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Home » P2C Studio Co., Ltd. Hair care brand “EXGEE” is rebranding to commemorate its 2nd anniversary! New visual released with a chic mood based on black

P2C Studio Co., Ltd. Hair care brand “EXGEE” is rebranding to commemorate its 2nd anniversary! New visual released with a chic mood based on black

P2C Studio Co., Ltd.
Hair care brand “EXGEE” is rebranding to commemorate its 2nd anniversary! New visual released with a chic mood based on black The first new product after the rebranding, “EXGEE Mini Wax Set,” will be released!
P2C Studio Co., Ltd. (UUUM Group company / Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shinji Seno, hereinafter referred to as P2C Studio) is a company that is rapidly gaining popularity among men in their late teens to 20s. The hair care brand “EXGEE” is produced by the five-person video creator “ESPOIR TRIBE” (hereinafter referred to as “ESPOIR TRIBE”) and the quality is supervised by the beauty salon “AKROS” (hereinafter referred to as “AKROS”). To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the brand’s establishment, we will carry out a rebranding, release new visuals, and renew the official online store and SNS.
New brand visual released
We aim to create a brand that appeals to a wider range of generations, with a change from the previous bright and pop impression based on yellow, and a chic mood based on black.
[Image 1:×1073.png ]
First new product launch after rebranding decided
In addition, the first new product after the rebranding, “EXGEE Mini Wax Set*,” will be available at EXGEE official online store
(, household goods specialty store LOFT nationwide (excluding some stores), Sales will start sequentially from April 16, 2024 (Tuesday) at the Loft Net Store ( This is a great value product that comes with a mini wax at the same price as the existing product “EXGEE Soft/Hard Wax”!
*”EXGEE Soft Wax & Mini Hard Wax Set”, “EXGEE Hard Wax & Mini Soft Wax Set”
[Image 2:×1334.jpg] ~This is what EXGEE wax is all about. ~
The product concept is that a wide variety of styling can be achieved by mixing two types of wax, soft wax and hard wax, in a formulation that suits your hair type.
【Product Details】
●EXGEE soft wax & mini hard wax set (left photo)
●EXGEE hard wax & mini soft wax set (photo right)
Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Contents: Regular size 80g + Mini size 30g
A set product that includes a soft wax that creates a natural shine and clumps, and a hard wax that emphasizes ease of use while providing strong setting and holding power. The price remains the same, and in addition to the regular size wax, it comes with a mini size wax that is convenient to carry.
Product Features
1. Refreshing scent of white musk
2. Contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients to add shine and moisture to your hair while waxing
3. Blocks damage to hair caused by UV rays even when outdoors or in seasons where UV rays are a concern.
4. The formula removes wax with just one shampoo, so it won’t leave any sticky residue after washing.
▼Click here for other EXGEE products
Concept of hair care brand “EXGEE”
[Image 3:×1349.png ]
Our brand message is “Live your life the way you want to be.” EXGEE is a hair care brand that supports people to express themselves the way they like.
GEE (onomatopoeia for surprise, giving, etc.)
A brand name created from a variety of positive words,
We will deliver surprises and excitement to everyone.
Let’s go beyond who we are now.
We aim to be a hair care brand that helps you discover your new self with salon-grade quality.
EXGEE Quality Supervision Beauty Salon “AKROS”
[Image 4:×520.png ]
A popular salon that connects you to a “cool future” with AKROS’ unique cutting technology.
Young people from all over the country gather here in search of genuine skills that will help them become who they want to be. We deliver salon quality products to your daily life.
[Image 5:×1487.png ]
“ESPOIR TRIBE” is a five-person multi-group creator that is currently rapidly gaining popularity.
They also moved from the countryside to Tokyo and rose to become a popular group as video creators, while also changing their life stages to become someone else.A brand that supports those who are also changing their life stages. We produce brands with the desire to create.
I will continue to aim for even greater heights both as a video creator and as a brand producer.
Official online store:
P2C Studio Company Profile
Name: P2C Studio Co., Ltd.
Established: June 2021
Representative: Representative Director and President Shinji Seno/Representative Director and Vice President Yuki Daimichi Address: 28th floor, Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shareholder: UUUM Co., Ltd. (100% consolidated subsidiary)
Business details: P2C business, original goods business, licensing business, EC management business
P2C Studio is a professional company that realizes “brand creation and manufacturing centered on people” in the P2C (Person to Consumer, PtoC) field. We create a variety of products such as brands, goods, licenses, and digital content, and strategically develop integrated marketing communications and e-commerce/store sales that maximize creators’ ability to disseminate information.
More details about this release: