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T&S Co., Ltd. Signed an exclusive agency contract with Travel Sentry for travel accessories in Japan.

[T&S Co., Ltd.] Signed an exclusive agency contract with Travel Sentry for travel accessories in Japan.

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Press release: April 2, 2024
*To all members of the press*
Signed an exclusive agency contract with Travel Sentry for travel accessories in Japan.
*Some products are now on sale at online stores and travel goods stores* T&S Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Sai
Travel Sentry (Headquarters: Florida, USA; CEO: Florent) is a company that creates standards for making travel simpler and safer.
We have signed a contract with Perrichon to be the sole distributor in Japan for our travel accessories collection. Along with this, TRAVEL Eight types of SENTRY(R) brand accessories are available at the online store (LEGEND
WALKER Store) and travel goods stores and other stores nationwide will begin selling the product.
Sentry is a company whose primary business is the development and licensing of luggage lock systems used at most airports around the world. Since our founding in 2003, we have aimed to make travel simpler and safer.While we have enabled passengers to lock and check their luggage, we have also made it possible for airline security agencies to do so if necessary. We have created standards that solve problems faced by airlines, airports, security agencies, and passengers, such as standardizing systems that enable unlocking and inspection.
The travel accessory collection for which we have concluded a sole agency contract in Japan is Travel
This is a new product category that Sentry launched in 2023 to commemorate its 20th anniversary. We prioritize high-quality materials and finishes, and focus on ergonomic design and sensory
characteristics, while pursuing sustainability in production and products, as well as safety in our factories. Additionally, all items are made from 70-100% recycled fabric and manufactured in a GRS* (Global Recycling Standard) certified factory. We sympathize with not only the design of this travel accessory collection, but also the fact that products are manufactured based on sustainability while adding comfort and functionality to your travels, so we decided to act as an agent. We have decided to handle the.
*GRS is a standard that sets requirements for recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.
We will start selling “TSID Luggage Tag,” “Toiletry Pouch,” “Packing Cube (Set of 3),” “Short-Distance Toiletry Bag,” “Eye Mask,” “Perfect Rest Travel Neck Pillow,” and There are 8 types, “Foldable Backpack” and “Foldable Weekender,” all of which are perfect companions for a comfortable journey.

* “Travel Accessories” product lineup*
TSID luggage tag
A tag with TSID that helps you find your belongings when they are lost. Scan the QR code, register your information, and attach it to your luggage.
■Price: 1,628 yen (tax included)
■Color: Red, black
toiletry pouch
A transparent pouch that can be used as carry-on baggage by storing liquids such as cosmetics in containers of 100ml or less.
■Price: 2,068 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
Packing cubes (set of 3)
A set of 3 pouches that allows you to store bulky clothing, towels, etc. separately from other luggage while traveling.
■Price: 5,368 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
Eye mask
An eye mask with a three-dimensional design that fits the contours of your face. The area around the eyes is designed to have room. ■Price: 2,068 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
Perfect Rest Travel Neck Pillow
A neck pillow made of low-resilience memory foam that gently cradles and supports your neck.
■Price: 3,278 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
short range toiletry bag
A medium-sized toiletry bag that organizes and stores toiletries and cosmetics. Comes with waterproof compartment.
■Price: 3,168 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
foldable weekender
A Boston bag that can be folded and carried compactly, and can be unfolded and used immediately when needed. There is a band on the back that can be fixed to the carry bar of your suitcase.
■Price: 4,378 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
foldable backpack
A backpack that can be folded and carried compactly, and can be quickly unfolded and used when needed. It has excellent storage capacity with 3 pockets and 2 side mesh holders.
■Price: 4,048 yen (tax included)
■Color: red, gray, black, blue
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* “Bringing travel closer to you.” Overview of T&S Co., Ltd.* T&S Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a comprehensive manufacturer that plans and sells suitcases, travel goods, and household goods. Our corporate philosophy is to “make travel more accessible,” and we are committed to creating products that help all kinds of people enrich their lives through travel. LEGEND is a suitcase brand that focuses on design, quality, and functionality.
In addition to the “WALKER” series, we also plan and sell
“PETiCO”, an item brand for traveling with pets, and various lifestyle goods.
Company name: T&S Co., Ltd. Founded: April 18, 2002 Capital: 30 million yen Representative Director and President: Maki Sai Number of employees: Approximately 60 people
Business content: Planning, sales, and wholesale of suitcases, travel bags, travel goods, and related products.
Head office: 1-12 Yayoi-cho, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama 343-0816 Logistics Center: Kasukabe Logistics Center 758 Naganuma, Kasukabe, Saitama 344-0123
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As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have renewed our corporate mark from January 2024. The new corporate mark is based on the image of “mutual” in our corporate spirit.
Additionally, the corporate color has been changed from “red” to “blue.” It is inspired by the traditional Japanese color “Seiran” and symbolizes reliability, cooperation, innovation, and intelligence. *About details about this release*

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