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NEXUS Group 2024 Induction Ceremony

NEXUS Group 2024 Induction Ceremony
The venue is Isobe Onsen in Gunma Prefecture, the inn where the fairy tale “Togakiri Suzume” was born.
NEXUS Group (Headquarters: Gunma/Tokyo), which operates amusement, fitness, fencing, and hot bath businesses, held the “2024 NEXUS Group Induction Ceremony” on April 1st.
[Image 1:×2599.jpg] New employees from all over the country gathered together. This year, the venue for Tonakiri Suzume was Hotel Isobe Garden (1-12-5 Isobe, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture). NEXUS uses the same venue for new employee training, and this year marks the third year. (The induction ceremony was held for the first time.) The facility is also very famous as the birthplace of the children’s song “Tongue-kiri Suzume.”
[Image 2:×2599.jpg] Masafumi Hoshino, President and CEO of NEXUS Corporation, said, “Congratulations to all the 20th generation of new graduates today.When you entered the school, the new coronavirus was prevalent, and student life was difficult due to the transition to a new lifestyle. The world has changed a lot.This is the first time I’ve been able to talk like this since the official offer ceremony last year, but during this period as well, the company has opened a new type of fitness gym last year. We started Ash Ampersand and opened our first amusement business (D’Station) in Kumamoto Prefecture.We are promoting digitalization within the company, establishing a new IT solutions department, and focusing on promoting DX. We are committed to ensuring psychological safety and providing an open workplace environment so that you can thrive.My message to you is to live in the moment.What this means is to not miss any opportunities and to do what you can now. “I want you to do it right away. I want you to enjoy your life and I want you to shine. Please continue to take on challenges. If you all shine, the company will shine,” he said, giving a congratulatory message and handing the letter of resignation to the new employee representative. Ta.
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[Image 4:×2599.jpg] This year, the 20th batch of 87 new employees (44 men/43 women): 57 university graduates, 4 junior college graduates, 16 professional graduates, and 10 high school graduates have joined our company. New employee representative (reply) Nanaki Kanai
[Image 5:×2599.jpg] This year marks 20 years since NEXUS began hiring new graduates. To date, “991” new graduates have joined the company, from the first to the 19th generation, and with the 20th generation of new graduates this spring, the number has exceeded 1,000. The driving force behind NEXUS’s growth is also our history of hiring new graduates.
Congratulations to all new employees.
Company Profile Company Name: NEXUS Co., Ltd. Head Office: 212-1 Shimano-cho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture 370-0015 Public Relations: 14th Floor, Shiodome Sumitomo Building, 1-9-2
Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021 Sales: 307.2 billion yen ( (Fiscal year ended June 2023) Employees: 1,851 (Fiscal year ending April 2023) An entertainment company that operates fitness clubs, fencing clubs, food and beverage facilities, hot spring facilities, internet cafes, etc. centered on the pachinko hall business
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