” button to activate your camera and scan the QR code of the vehicle you want to ride.
Select your destination port and reserve your return location. Please note that the destination port can be changed later.
When the smart lock is unlocked, the vehicle makes a sound and the speed display lights up. Enjoy the ride safely.
When you arrive at your destination port, please return it within the designated area.
Once you have sent a photo of your return, payment will be completed and your ride will be over.
● How to ride an electric assist bicycle
The height of the saddle is fixed by a lever located under the saddle. Raise this lever when making adjustments. For safety, when driving, please fix the vehicle at a height where your feet can touch the ground, and be sure to lower the lever before using it.
Start your ride by raising the center stand on the bottom of your bike. Push the bike forward while pressing the stand into the ground. When stopping, place your foot on the center stand, secure it to the ground, pull up on the handlebars, and pull the bicycle toward you to stand up.
A bell is attached to the left side of the handle to warn of danger. To ring the bell, rotate the grip on the left side of the bell back and forth.
Other Usage guide for electrically assisted bicycles: %AB
● How to ride an electric kickboard
If your vehicle is equipped with a maximum speed indicator light, make sure it is in 20km/h mode (lit, not blinking). Kick off the ground to gain initial speed and place both feet.
Press the accelerator slowly to accelerate. Be sure to ride on the far left side of the road, or if there is a normal bicycle lane. You can bend gently while kicking the ground with your feet. When making a right turn on a busy road, please get off your electric scooter at the intersection and push your way across the crosswalk. There is a brake shaped like a bicycle at hand. Apply the brakes slowly when stopping. You can also stop by standing on your feet. Other Usage guide for electric scooters:
If you have any problems while riding or have any inquiries about inviting friends, please contact us using the in-app inquiry form. For those interested in installing LUUP ports
LUUP is looking for owners who can install ports. If you have a dead space that you would like to utilize, or if you have an empty parking lot space, please consider this.
Click here for details:
[About Luup Co., Ltd.]
Luup Co., Ltd. is creating a new short-distance transportation infrastructure that will turn the entire city into a “station front” through a sharing service of electric, small, single-seater
micromobility. Currently, we are providing LUUP, a sharing service for electric micromobility such as electric kickboards and electric assist bicycles, in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, Utsunomiya, Kobe, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Sendai. We will reduce CO2 emissions through the spread of electric micromobility and introduce new electric mobility that can be ridden even by the elderly, creating a sustainable society where everyone can move safely and conveniently.
・Location: 4th floor, AKIHABARA CENTRAL SQUARE, 3-21-24, Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Representative: Daiki Okai
・Founded: July 2018
・App download URL: *LUUP app can be used on devices with iOS 15 or later, iPhone 6s or later, and Android OS 9.0 or later.
More details about this release: