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Home » We bring you a live report of the March performance of the “Lien Listening Orchestra” that mobilized 3,000 people and 95% of them were satisfied! We also announced that the event will be held in August and October this year, as well as the release

We bring you a live report of the March performance of the “Lien Listening Orchestra” that mobilized 3,000 people and 95% of them were satisfied! We also announced that the event will be held in August and October this year, as well as the release

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We bring you a live report of the March performance of the “Lien Listening Orchestra” that mobilized 3,000 people and 95% of them were satisfied! We also announced that the event will be held in August and October this year, as well as the release of our first digital album! Cumulative mobilization of over 20,000 people!

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CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT, an orchestra that you can listen to while lying down, will hold its 5th performance on Saturday, March 30th and Sunday, March 31st, 2024 at Osanbashi Hall in Yokohama Port. Continuing from the past, all general tickets were sold out
immediately after they went on sale, which was very popular. We mobilized 3,000 people over two days. The “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT” series is a concert where you can enjoy the performance of an up-and-coming orchestra in comfortable seats such as reclining chairs, hammocks, and beaded cushions, and has been well received by a wide range of people, not just classical music fans. This time, the variety of drinks and food was increased even more, and everyone who came to the venue enjoyed a never-before-seen orchestral concert experience, listening while lying down with drinks and sweets in hand. After the performance, they announced the decision to hold the next performance. “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT SEASIDE -2024 summer-” will be held on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th, 2024 at Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama Port. The performers and the first part of the program have also been announced, and we are accepting advance lottery tickets exclusively for LINE friends until 23:59 on Sunday, April 14, 2024. If you would like to apply for a ticket, please apply from the URL sent from the official LINE. Furthermore, it has been decided that it will be held at Yokohama Budokan on October 5th (Saturday) and 6th (Sunday), 2024. Details of this performance and the start date of ticket sales will be announced at a later date. The announcement will be made on the “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT” official LINE. Please be sure to register as a friend and wait. ▼ “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT” Official LINE URL: With the decision to hold
performances in August and October 2024, the cumulative number of mobilization by 2024 is expected to be 22,000 people.
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In response to many requests, we have released a digital album of live recordings from past performances. You can listen to it from various streaming services and sound source distribution services. You can access various services below. ▼Digital album “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT Selection Vol.1” URL:
◆“CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT SEASIDE -2024 spring” live report where approximately 3,000 people relaxed, lied down and enjoyed the orchestra
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The event venue, Yokohama Port Osanbashi Hall, is a space that evokes the feeling of cherry blossoms and spring, in honor of the first spring performance. The venue, with its gentle flickering lights that made you feel sleepy at any moment, was filled with relaxing seats such as reclining chairs, hammocks, and beaded cushions, creating a fantastical space that was completely different from a typical classical concert.
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In a survey conducted after the event, approximately 91% of attendees responded that they would like to visit the event at least once a year in the future. Visitor satisfaction has exceeded 95% for the past five times, and we continue to receive very positive reviews. Furthermore, approximately 63% of visitors answered that this was their first time visiting, indicating that the number of people experiencing Chill Classic is increasing.
Approximately 71% of attendees responded, “I haven’t had many opportunities to go to classical concerts, but I would like to go in the future.” Furthermore, approximately 52% of past visitors answered that “I have had more opportunities to experience classical music after visiting,” indicating that not only did it become an
opportunity for them to become interested in classical concerts, but a behavioral change toward classical music actually occurred. This number symbolizes “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT,” which aims to spread the appeal of orchestras by focusing on “how to listen.”
[Image 7:×945.jpg] One of the attractions of “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT” is the powerful live performances by top professional players. They enjoyed live performances by about 30 top orchestral players, led by conductor Hikaru Ebihara and Sohei Billman, 2nd principal violinist of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. Also, the original arrangement is one of the big attractions. Hiroyuki Nakayama, who works on concert arrangements for various games, anime, and movie music, centering on “Final Fantasy,” brings out the charm of the songs to the fullest with original orchestral arrangements of JPOP hit songs. In this
performance, in addition to songs that evoke the image of spring such as “Sakura,” “Sakurazaka,” and “Haru yo, come on,” we will also have the opportunity to experience classical concerts such as “Ao no Sumika,” “Kaiju no Hanauta,” and “grace.” The program featured a lineup of recent hit songs that even a small number of people could relate to, giving the audience a new sense of the appeal of music. In addition, the original full orchestra performed the 1st movement from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons “Spring,” which was composed only of string instruments. ▼ Click here for detailed performance information such as performance songs
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[Image 9:×945.jpg] In addition, at the venue, drinks and sweets with the theme of “relaxation” were sold so that people could easily enjoy “relaxing and listening concerts.” I enjoyed the performance from the comfortable seats.
[Image 10:×945.jpg] In the third performance of the evening, the audience enjoyed a performance with the sea of ​​Minato Mirai in the background. There’s also a pleasant surprise when a passenger ship passes behind you during the performance.
[Image 11:×2600.jpg] For the first time, we are selling a QR code for playing past bonus sound sources and a greeting card with handwritten comments by Mr. Nakayama and violinist Mr. Billman, arranged by Mr. Nakayama. In addition, there are souvenirs unique to “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT” such as stickers commemorating this performance, mugs with the image of the sea of ​​Minato Mirai, and hand towels.
◆“CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT SEASIDE -2024 summer-” event overview
[Image 12:×3900.jpg] “CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT SEASIDE -2024 summer-” will be held on Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th, 2024 at Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama Port. The music will change to a summer-themed song, and you can enjoy music performed by up-and-coming performers. The 30 up-and-coming orchestra members gathered for this performance will perform a number of famous songs arranged by Hiroyuki Nakayama for this performance, including famous songs that remind us of summer traditions and the latest popular J-POP. . ▼“CHILL CLASSIC CONCERT SEASIDE -2024 summer-” Event Overview / Performance Date and Time DAY1: Saturday, August 24, 2024 1st performance Doors open 11:00 / Show starts 12:00 2nd performance Doors open 14:30 / Show starts 15: 30 3rd performance Doors open 18:00 / Start 19:00 DAY2: Sunday, August 25, 2024 1st performance Doors open 10:00 / Start 11:00 2nd
performance Doors open 13:30 / Start 14:30 3rd performance Doors open 17:00 / Performance starts 18:00 * Performance time is scheduled to be approximately 90 minutes ・ Venue Yokohama Port / Osanbashi Hall ・ Ticket information SS seat (hammock): 12,800 yen SS seat (bead cushion): 12,800 yen SS seat (Reclining: 12,800 yen S seat
(reclining): 10,800 yen A seat (reclining): 8,800 yen *Customers who purchase tickets for SS seats will receive drinks and food sold at the venue in a dedicated lane. .
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・Performance: Hiroyuki Nakayama (piano/arrangement) / Shizuka Kawaguchi (violin) and others ・Become like a program / Summer Night Magic / Fireworks / Beauty and the Beast / Lion Heart, etc. *The remaining programs will be additionally announced at a later date. *Programs are as follows: , subject to change ・Sponsor: indi Co., Ltd. ・Official LINE: ・Official Instagram: ・Official X :▼Performer Profile Approximately 30 up-and-coming orchestral musicians will specially gather and perform. *Profiles of all performers will be published on the official website at a later date.
[Image 14:×1000.jpg] Hiroyuki Nakayama (arrangement/piano/planning cooperation) Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Composition. As an arranger, he is active in a wide range of areas, including producing TV games (Final Fantasy) and anime works. An orchestral arrangement of Final Fantasy’s “Fanfare of Victory” was used at the opening ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. As a pianist, he performed Chopin’s works at the Polish Embassy in 2006, participated in the Poland Exchange Festival tour sponsored by NHK Culture to commemorate Chopin’s 200th birthday in 2010, performed Chopin in Warsaw and Paris, and gave a piano recital for game music. He has performed and received acclaim all over the world. From October to December 2022, NHK Radio 2 will broadcast 13 episodes of the charm of art, “A Journey to the 19th Century Paris Music Salons.” Currently a part-time lecturer at Toho Gakuen College of Art, NHK, and Yomiuri Culture lecturer.
[Image 15:×1378.jpg] Shizuka Kawaguchi (violin) Completed master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts High School, Tokyo University, and Graduate School. Obtained a scholarship to participate in the Aspen Music Festival in Colorado, USA. Omagari New Music Festival Grand Prix. Won 2nd place at the 5th Toshiya Eto Violin Competition. Currently, he is the principal guest performer of an orchestra, soloist, chamber musician, and regular guest performer of Ensemble Nomad.He has performed at Mexico’s Guanajuato Music Festival and International Contemporary Music Festival, and has participated in numerous premieres and recordings. In addition, he is active in a wide range of activities such as performing in musicals and recording songs for various artists and TV drama accompaniments. ▼Company Information [indi Co., Ltd.] A venture company that works on projects with various stakeholders as a content strategic action partner. With the theme of “creating culture and economy,” he works on all kinds of content projects across genres and without borders.・Company name: indi Co., Ltd. ・Business description: Brand marketing support business, art & entertainment support business, startup content development business ・Establishment date: November 1, 2018 ・Location: 2-9-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 5 Blossom Meguro 2nd floor ・President: Kim Young-jin ・Official company website: ・Official company Twitter:
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