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Home » “DORIC”, a new stainless steel bottle for cycling, is now available from “KiLEY”, which is known for its classic design!

“DORIC”, a new stainless steel bottle for cycling, is now available from “KiLEY”, which is known for its classic design!

“DORIC”, a new stainless steel bottle for cycling, is now available from “KiLEY”, which is known for its classic design!
Compatible with cold and thermal insulation, and the perfect size for bicycle bottle cages. A bottle that blends into your everyday lifestyle.
KiLEY, a bicycle accessory brand from Taiwan, has started selling a new stainless steel bottle, DORIC. In addition to the official shop, you can purchase at over 200 KiLEY authorized retailers across Japan. KiLEY Japan sole agent: GEEK TRADE Co., Ltd. (Head office: Hannan City, Osaka Prefecture)
KiLEY “Doric” Cycling Stainless Steel Bottle SR-01
[Image 1:×1365.png ]
Development background
There are more types of stainless steel bottles for cycling than there were a few years ago. on the other hand,
Retro aluminum bottles do not have a cold or heat retention function, Ordinary silver bottles may not fit the bottle cage,
The design of bottles that are compatible with bottle cages is not good. and so on,,,
It was difficult to find a cycling bottle that matched KiLEY’s custom design. Therefore, we have decided to release a stainless steel bottle from KiLEY.
Product Features
1. Universal design that matches KiLEY lights
These days, when it comes to silver bottles, there aren’t many options, but it’s not practical to use a bottle that isn’t designed for cycling. Plastic bottles for cycling are ideal if you are looking for speed and lightness, but they end up ruining the uniformity of your custom design.
Because KiLEY values ​​the texture of metal, we were conscious of a design that would enhance the completeness of the custom.
[Image 2:×1365.png ]
2, Perfect size for bottle cage
Of course, we consider not only design but also practicality. It is designed to be compatible with bicycle bottle cages, so it fits perfectly. Therefore, you can carry it without rattling while cycling.
[Image 3:] 3. Compatible with cold and thermal insulation. A bottle you can carry all year round.
Just because a stainless steel bottle is used does not mean that all products can be kept cold or hot. For cyclists like us who want to enjoy ice-cold drinks in midsummer and coffee rides in winter, the ability to keep things cool and warm is essential. They are active throughout the year, so you can enjoy the changing seasons together. It can be used in a wide range of situations, from everyday carrying to the office and outdoors.
[Image 4:×1365.png ]
Simple parts configuration that is easy to clean. The opening is wide, so it’s easy to put ice in.
[Image 5:×480.png ]
Product Summary
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Capacity: 500ml
Size: φ72mm*225mm
Weight: 325g
Color: Silver
Material: 18-8 stainless steel, silicone rubber
Cold retention effect: 8℃ or less (6 hours)
Heat retention effect: 60℃ or more (6 hours)
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 5,940 yen (tax included) *Heat retention effectiveness refers to the temperature of hot water measured 6 hours after pouring boiling water into the product at a room temperature of 20°C ± 2°C, and when the water temperature reaches 95°C ± 1°C, with the lid on.
*Cold retention effectiveness refers to the temperature of water measured 6 hours after pouring cold water into the product at a room temperature of 20°C°C±2°C and placing the lid on when the water temperature reaches 4°C±1°C. .
*The figures for cold retention effectiveness and heat retention effectiveness are based on test results from an external testing organization in Japan.
*Safety testing based on the Food Sanitation Act has been conducted by an inspection agency in Japan.
Comments from the developer
The name of the bottle “Doric” comes from the design of ancient Greek architecture. Doric is one of the columns commonly seen in ancient Greek architecture, and is also known as the Doric column. Just like the Parthenon in Athens, which was built over 2,000 years ago and is still supported by Doric columns, it is characterized by its majesty and strong support despite its simple structure.
[Image 7:×852.jpg] This stainless steel bottle also retains the matte texture of metal while expressing the three-dimensionality and strength of a sculpture. Just like Doric columns that continue to support temples without being adorned with extravagant decorations, “Doric” is simple, but we hope that it will become a pillar that supports the user’s cycle life and lifestyle over a long period of time. It’s included.
Usage image
[Video 2:] road bike
[Image 8:×1365.png ]
[Image 9:×1365.png ]
[Image 10:×1365.png ]
Even outdoors
[Image 11:×1365.png ]
Stores where you can purchase
・Official shop
・KiLEY official retailer
We are also looking for bicycle dealers who handle KiLEY products.
About KiLEY
[Image 12:×180.jpg] KiLEY is an original cycle accessory brand from Taiwan. The brand name comes from the Japanese word for “beautiful.” We pursue a commitment that will be loved over time. The brand concept is “KiLEY dress up your cycle life.” Bicycles are a part of your lifestyle, and we aim to be a brand for cyclists who want to dress up their beloved bikes. ●Official website: ●Official Twitter:
●Official Instagram:
About GEEK TRADE Co., Ltd.
KiLEY Japan sole agent
As KiLEY’s exclusive agent, we deliver the creator’s passion and commitment. KiLEY started out manufacturing bicycle lights, but in the future we will continue to work with manufacturers to plan and develop products that will satisfy our users, not just lights.
More details about this release: