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Home » “FURIURI Industrial Park Market” will be held on April 13th (Saturday), an event where you can enjoy gourmet f ood and miscellaneous goods from Kurume and Chikugo. “Sakura Miso Spring Brewery Opening” and “Mr. George Hamburge r Factory Direct Sales”

“FURIURI Industrial Park Market” will be held on April 13th (Saturday), an event where you can enjoy gourmet f ood and miscellaneous goods from Kurume and Chikugo. “Sakura Miso Spring Brewery Opening” and “Mr. George Hamburge r Factory Direct Sales”

Morisaki Co., Ltd.
“FURIURI Industrial Park Market” will be held on April 13th (Saturday), an event where you can enjoy gourmet food and
miscellaneous goods from Kurume and Chikugo. “Sakura Miso Spring Brewery Opening” and “Mr. George Hamburger Factory Direct Sales” will also be held on the same day!!
Eight fun manufacturing experiences and workshops to choose from. In addition, we will be holding an event full of gourmet food and sweets with a kitchen car stall!!
Morisaki Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative: Junichi Morisaki) will be holding the “FURIURI Industrial Park Market” on Saturday, April 13th. This is the third time this event has been held, and this year’s event is the annual event of Sakura Miso Foods Co., Ltd., a long-established store founded in 1920, “111th Anniversary Spring Opening”, and the event of Mr. George, a hamburger chain that was founded in 1982 and continues to be loved by Kurume citizens, “Mr. .george Hamburger Factory Direct Sales Event will also be held on the same day, creating an unprecedented crowd.
On Saturday, April 13th, we will be holding a market called “FURIURI Industrial Park Market in Kurume” at the Morisaki Co., Ltd. building where you can enjoy Kurume’s delicious food and miscellaneous goods. Over 1000 customers visit us every year.
This year, there will be 8 booths that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, including a medical course for children (Kurume University School of Medicine), hands-on manufacturing experiences, and workshops such as the use of scrap materials and letterpress printing. In addition, there will be 16 booths from 14 stores, the most ever, in the food and beverage area, including kitchen cars. Furthermore, this year, Sakura Miso Foods and Mr. George, both within a 10-minute walk from our company, will also be holding events on the same day.
[Image 1:×1005.jpg] “FURIURI Industrial Park Market” Event Overview
Date and time: April 13th (Saturday) 11:00-16:00 [Free admission, rain or shine] Location: Morisaki Co., Ltd. building (1597-5 Umemancho, Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture) *5 minutes by taxi from JR Kurume Station* 15 minutes walk from Nishitetsu Tsufuku Station *Parking available 3 minutes walk from the venue TEL: 0942-32-5741 ◆Store information◆[WORKSHOP]・Hidaka Printing (letterpress
experience)・Iwasaki Paperware (paper miscellaneous goods)・Incense Japanese printing (paper accessory case) / VC Kogyo (tote bag printing)
・Kyushu Cardboard (sales of cardboard play equipment and cardboard material products)
・Miyata Orimono (Kurume Kasuri Hagire tin badge)
・Mori Saki (Mold-cut accessories/Mold-cut tulips) [FOODS] ・Yanagiya (eel, offal, charcoal-grilled chicken, sushi rolls) ・Gyoza no Magokoro Honpo (fried dumplings) ・Karankoran no Kitchen (lunch box) ・Metallic Forest Ribbon ( Boar meat mini bowl, organic cider), food and agriculture acrobatic group (Taiwanese style chicken karaage, etc.), lucky musubi (rice balls), haru (sandwiches and donuts)
・Morley’s Cafe (sausages, etc.) [SWEETS&DRINK] ・and RU- (muffins, etc.) ・Gotzel (pretzel)
・Pan de Cuisson (bread) ・Tiny Angel (coffee, smoothies) ・Kaji Coffee (iced coffee) ・Touhan (beer/wine)
・Taniguchi Farm Saga Yamato (vegetables)
[PRODUCTS]・Eel bed (Kurume kasuri monpe)・Tokimasa Tsutsui toy fireworks factory (toy fireworks)・Iwasaki shiki (paper miscellaneous goods)・FlowerBird (fresh swag)・GG Plants Institute (botorium) ・Mamechoco (accessories/miscellaneous goods) ・Norinori Life (bonfire stand) ・Capella (baby’s foot shape/turban) ・World Gloves (socks, etc.) ・Holistic New Zealand (Manuka honey, etc.) ・Miyata Textile (Kurume Kasuri Hanten and socks) etc)
[Image 2:×1280.jpg]
[Image 3:×1280.jpg]
[Image 4:×1280.jpg] *If there are any changes to the published information, we will notify you on our official Instagram and our Facebook page.
《Instagram》《facebook》 *Depending on the situation, such as installing disinfectant in the venue, disinfecting common areas, ventilation, etc. We will take measures to prevent the spread of infection accordingly. *This is an event that involves alcohol, so if you will be drinking, please use public transportation.
“111th Anniversary of Founding Spring Opening” Event Overview Date and time: April 13th (Saturday) 10:00-14:00 [Free admission, rain or shine] Location: Sakura Miso Foods Co., Ltd. (1638-4 Takami, Umeman-cho, Kurume City) TEL: 0942-35-3818
Event details: %81%ae%e3%81%8a%e7%9f%a5%e3%82%89%e3%81%9b/
“To express our gratitude to all of you, we will be holding a special sale event.
On the day of the event, we will be selling at great prices not only the popular “Kuradashi Awase Miso” and “Super Special Rice Koji Miso,” but also other miso products, amazake made only with koji, salt koji, and other koji products.
We are also planning a talk show with special guest Akira Okazawa. We will also be holding a spot sale event with our partner companies, so please come and see us.”
[Official website]
“ Hamburger Factory Direct Sales” Event Overview
Date and time: April 13th (Sat) 11:00~ (until sold out)
Location: 1617-1 Umemancho, Kurume City, Fukuoka PrefectureTEL: 0942-64-8691 Comment: “We made Mr. George’s frozen hamburgers that can be eaten with chopsticks at our factory.
Please enjoy it at home! “
[Official website]
All exhibition fixtures are made using FURIURI.
[Image 5:×1280.jpg] “FURIURI” is an “assembled fixture sales service” proposed by Morisaki Co., Ltd., which mainly manufactures cutting dies used in various industries such as packaging and automobiles. A furniture brand that aims to support the various sales styles of modern customers, taking its cue from the “furi-uri,” a form of peddling that was popular during the Edo period and peddled goods by attaching baskets to the front and back and swinging a balance rod. is. By making full use of our in-house equipment and design technology, we offer a lineup of fixtures and fittings tailored to our customers’ uses and purposes. Other major features include a compact stock base, reduced shipping costs, and reduced setup time due to the assembly type. 《FURIURI Instagram》《FURIURI Electronic Catalog》 About Morisaki Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×1108.jpg] For us, Cutting is the starting station from which all things are sent. In other words, each moment we make a break opens a story that connects to our customers. As the starting point of that story, we will carve out a future with a commitment to cutting and consideration for our customers. By continuing to connect with our customers, we connect them with the market, connect customers with each other, and connect them to the future. We started out as a cutting die
manufacturer in 1971, and since our founding, we have been providing comfortable and reliable cutting dies to a variety of industries, and have been well received. We will continue to create demand as a pioneer in the industry, keeping in mind the infinity of cutting dies, without forgetting the technology and commitment we have cultivated over many years, and consideration for the customers who use our cutting dies. [Morisaki Official Website] [What a Box! Online Store] [What a Board! Online Store]
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