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Home » Wealthy Co., Ltd. Support from cat lovers reaches 1 million yen for the cat hammock “Nyakumo” that allows cats to sleep irresistibly.

Wealthy Co., Ltd. Support from cat lovers reaches 1 million yen for the cat hammock “Nyakumo” that allows cats to sleep irresistibly.

Wealthy Co., Ltd.
Support from cat lovers reaches 1 million yen for cat hammock “Nyakumo,” which helps cats sleep irresistibly.
In search of a cat’s slumbering expression, cat lovers have donated more than 1 million yen to the cat hammock “Nyakumo” developed by Nemuri no Pro (futon store) and cat-loving BEAMS staff. We received the following.
Wealthy Co., Ltd. (Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture), which makes a living by making duvets, has teamed up with cat-loving BEAMS Hiroshima staff to develop a hammock for cats called “Nyakumo”. It uses the same down as human duvets, and as the name suggests, it will give you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.
We are selling it on crowdfunding Makuake, and we have received over 1 million yen in support from cat lovers. Please take a look (as of March 30, 2024).
[Image 1:×2925.jpg] Cat hammock “Nyakumo” – Comfortable enough to make you yawn
Thank you for your support
Thanks to the support of everyone who loves cats, the total amount of purchases of “Nyakumo” has reached 1 million yen.
This is a product that all of our development staff were confident about, but we did not expect it to receive this much support, and we are both surprised and happy. Thank you very much.
We will continue to manufacture and deliver “Nyakumo” with care for cats.
[Image 2:×1047.png ]
Support site
Product Summary
~Feel like sleeping on a cloud~ “Nyakumo” is a cat hammock that allows your cat to relax. This product was developed by Nemuri no Pro (futon store) and the cat-loving BEAMS Hiroshima staff to help your cat sleep better.
[Image 3:×427.png ]
[Image 4:×2925.jpg] I cannot give up my reserved seat.
[Image 5:] I’ll ride first (development staff’s favorite cat)
Development background and characteristics
[Image 6:×388.png ]
We have been developing this product with an image of how cats can relax. The filling of the cushion is the same down that is used in down comforters. We use approximately 360g of feathers, which is about the same amount as a typical summer skin comforter, to create a luxurious piece that provides the cushioning that cats desire.
[Image 7:×480.png ]
The cushions are divided into sections and each room is infused with down. This improves the fit when sitting on the cushion, creating a more encased feeling. Additionally, by creating a gusset in the partition, a layer of air is created throughout the cushion, creating a fluffy sleeping experience.
[Image 8:×480.png ]
This cushion is filled with the same amount of feathers as a human skin comforter, making it warm enough even in winter. In addition, feathers have excellent moisture wicking and absorbing properties, so you can sleep comfortably.
[Image 9:] Fluffy with plenty of down
[Image 10:×360.png ]
[Image 11:×2925.jpg] something is flying
[Image 12:×2925.jpg] Lazy around while looking out the window
[Image 13:×427.png ]
Sleeping together too
[Image 14:×427.png ]
3 colors to choose from
To the purchaser
■Wealthy Co., Ltd. “Wealthy” means “rich” in English. All of our employees work together to provide our customers with a fulfilling time. We hope that through the Nyakumo hammock, your cat can also feel the “rich” time at home. We also hope that your heart will be filled with abundance when you see the cat’s expression. ■BEAMS Hiroshima staff
[Image 15:×853.png ]
BEAMS Hiroshima Yutaka Eguchi
Company Profile
Company name: Wealthy Co., Ltd.
Established: July 1993
Representative Director: Shuji Shishoku
Address (Head Office): 847-2 Kunitomi-cho, Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture Address (Tokyo Sales Office): 6th floor, Shinbashi Ekimae Building No. 1, 2-20-15 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo – Sales HP – https://www.makuake. com/project/nyakumo01/-Company website-
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