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Home » KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Supporting children’s new school term! “Motivation Booster Box” will be on sale for a lim ited time from April 2nd at support purchase service “Makuake”

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Supporting children’s new school term! “Motivation Booster Box” will be on sale for a lim ited time from April 2nd at support purchase service “Makuake”

KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
Supporting children’s new school term! “Motivation Booster Box” will be on sale for a limited time from April 2nd at support purchase service “Makuake”
Packed with items that accelerate motivation, such as the “Shukudai Motivation Pen”
To commemorate the cumulative sales of over 50,000 units of the IoT stationery “Shukudai Motivation Pen”, KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) has released a “Motivation Booster Box” to support elementary school students in the new semester. It will be sold exclusively through the support purchase service “Makuake”. (Period: April 2nd to June 2nd, 2024)
[Image 1:×558.jpg] Since its release in 2019, the “Shukudai Motivation Pen” has focused on “communication between parents and children” during home learning, and has received praise from various quarters as a service that fosters children’s “motivation” by creating a virtuous cycle of “writing and praising.” I received it. After listening to their daily concerns, KOKUYO launched a project to fully support elementary school children and their parents at the entrance to learning. A stationery manufacturer that sells products such as the IoT stationery “Shukudai Motivation Pen” which has sold over 50,000 units, the monitoring IoT Hello Family “Haromoni”, stationery sets carefully selected by KOKUYO employees, tickets to participate in parent-child experience events, etc. A “motivation booster box” packed with unique ideas has been born.
We will continue to provide experiences and services that allow children to feel the joy of learning and that both parents and children can be excited about.
1. Makuake “Motivation Booster Box” Project Overview
Project Executor: KOKUYO Motivation Support Project
Implementation period: April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) to June 2, 2024 (Sunday) “Makuake” project page: Return: Motivation booster box (tax included price 27,000 yen) and others *Special price available for early purchasers only
Motivation Booster Box Contents:
1 IoT stationery “Shukudai Motivation Pen”
2 Monitoring IoT Hello Family “Haromoni”
3 Stationery set carefully selected by KOKUYO employees
4 Participation ticket for the hands-on event “Motivation Festival” (KOKUYO Tokyo Shinagawa Office, scheduled for the end of June) 2. About “Shukudai Motivation Pen”
This product was developed to increase children’s motivation for learning by visualizing their daily efforts. Attach an attachment with a sensor to your pencil and capture the “motivation power” you accumulate in response to your study efforts into a smartphone app and visualize it. It is packed with ways to help children develop learning habits while having fun. Cumulative sales exceeded 50,000 units.
3. About Hello Family “Haromoni”
This monitor is equipped with a microphone and camera so that children can easily send voice messages to their parents’ smartphones. The voice messages sent from this IoT device and the facial expressions at the time can be checked on the smartphone app “Hello Fami App”, allowing family members to easily enjoy and share each other’s “now” moments. You can praise your child for the homework they did well while you were away, even if you weren’t there.
4. W nomination in “Stationery General Election 2024”!
At the stationery award event “Stationery General Election 2024” sponsored by GetNavi, a magazine and web media, Shukudai Motivation Pen was awarded in the “Petit long-selling stationery category that accelerates children’s studies”, and Haromoni was awarded in the category “Petit long-selling stationery that accelerates children’s studies”. Nominated for “Stationery that creates the environment”.
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*The information contained herein is current as of the date of announcement. Subject to change without notice. Please note. [Contact information] KOKUYO Customer Service Center
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