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Home » Free online seminar for those considering introducing childcare ICT “Free ICT operation method revealed” Seminar schedule for April and May released

Free online seminar for those considering introducing childcare ICT “Free ICT operation method revealed” Seminar schedule for April and May released

Sen Co., Ltd.
Free online seminar for those considering introducing childcare ICT “Free ICT operation method revealed” Seminar schedule for April and May released
Sen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nobuaki Chiba, hereinafter referred to as the Company) aims to use ICT to reform the work style of childcare workers and promote DX in the childcare industry to create happiness for children. For teachers and local governments considering the use of ICT, we will hold a free online seminar on April 9th, 18th, 23rd, May 16th, 21st, and 30th, 2024 titled “Smooth implementation!Free ICT We will be holding a public release of the operating method.
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■ Background
In recent years, in order to alleviate the shortage of human resources and the workload in childcare settings, the national and local governments have been supporting the introduction of ICT in childcare settings through subsidies, and there have been more opportunities for teachers to consider ICT. On the other hand, there are many teachers who feel uneasy about the introduction of ICT, saying, “I can’t imagine how ICT will change my current work,” and “I’m worried about the cost of ICT.”
In order to approach the two points of “usage image” and “cost,” we are providing free online seminars and materials on ICT usage, and in September 2021 we will launch the industry’s first free plan for childcare ICT system. We have started offering.
In this online seminar, in response to requests to learn more about the specific functions of the free childcare ICT “Hai Cheese! System” provided by our company, we will respond to requests for information on the specific functions of the free childcare ICT “Hai Cheese! System”. We will explain the service mainly by operating/demonstrating the contact book/daily board).
■Event overview
Seminar theme: “Smooth introduction! Free ICT operation method revealed” ・Date and time: April 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00-14:00
       April 18, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00~14:00
       April 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00~14:00
       May 16, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00~14:00
       May 21, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00~14:00
       May 30, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00~14:00
*The same content will be held on all 6 days. Please choose one day to participate.
・Holding method: Web held (Zoom)
・Participation fee: Free
・Target participants: Teachers involved in childcare, local governments ·program:
1. Points that can easily stumble when introducing ICT
2. Tips for smoothly implementing ICT
3. Overview of ICT services that can be used for free
4. Specific operating instructions for the 5 main functions of “Yes Cheese! System”
─Recommended for these people─
·Yes, cheese! I want to know what the system can do
・I want to know how much my work burden will be reduced.
・I want to know how to use and operate the system
・I want to see the actual system screen
■Flow of participation
1. Apply from the URL below
Application site:
Application deadline:
Event: April 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00-14:00 → Application deadline: April 8, 2024 (Monday)
Event: April 18, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 → Application deadline: April 17 (Wednesday)
Event date: April 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00-14:00 → Application deadline: April 22, 2024 (Monday)
Holding time: May 16, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 → Application deadline: May 15 (Wednesday)
Event: May 21, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:00-14:00 → Application deadline: May 20th (Monday)
Event date: May 30, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00-14:00 → Application deadline: May 29, 2024 (Wednesday)
2. Participate from the viewing URL you receive after applying *If you do not receive the email by the day before, please check the information below and contact us.
– Did it arrive in your spam folder?
– Are you set to be able to receive emails from “”? ■Contact information
Sen Co., Ltd. Yes Cheese! System support section
Phone number: 050-1745-2953 (Reception hours weekdays: 9:00-18:00) 【Yes, cheese! What is]
“Hai Cheese! (” is a comprehensive service that aims to foster the happiness of children together with organizations that take care of children such as nursery schools and kindergartens and parents, with the motto of “Peace for Children”. Childcare tech service.
We offer Internet photo sales “Hai Cheese! Photo,” which specializes in photos that provide total support, from photographing seasonal events such as sports days and recitals to sales and inquiries, as well as childcare ICT “Hai Cheese! System,” and album production “Hai Cheese! We preserve children’s memories and records through the “Hai Cheese! Album” and the video shooting and production “Hai Cheese! Movie,” and support the healthy growth of children through our school lunch and food education service “Hai Cheese! Veggie.” We provide services that approach both the mind and body so that the lives of children with a bright future will be richer and full of happiness.
[What is “Yes Cheese! System”]
Yes, cheese! The system ( is the industry’s first nursery school that provides over 30 functions free of charge, with the aim of reducing the workload of childcare workers and promoting work style reform for childcare workers. This is a business support system*. In the childcare industry, most of the record work is done by hand, and communication is analogous. This prevents errors that occur due to individuality, and contributes to improving the efficiency of childcare operations, reducing overtime, and preventing childcare workers from leaving their jobs.
It won the grand prize in the ICT category of the Baby Tech(R) Award Japan 2021, which recognizes excellent baby tech products, and the Good Design Award 2022, which comprehensively evaluates design. -Overview of free functions-Admission/drop-off management | Parent contact | Document creation | Attendance management/shift management | Health management/nap check | Photo sales
*Conditions apply for application.
※Yes, cheese! Click here to request various information about the system–
≪Sen Co., Ltd. Company Profile≫
Representative Director and President: Nobuaki Chiba
Head office: 1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho, Kioi Tower 14F
Established: October 2004
“Hai Cheese!” is a registered trademark of Sen Co., Ltd.

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