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Wako Co., Ltd. Ginza/Wako Launched paid portrait photography service “Picture Yourself”

Wako Co., Ltd.
[Ginza/Wako] Paid portrait photography service “Picture Yourself” launched In the heart of Ginza, where the past and future intersect, enjoy a unique moment.
Wako, located at the intersection of Ginza 4-chome, has continued to mark the passage of time as a landmark of Ginza. “Since our founding, we have provided only “really good products” that have been carefully selected with a strict aesthetic eye, and have created a story with our customers. We are pleased to announce the launch of a special fee-based portrait service called “Picture Yourself” that will be taken by a professional photographer at Seiko House (formerly Wako Main Building).
The Seiko House clock tower was designated as a “Heritage of Industrial Modernization” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2009, as a building that greatly contributed to Japan’s industrial modernization. Why not take a special photo with your loved one at this historic place that continues to watch over the city of Ginza?
[Image 1:×972.jpg] Shooting situation
You can choose from special locations that can only be photographed here.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] -clock tower-
There is a clock tower on the roof that you cannot normally enter. This is a great opportunity to see the clock tower up close that you have been looking up at from the city.

[Image 3:×2559.jpg] -In front of the large window-
The large window in the Wako main store is characterized by an elegant arabesque pattern that lets in light.

[Image 4:×2583.jpg] -Guest Lounge-
A photo spot where you can feel the classic atmosphere of the room that was left when it was completed. This is a special space that is not normally open to the public.
Rate plan
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] -STANDARD PLAN-
A packaged plan that includes shooting locations, number of items to be delivered, etc. The photographer is a photographer belonging to amana.
Starting from 550,000 yen including tax.
What is amana?
Amana Co., Ltd. creatively realizes communication transformation. Our mission is to create communication that “communicates the feelings we want to convey and encourages action” by identifying and visualizing the essential values ​​and issues of companies and society.

A completely original plan shot by an art photographer who captures the beauty of the world.
First, we will listen to your needs and propose a plan that best suits your needs.
Prices are estimated each time.
Photographer Sakiko Nomura
Born in 1967 in Shimonoseki, Prefecture. Graduated from the Department of Photography, Faculty of Art, Kyushu Sangyo University in 1990.
Studied under Nobuyoshi Araki in 1991. Since 1993, he has held many domestic and international photo exhibitions and photo books. Major photo books include “Naked Time (Heibonsha)” and “Kokuyami (Akio Nagasawa Publishing)”
“Ango/sakiko (bookshop M Co., Ltd.)” “About love (ASAMI OKADA PUBLISHING)” “Spring Fate (Akio Nagasawa Publishing)” “Sea 1967 2022 Shimonoseki Tokyo (Little More)” “majestic (BCC)”
Examples include “Moonlit Night (Libro Arte)”. February 2025 Fundacion MAPFRE (Madrid) exhibition.
Shooting image
[Image 6:×2600.jpg]
[Image 7:×2600.jpg]
[Image 8:×2700.jpg] Please see below for service details.
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