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Kou Shibasaki appointed as ambassador for new facial device “VI-OLA”

Kou Shibasaki appointed as ambassador for new facial device “VI-OLA”
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Press release: April 2, 2024
Kou Shibasaki appointed as ambassador for new facial device “VI-OLA” *Equipped with new function “4-stage wide inverter RF”*

Han Brothers Co., Ltd. (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo) announced a new facial beauty device “VI-OLA” featuring actor Kou Shibasaki.
The company is currently rolling out the product in stores, mainly in salons, and hopes that beauty salons and beauty salons will use the professional facial beauty device at home under the catchphrase “Bloom, beauty.” .

・* Background of the birth of the new facial device “VI-OLA” * VI-OLA is not a facial beauty device that aims to make your skin beautiful by simply treating the skin surface and facial muscles. We aim to provide fundamental anti-aging care by focusing on the care of skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat, bones, and ligaments.
After 3 years of research, we have achieved a slim and compact design that resembles a smartphone, even though it includes the four features that tend to make facial beauty devices bulky: 3MHz RF, inverter function, COOL function, and battery. A mobile battery is also included.

・* Product features *
・Equipped with new function “4-stage wide inverter RF”
Since 3MHz RF can get too hot, a 4-stage wide inverter function is installed to adjust the temperature and safely provide 3MHz radio waves while maintaining an effective temperature range.
*A function that maintains an appropriate temperature by controlling and controlling the motor.
・Manage temperature range
In line with the body’s mechanism that “collagen production is promoted in the temperature range of 38℃ to 45℃”, it is now possible to maintain this temperature range with the inverter function. ・3 minutes COOL function every day
In addition to EMS mode and RF mode, it also has COOL mode. In addition to how to use it for tightening and soothing after treatment, we also recommend using it as a daily 3-minute facial beauty device, such as “3 minutes at night, COOL mode at night” and “3 minutes in the morning COOL mode.”
・Ligament* (ligament) care
A ligament-specific element “ligament pointer” is placed on the outside of the top of the main body. This is a new function that allows you to use the ligament perpendicularly to your skin to press pressure points.

*A fibrous bundle of adhesive tissue that acts as a support to connect skin, muscle, fat, bone, etc.
* ·Product Summary*
Product name: VI-OLA
Sales price: 139,700 yen (tax included)
Color: pink gold
Body size: W50mm x L150mm x H25mm
Body mass: 194g
* ・Other product information*
Accessories Massage gel “Miracle Serum Moisture” 100g
Contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients, including three types of ceramides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and proteoglycans, and has a smooth texture that blends easily into the skin. It firmly supports the skin’s natural strengths, such as its barrier function, moisture retention ability, and collagen protection ability.

* ・Comment from Kou Shibasaki *
Dull skin, sagging skin, enlarged pores… A change that I never thought I would have noticed at that age.
It’s proof that I live my life to the fullest! Although I feel inspired, if my skin doesn’t look fresh when I wake up in the morning, I start the day feeling a little disappointed.
I would be happy if I could solve the skin problems that come with age, but I tend to put it off due to the busyness of everyday life. That’s why items that allow you to quickly reset and recover in your free time, such as right after you wake up in the morning, while you’re on the move, or after a hard night, can be a great source of emotional support and help lift your mood.

* Q.――* * What do you pay attention to when it comes to beauty on a daily basis? *

– I’m trying to get a little better as much as I can and keep going.

* Q.―― * * What do you like about VI-OLA? *

-In addition to functionality, design, ease of use, and portability are important factors for daily use. It is an important companion when traveling these days, such as hot spring trips and commuting for work. The cool mode can be used alone without the need for gel, and I feel it’s great when you want to cool down and tighten your skin.

* Q.――* * How did you use VI-OLA (use mode, etc.) and what kind of experience did you have? *

-I’m glad that the EMS&RF mode allows you to get results in a short time. It uses vibrations to target muscles and facial muscles, and at the perfect temperature range for collagen production, it improves firmness and makes your skin glow, so it’s very useful as an anti-aging treatment and before makeup.

* ・Introduction of Han Brothers Co., Ltd. *
With the vision of “bringing out beauty from within,” Han Brothers Co., Ltd. thoroughly develops products based on evidence and delivers products that truly delight our customers.
We mainly sell wholesale to beauty salons, clinics, and beauty salons, which are beauty experts, so there are high hurdles to overcome, but we are developing products with the aim of creating products that professionals will love and use. We are working on it.
Address: 3-30-1 Minamisenju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Plamine TEL: 03-6806-5368 CLiONE series
Plamine skincare series
Plamine corecare series
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Development brand “Plamine”:
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