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Home » Masanobu Tomome, representative of SUNDRED, is appointed as director of the Yokohama City University Co-Creation Innovation Center.

Masanobu Tomome, representative of SUNDRED, is appointed as director of the Yokohama City University Co-Creation Innovation Center.

Masanobu Tomome, representative of SUNDRED, is appointed as director of the Yokohama City University Co-Creation Innovation Center. Aiming to sustainably create innovative innovation through co-creation between industry, academia, and the public and private sectors. ……
SUNDRED Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, CEO and GM: Masanobu Tomome, hereinafter referred to as SUNDRED), a “new industry ecosystem builder” aiming to co-create 100 new industries, is founded by CEO Tomome. Masanobu is the director of the Co-Creation Innovation Center, which was newly established on April 1, 2024 at Yokohama City University, a public university corporation (Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama City, Chairman: Shinichi Konno, President: Yoshihiro Ishikawa, hereinafter referred to as Yokohama City University). / I would like to inform you that I have been appointed as a special contract professor.
[Image 1:×1596.jpg] Yokohama City University has been established since April 2020 as a new industry-academia-government collaboration and open innovation promotion organization that will play a central role in further developing industry-academia collaborative research, promoting social implementation, and securing external funding. We have established a new co-creation innovation center.
Masanobu Tomome, the representative of SUNDRED, will be appointed as the first director of the center. The functions of the Co-Creation Innovation Center will be utilized by leveraging the track record, know-how, and network gained through managing global companies and startups, co-creating new industries, developing and operating living labs and other innovation venues, and discovering and nurturing interpreneurs. We will promote the establishment and realization of results. Aggregating the issues, expectations, and values ​​of diverse social units, forming a society-based agenda, and connecting Yokohama City University’s innovative technology, research, knowledge accumulation, and human resources with domestic and international external resources. We will build an ecosystem that co-creates new industries in the fields of medical healthcare/well-being, etc. ■About Yokohama City University, a public university corporation Yokohama City University has five faculties: the Faculty of
International Liberal Arts, the Faculty of International Commerce, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Data Science and the Faculty of Medicine, the Graduate School of Urban Society and Culture, the Graduate School of International Management, the Graduate School of Bio-Nanosystems Science, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and the Graduate School of Data Science Research. It is a
comprehensive university with six graduate schools, including the Graduate School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medicine, spread over four campuses and satellite campuses in Yokohama, and two affiliated hospitals. Befitting Yokohama, the land of the opening of the country and ports, our mission is to develop human resources with rich education and advanced expertise who can play an active role in the world, and to become a base for education, research, and medical care in the international city of Yokohama, and contribute to the development of society. We aim to be a university that contributes to the future and is a source of pride for our citizens.
Yokohama City University HP
■ Masanobu Tomome Biography
Graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics in 1994. Joined Tomen (currently Toyota Tsusho) and engaged in overseas sales of power generation plants. In 2000, moved to Monitor Company (currently Monitor Deloitte) and was involved in various projects as a strategic consultant. In 2002, he moved to Dell and led marketing for all segments, contributing to Dell’s rapid growth in the Japanese market. Joined Lenovo Japan in 2006, and was responsible for the turn of the PC business inherited from IBM, including separation from IBM, optimization of product roadmap and cost structure, restructuring of the dealer network, and entry into the consumer market under the Lenovo brand. around and lead Lenovo Japan’s business launch in Japan at the forefront. After that, he was in charge of global M&A and integration at Lenovo Global HQ in North Carolina, USA. Acquired and integrated NEC’s PC business, Motorola’s mobile device business, and IBM’s server/storage business. 2014: Appointed President and Representative Director of Lenovo Japan, Lenovo Enterprise Solutions, and NEC Personal Computers, and Vice President of Lenovo Group. Promoted turnaround of NEC brand PC business and server/storage business inherited from IBM. New businesses such as tablets and AR/VR were also actively expanded. 2018: Appointed senior vice president and chief strategy officer of Shiseido. Through the management of large companies and the launch of new businesses and startups, we strongly recognize the need for a system to co-create an overall picture of solutions that go beyond individual companies and realize social-based objectives, and from July 2019, SUNDRED Launched the “New Industry Co-Creation Studio” aiming to co-create 100 new industries. On April 1, 2024, he became the director of the Yokohama City University Co-Creation Innovation Center.
■SUNDRED’s Industry-Up as a Service (ecosystem building service) SUNDRED is a “new industry ecosystem builder” that aims to co-create 100 new industries. Based on the “new industry co-creation process” developed through academic research and project implementation, SUNDRED aims to create new industries that realize social-based objectives. We are working on industrial co-creation. Its most distinctive feature lies in its concept of creating new business and investment opportunities through the co-creation of new industries, rather than the development of new businesses by individual companies. Co-create social-based objectives through dialogue with diverse members of society, form an agenda that summarizes the narrative, scope, and elements of a new industry, incorporate it into an ecosystem hypothesis, and develop its core business (trigger business). By creating and accelerating growth, we will continue to build an ecosystem.
Future Board, a solution that accelerates the co-creation of objectives and agendas, and the New Industry Co-Creation Studio, which promotes the co-creation of new industry ecosystems, leads the co-creation of objectives and ecosystems beyond organizational boundaries. Creating new industries and building an ecosystem required for a new paradigm by discovering, nurturing, and networking “interpreneurs” and developing and operating “places for dialogue and co-creation” such as living labs where diverse interpreneurs gather. -Accelerating social implementation.
Industry-Up as a Service
■About “interpreneurs” who will lead society in the future
SUNDRED is working to develop “interpreneurs” as human resources who will lead value creation in a new era. An interpreneur is someone who transcends organizational boundaries and thinks from a social perspective, co-creates goals through open and flat dialogue, gathers resources with colleagues to advance projects, and contributes to the organization by motivating the organization to which he or she belongs. , refers to “members of society” who strive to achieve their goals. We believe that the co-creation of new industries will be accelerated if the “interpreneurs” present and latent in all sectors understand the mechanism of value creation in a new era, think about their own way of life, and take action. I am.
SUNDRED’s Interpreneur Community brings together over 2,300
interpreneurs from various sectors, including large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, government civil servants, local government employees, university researchers, medical
professionals, educators, professionals, and students. We are participating in ongoing dialogues on new industry themes and the future that should be realized. In FY2021, we will promote the “FY2021 New Industry Co-Creation Ecosystem Construction Project Centered on Cross-Border Human Resources” in collaboration with the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and foster “interpreneurs (cross-border human resources)”. We have implemented policy recommendations regarding. In the future, SUNDRED will continue to accelerate the discovery, training, and networking of “interpreneurs” and create an environment where interpreneurs can play an active role, thereby promoting value creation in a new era.
■Company introduction
[Image 2:×190.jpg] Company name: SUNDRED Co., Ltd.
Established: Established in March 2017
Representative: Masanobu Tomome (Representative Director, CEO and GM) Head Office: Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Office: 11th floor, Aoyama Palacio Tower, 3-6-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business details: “New industry ecosystem builder” aiming to co-create 100 new industries. We will operate the “New Industry Co-Creation Studio” and will co-create new industries by concentrating resources in growth areas based on ecosystem design.
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