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Home » Bunkyo Ward Femtech Support Bunkyo Ward started providing the fertility concierge “FamiOne” as a “pregna ncy counseling project”

Bunkyo Ward Femtech Support Bunkyo Ward started providing the fertility concierge “FamiOne” as a “pregna ncy counseling project”

FamiOne Co., Ltd.
Bunkyo Ward begins offering the fertility concierge “FamiOne” as part of its “fertility counseling project.”
Pregnancy counseling business in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo has been entrusted to FamiOne
With the vision of “Creating a society that caters to everyone who wishes to have a child and allows them to live a happy life,” we provide “famione”, a fertility concierge service using LINE FamiOne Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yusuke Ishikawa, hereinafter referred to as the Company) has been entrusted with the Bunkyo Ward “pregnancy counseling business”. As part of our business, we will start offering FamiOne as a “pregnancy counseling project.”
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Bunkyo Ward accepts consultations regarding fertility and infertility for Bunkyo Ward residents who wish to have children, listens to the concerns and worries of Bunkyo Ward residents, and provides the information necessary to resolve them and encourage
self-determination. The purpose is that. Consultations include not only infertility treatment, but also health management for fertility efforts, selection of infertility medical institutions, communication between couples, balancing work and treatment, mental health care, etc. I’ll go. We also accept consultations not only from those involved, but also from those in a supporting position. Consultations can be made anonymously, and we will provide support as a business that anyone can use easily and with peace of mind, regardless of gender or age.
Comments from the Health Promotion Division, Bunkyo Ward Health and Hygiene Department
In Bunkyo Ward, we are working to provide seamless support for pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing so that you can give birth and raise your child with peace of mind. We have also provided financial support to those who wish to have children and undergo infertility treatment. Under these circumstances, we started this project with the aim of providing seamless support from before pregnancy to those who wish to have a child, addressing their concerns and worries. This project allows you to feel free to receive highly specialized information and consultation anonymously at any time. Please use all means. [Introduction page for pregnancy counseling business]
kyoiku/shussan/ninshinshussan/funin/ninkatsu.html [Inquiries about pregnancy counseling business] Bunkyo Ward Health and Hygiene Department Health Promotion Division 03-5803-1231
Overview of welfare service “FamiOne”
FamiOne, a welfare service that provides support through two axes: creating a corporate culture for the entire organization and individual support for those involved, provides support through “improving employee literacy and fostering a company culture through seminars and training by experts,” and “online health
consultation.” We support companies’ health management, support for work-life balance, and the promotion of women’s empowerment by providing support for individual employees. Employees of companies that have adopted FamiOne can consult on a variety of topics online with qualified professionals such as nurses, psychologists, and career counselors from outside the company, regardless of the time or place. By providing an environment where employees can discuss matters anonymously and without the company knowing, we can expect to increase psychological safety and improve employee satisfaction. Furthermore, by consulting with people about their concerns early on and becoming aware of their own physical and mental conditions, it is possible to encourage behavioral changes and prevent problems from occurring. In addition, we provide seminars/training for all employees by
professional instructors to improve the literacy of the entire company. Approximately 70% of female employees hope that their superiors and those around them will understand the health issues unique to women*1. We contribute to expanding the range of support by providing accurate knowledge and promoting understanding to people other than those involved, such as managers and supporting employees. Seminar/training themes can be customized*2 according to the needs and challenges of each company. In September 2018, we began offering corporate welfare programs. In addition to introducing welfare programs to Odakyu Electric Railway and TBS Welfare Society, we also provide seminars to Sony, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA), the Itochu Labor Union, and others. We also provide services to local governments, including Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Nagasaki Prefecture, Suginami Ward in Tokyo, Setagaya Ward in Tokyo, Mihara City in Hiroshima Prefecture, Oura Town in Gunma Prefecture, and other prefectures, core cities, and cities with tens of thousands of people. We provide a wide range of services to all wards, towns and villages. *This service is not a medical practice and does not provide diagnosis or prescription. ▶︎Famione Corporate Welfare Service▶︎“Pregnancy LINE Support Project” for local governments*1 Source: From the Working Women’s Wellness Improvement Committee website ( Conducted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 2023-5, Survey results of 3,500 women working in Tokyo + 200 company representatives) *2 Basic knowledge of infertility treatment, awareness of preconception care such as egg freezing, menstruation / PMS, menopause, etc. We deal with a variety of themes, including health issues, life plans, human relationships, and mental care.
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-Company Information- FamiOne Co., Ltd. Address: 2F-C, Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Building, 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Representative Director: Yusuke Ishikawa Date of establishment: June 1, 2015 URL: https://famione.
▶︎Famione Corporate welfare service ▶︎“Pregnancy LINE Support Project” for local governments
[Contact information regarding this matter]
Famione Co., Ltd. Public Relations Department Email: TEL: 080-2243-6995
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