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Home » J-Plan collaborates with Tokyu Malls Development to hold special classes at the International College of Fashion Professionals to develop business acumen and the ability to develop new business formats

J-Plan collaborates with Tokyu Malls Development to hold special classes at the International College of Fashion Professionals to develop business acumen and the ability to develop new business formats

J-Plan Co., Ltd.
– A stage for learning that opens up the future – J-Pran collaborates with Tokyu Malls Development to hold special classes at the
International College of Fashion Professionals to develop business acumen and the ability to develop new business formats for students. With the theme of leasing Musashikosugi Tokyu Square, students will think about the future of commercial facilities.
J-Plan Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director Ryosuke Yoneda), which handles leasing consulting for station buildings and commercial facilities, has acquired a special business sense and focus on commercial history and initiatives at the International Fashion College. We offer classes to cultivate the ability to develop new business formats. In 2023, with the cooperation of Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/President Momoko Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as Tokyu Malls Development), the theme is “Musashikosugi Tokyu Square,” a community-based commercial facility. We held a special class to consider and research leasing.
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[Image 1:×768.jpg] Special class with Tokyu Malls Development Example
■Main contents
Class content: Understanding the location environment/concept of commercial facilities, planning tenant leasing for specific plots Participating lecturer: Hikaru Ishibashi (J-Plan Co., Ltd.)
Number of participants: International Fashion College, approximately 30 students Target facility: Musashikosugi Tokyu Square (Location: Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Class outline:
1.Market analysis
2. On-site inspection/inspection of competing facilities
3. Interim presentation for each group
4.Station/city analysis/target formulation/estimate
5.Presentation competition for Tokyu Malls Development
Over a period of approximately six months, students will begin with numerical analysis and market research regarding Musashikosugi Tokyu Square, and will examine the need for proposed tenants and future development through on-site visits. The students each drew up a plan, focusing on the real perspective of the number of customers and the average spend per customer, rather than just theoretical theories about what kind of MD the facility was lacking and what types of businesses would be needed in the future. The students then directly gave presentations in a tense atmosphere, with the manager and MD of Tokyu Malls Development Musashikosugi Tokyu Square as guests. Tokyu Malls Development listened carefully to the students’ suggestions and provided feedback on each plan.
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[Image 3:×736.jpg] ■Students’ impressions/comments
“When I looked at SC while thinking about leasing, my perspective changed drastically.”
“It was interesting to see that there were so many things I couldn’t understand just by researching on the internet.”
“It was interesting to multiply the SC’s income and expenditure with the tenant’s income and expenditure.”
“I was really nervous because I had to make a proposal directly to a professional and then receive further feedback.”
■Comment from Tokyu Malls Development
“I was inspired by the perspectives and ideas that come from being a student.” “Interacting with students has stimulated me both as a company and as an individual in many ways.”
■About future classes (comment from instructor/Ishibashi)
Thanks to valuable cooperation with Tokyu Malls Development, this special class was able to provide students with practical experience in the management and leasing of commercial facilities. The students were delighted to receive direct feedback from industry professionals, gain a new perspective on commercial facility leasing, and gain interest in the business of leasing. This leasing class will also enter its 5th anniversary in 2024. In the future, we would like to provide new value by creating points of contact between students and developers who operate commercial facilities, who normally do not have contact with each other. Our mission is to create an exciting world through commercial spaces, and we will continue to grow together with our students through various lectures and classes.
[Image 4:×3303.jpg] -Instructor Profile-
Hikaru Ishibashi (J-Plan Co., Ltd.)
Joined J-Plan Co., Ltd. in 2013 after working as a manager at an apparel company. Responsible for store development and leasing consulting mainly for product sales and apparel companies. He is also a lecturer at seminars and workshops aimed at opening up business from a leasing perspective.
International Fashion College Overview
[Image 5:×115.jpg] The International College of Fashion Professionals opened in April 2019 as Japan’s only new university system for fashion business, following the country’s first university education reform in 55 years. Based on the philosophy of “Going beyond clothes,” we will bring about change in the world through “creation” and “business,” not only by making clothes but also by extending lifestyles, services, culture, and communication. This is a university that nurtures people. Our special feature is that we are able to put “unprecedented learning” into practice, including “overseas training/internship” where all students experience overseas fashion sites, collaboration with the world’s top brands, and training in Japan’s world-famous textile production areas. is. Upon graduation, students will be able to obtain a professional “bachelor’s degree” recognized by the government as a degree with international validity.
Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd. Overview
[Image 6:×1435.jpg] Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd. is a member of the Tokyu Group that operates commercial facilities (shopping centers). We offer stores and services tailored to the various lifestyles of station users and local residents in prime locations, such as those directly connected to or in front of stations, mainly along the Tokyu Line. The main commercial facilities we operate are “Tokyu Square” brands such as
“Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center,” “Tama Plaza Terrace,” “Grandberry Park,” “Kohoku TOKYU S.C.,” and “Musashikosugi Tokyu Square,” as well as Tokyu Line station premises and Etomo, a commercial facility brand developed near stations, etc.
Company information
Company name: J-Plan Co., Ltd.
Address: THE KINDAI 15 SHINJUKU 5F, 1-34-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Representative: Representative Director Ryosuke Yoneda
Corporate website:
Contact information regarding this press release
J-Plan Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Hikaru Ishibashi
Phone: 03-5362-9591
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