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Home » NEDO Begins fuel ammonia conversion demonstration test at JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Plant

NEDO Begins fuel ammonia conversion demonstration test at JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Plant

Fuel ammonia conversion demonstration test begins at JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Station
World’s first demonstration of 20% ammonia conversion in a large commercial coal-fired power generator
NEDO, JERA Corporation, and IHI Corporation are working on the “Technology Development for Carbon Recycling and Next-Generation Thermal Power Generation/Ammonia Mixed Firing Thermal Power Generation Technology Research, Development, and Demonstration Project” (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”). In this project, JERA and IHI today conducted the world’s first large-scale demonstration test (calorific value ratio: 20%) of fuel ammonia conversion in a large-scale commercial coal-fired power generator at JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Station (Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture). It started with. This demonstration test is scheduled to run until June 2024. 1. background
In addition to its role as an energy carrier, ammonia, which can efficiently transport and store hydrogen at low cost, can be used directly as a fuel for thermal power generation, and as a fuel that does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned, it is a greenhouse gas. is expected to have significant benefits in reducing emissions. This project*1 is an important project that could be the first step toward low-cost and speedy decarbonization for countries such as Japan that require thermal power generation as a regulating power source from the perspective of stable energy supply.
2. Overview of demonstration test
In order to reduce the environmental impact in the future, this project will convert large commercial coal-fired power generators into ammonia as fuel, evaluate the environmental impact characteristics such as boiler heat absorption characteristics and exhaust gas, and develop ammonia conversion technology. The project period is approximately four years from July 2021 to March 2025.
Since October 2022, JERA and IHI have been working on the installation of burners, tanks, vaporizers, piping, and other equipment necessary for the fuel ammonia conversion demonstration at the JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Plant.
IHI developed a demonstration burner*2 based on the small-scale utilization test of fuel ammonia at Unit 5 of the power plant, and JERA has developed safety measures and operational systems for fuel ammonia at the power plant*3.
Now that we have completed preparations for the demonstration test, we have begun a large-scale fuel ammonia conversion demonstration test today at Unit 4 of the power plant.
In this demonstration test, we will investigate the characteristics of the entire plant, including investigating nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, the impact on the boiler and peripheral equipment, and confirming operability.
[Image 1:×417.png ]
Figure 1 Demonstration test schedule
[Image 2:×321.png ]
Figure 2-1 Demonstration burner
[Image 3:×1946.jpg] Figure 2-2 Fuel ammonia tank
3. Future plans
NEDO, JERA, and IHI aim to establish technology for using ammonia as a fuel in thermal power generation for social implementation by March 2025 by solving the issues in the demonstration tests.
Based on this demonstration test, JERA has decided to start commercial operation of large-scale ammonia conversion (calorific value ratio 20%) at JERA Hekinan Thermal Power Station Unit 4. Through the establishment of ammonia conversion technology, we will provide a clean energy supply infrastructure that combines renewable energy and low-carbon thermal power, and contribute to the healthy growth and development of the world, especially in Asia.
IHI will steadily implement this demonstration test and reflect the information obtained through this project to establish high-ratio combustion technology for ammonia of 50% or more in thermal power plants and develop a 100% combustion burner. . Furthermore, by deploying the results of this demonstration to thermal power plants in Japan and overseas, we will contribute to global decarbonization through fuel ammonia.
*1 This project
Business name: Carbon recycling/next-generation thermal power generation technology development/ammonia mixed combustion thermal power generation technology research, development, and demonstration project
Business period: FY2021-FY2024
Business overview: Carbon recycling, next-generation thermal power generation technology development, etc.
*2 Developed a demonstration burner
(Reference) IHI release (October 6, 2021) *3 Safety measures and operational systems for fuel ammonia, etc. (Reference) JERA homepage More details about this release: