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Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store-Spring Gochi Para Festival-

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Press release: April 2, 2024
Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store-Spring Gochi Para Festival-
*[New project] Full of charm! “Matsuzakaya” Spring Feast Paradise *

This time, Matsuzakaya Nagoya store has Feast Paradise (food floor) on the 1st basement floor and 2nd basement floor of the main building. We will be holding the “Spring Gochipara Festival” at
During this period, popular bakeries will open their stalls for a limited time during “Bread Week,” and every day from 5 p.m.
“Gojisou Paradise” sells freshly made and bargain items, 4 categories Announcing last year’s top 3 best-selling products in the categories of -Gifts–Cakes–Japanese sweets–Lunch boxes-
The spring food floor will be decorated with lots of new projects such as “Gochipara Ranking 2023”.
HP: [New project] “Bread Week”
Week 1: April 3rd (Wednesday) to April 9th ​​(Tuesday) Six popular bakeries will open for a limited time
1. Dera! Mix 1 piece 842 yen including tax
2.Dera!1 strawberry 842 yen including tax
3. Dera! Kiwi 1 piece 734 yen including tax
■April 3rd (Wednesday) ~ 9th (Tuesday)
■Weekly spot on the 1st basement floor of the main building
-Tail Tail-
Saryu 1 piece 350 yen including tax
■April 3rd (Wednesday) ~ 5th (Friday)
■Main Building B1F Week
Lee spot
-Corner pocket-
Cream raisin with walnuts
1 piece 1,180 yen including tax
■April 6th (Sat) ~ 9th (Tue)
■Weekly spot on the 1st basement floor of the main building
Premium “fresh” cream bread
1 piece 398 yen including tax
■April 3rd (Wednesday) ~ 30th (Tuesday)
■Special venue next to Sentaro on the 1st basement floor of the main building Daily bread available from 3pm every day
British bread 1 loaf 405 yen including tax
■On sale from 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3rd/Main Building B1F Gochipara Square
[Limited to 60 loaves/Limited to 1 loaf per person]
*Includes bag fee *Not sliced.
Pandomi 2 loaves 1 bottle 610 yen including tax
■Available from 3:00pm on Tuesday, April 9th/Gochipara Plaza, B1F, Main Building [Limited to 100 pieces/Limited to 1 piece per person]
*Includes bag cost *Not cut.
★2nd week: April 10th (Wednesday) to 16th (Tuesday) Western
confectionery stores and bakeries sell limited-time products Babka is a bread that originated in Eastern Europe.
Baked moist with a chocolate spread with a slight cinnamon and orange scent. The chocolate chips bring out the rich flavor, making it a flavor that can also be enjoyed as a sweet.
Chocolate babka 1 piece 1,458 yen including tax
■April 10th (Wednesday) → 16th (Tuesday)/Main Building B1F
*Uses 0.6% orange peel. Because it contains honey, please do not give it to infants under 1 year old.
*Ends as soon as supplies run out each day
A 12-layer croissant coated with flavorful aged salt and mellow black truffle. A dish with a rich truffle aroma.
Truffle croissant 1 piece 350 yen including tax
■April 10th (Wednesday) → 16th (Tuesday)/Main Building B1F
*Limited to 10 pieces each day
Setoda lemon kouign aman 1 piece 280 yen including tax
■April 10th (Wednesday) → 16th (Tuesday) / Main Building B2F -Donk-
Naruto Kintoki Bread
1 bottle 756 yen including tax / Half 378 yen including tax
■April 10th (Wednesday) → 16th (Tuesday) / Main Building B2F During the same period, local breads from all over the country will also be on sale for a limited time!
[Resurrection] “Gojisou Paradise”
During the period, we will be selling freshly made and bargain items every day from 5pm.
*A total of 22 stores, including side dishes and sweets, are participating in the project! *Please check the website for details. You can enjoy advantageous services only available during this period. -PAOPAO-
Mantou (mantou) 3 pieces 324 yen including tax
■Main building basement 1st floor
Plenty of pork cutlet bento 1 serving 1,000 yen including tax ■Main building basement 1st floor
*We will provide freshly prepared products at 5pm.
[New project] “Gochipara Ranking 2023”
Some of you may be interested in what sells best in department store basements. This time, as a general accounting, we will announce the top 3 best-selling products in the last year – Feast Paradise – by category ranking. *Top 2 and 3 will be announced on the website
*Aggregation and ranking of sales numbers in each category for the period from January 2, 2023 to December 31, 2023.
This gateau rusk is made using high-quality butter and other ingredients, and is made from French bread with a fragrant aroma that is said to let you enjoy the taste of wheat. Enjoy the crispy texture and rich buttery aroma.
■Gift department
[1st place] – Gateau Festa Harada –
Goute des Rois
Cosmetic can, 2 pieces x 26 bags (52 pieces)
2,700 yen including tax
*Investigating gifts between 2,000 yen and 5,000 yen
Six layers of fruit and mixed cream are layered on thinly baked crepe dough. ■Cake section
[1st place] -Herbs-
Mille crepe 1 cut 980 yen including tax
Each piece is baked by a craftsman, and you can enjoy the
deliciousness of freshly made dishes. The flavorful red bean paste and white bean paste are made with carefully selected red beans and tebou beans based on our own standards, and go perfectly with the light dough that does not contain milk or eggs.
■Japanese confectionery department
[1st place]-Gozakou-Gozakou 1 piece 110 yen including tax
A bento box containing Kakinasu’s popular side dishes such as large shrimp mayonnaise, carlicks, and roast beef, as well as seasonal flavors such as bamboo shoots. Please take this opportunity to enjoy this gorgeous bento, perfect for cherry blossom viewing. *Contents vary depending on the season. *The photo is of the spring all-star lunch box.
■Lunch box department
[1st place] – Kakiyasu Dining – All Star Bento 1 person 1,458 yen including tax *About details about this release*

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