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Home » Iridge Co., Ltd. Qoil Co., Ltd. produces a TikTok short drama series to promote Bioderma’s first product in Japan

Iridge Co., Ltd. Qoil Co., Ltd. produces a TikTok short drama series to promote Bioderma’s first product in Japan

[Iridge Co., Ltd.] Qoil Co., Ltd. produces a TikTok short drama series to promote Bioderma’s first product in Japan

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Press release: April 2, 2024
Qoil Co., Ltd. produces a TikTok short drama series to promote Bioderma’s first product in Japan
*Starring Takao Saizuki and Ryotaro Akazawa, the first episode will be released on Friday, April 5th! In an age when we are moving away from advertising, we are developing a story that aims to build goodwill with empathetic content*
Official website ( iRidge Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Oda)
Kentaro, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: 3917, Qoil Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Oda), a consolidated subsidiary of iRidge, which operates a marketing-related communication design business.
Kentaro (hereinafter referred to as “Qoil”) is NAOS
JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Gregory Danks)’s sensitive skin skin care brand “Bioderma” has newly released “Sansibio”.
We are pleased to announce that we have produced the launch promotion for “Micellar Cleansing Oil”.

“Sansibio Micellar
“Cleansing Oil” is a new cleansing oil for sensitive skin that first landed in Japan on March 25, 2024. In this new product launch promotion, we will run the SNS drama “Everyday life that I can’t show to the man I want to charm” for 4 weeks starting April 5, 2024. “Bioderma” and “Sansibio” provide fun and empathy through the drama. We aim to expand awareness of “Micellar Cleansing Oil” and build goodwill.

*Aim of SNS drama development and content design*

As people are increasingly turning away from advertising, there is an issue that it is difficult to get young people in particular to see advertisements that are straightforward. Therefore, instead of traditional banners and promotional videos, we proposed a TikTok short drama promotion that aims to build goodwill and brand penetration based on content that appeals to viewers’ empathy.

In the drama, the main character who doesn’t want to cleanse appears in various situations every time. Based on the insights that everyone really thinks, “Cleansing is a hassle” and “I don’t want to cleanse,” “Bioderma”
We will develop a story that will make you want to try “Micellar Cleansing” and change your mind for tomorrow.

*Summary of the SNS drama “Everyday life that I can’t show to the man I want to charm”*
A story about the main character (Takao Satsuki), a working girl who deftly avoids the boss’s reckless moves. Sato-kun, a junior at the company she is in love with (Akazawa)
He shows off a closeness that Ryotaro-san can’t show. The main story will be released every Friday at 18:00, for a total of 4 episodes. We also plan to release off-cuts from the shoot and cast comments as a bonus video on the following Saturday. The trailer will be released from March 29, 2024, so please take a look.

Official website:

Main character: Takao Satsuki
Sato-kun: Ryotaro Akazawa

*Project members*
■Planning/proceeding: Qoil Co., Ltd.
Producer: Taiichiro Kubota
Planner/Screenplay: Yuri Nobekawa
LP production: Tomonori Kanno / Hiroko Matsui / Takumi Wakamatsu

Director: Koichiro Nishizawa (GOZONJI)
Video production/advertisement: Samuraite Co., Ltd.

*About NAOS JAPAN Co., Ltd.*
Head office location: 2-40-5 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 Date of establishment: September 2017
Representative: Representative Director Gregory Danks
Qoil Co., Ltd.
The Switch Design Company
~A company that designs communication switches to move people~ With the slogan “Love and Humor”, we at Qoil design switches that make people, things, services, etc. “move” as intended by creating a chemical reaction between logic, ideas, and creativity, thereby improving society and businesses. We unravel the bottlenecks and guide you through everything from strategy formulation to planning, execution, and improvement, leading to your business goals. Our strength is in optimal communication that takes advantage of and combines the advantages of both offline and online channels. *Digital Garage Co., Ltd. Marketing Technology Segment
Formerly Business Design Company, in June 2018 the company was established as DG Marketing Design Co., Ltd. due to a company split, and in April 2021, the company name was changed to Qoil Co., Ltd. In March 2023, iRidge became a 100% subsidiary.
iRidge Co., Ltd.
iRidge Co., Ltd.
Tomorrow: Using technology to create a new service that we created, we will create a more convenient life than yesterday. Based on the philosophy of “OMO (Online Management)”, companies utilize smartphone apps.
Merges with
Offline: We support marketing activities that integrate online and offline. OMO Support has an industry-leading track record in app planning and development, and is a leading company in the industry with over 80 million MAU (Monthly Active Users) for the OMO apps it has worked on. Furthermore, we support DX in a wide range of areas such as retail tech, fintech, MaaS, and business support.
From April 2023, we also began offering APPBOX, a next-generation app business platform to quickly respond to the rapid changes of the times. “APPBOX” allows scratch development (development from scratch), addition of functions to apps developed by other companies, and provision of packaged apps.With packaged apps, it is possible to upgrade functions by switching to scratch development without throwing away existing apps. is.
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