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Home » Ajinomoto Frozen Foods “Frozen Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge”, which we were in charge of producing, won the Gr and Prix at ADFEST 2024. We have also decided to distribute the “ADFEST 2024 Observation Report” which talks about t he trends and future of ad

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods “Frozen Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge”, which we were in charge of producing, won the Gr and Prix at ADFEST 2024. We have also decided to distribute the “ADFEST 2024 Observation Report” which talks about t he trends and future of ad

Pyramid Film Co., Ltd. Quadra
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods “Frozen Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge”, which we were in charge of producing, won the Grand Prix at ADFEST 2024. We have also decided to distribute the “ADFEST 2024 Observation Report” which talks about the trends and future of advertising creative! Won three trophies: GRANDE, GOLD, and BRONZE in the PR category of ADFEST 2024, Asia’s largest advertising festival.
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ajinomoto Frozen Foods) and Honda Office Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Honda Office), in which Pyramid Film Quadra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Tetsuya Shinohara, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo)
participates, “Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge” won the grand prize “GRANDE” as well as a total of three trophies: “GOLD” and “BRONZE” in the PR Lotus PR category at ADFEST 2024. Pyramid Film Quadra was responsible for planning and producing a project site that conveyed the sincere verification of frying pans by Ajinomoto Frozen Foods. In addition, the ADEFST 2024 on-site visit and the “ADFEST 2024 Visit Report” by Pyramid Film Quadra employees who spoke at the award ceremony will be distributed online from 18:00 on Thursday, April 4th.
[Image 1:×2548.jpg] Award-winning works and work overview
Project name: Frozen Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge (English name: Frying Pan Challenge)
The “Frozen Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge” is a project that aims to permanently improve “Gyoza” that was born in May 2023 from a single SNS post about Ajinomoto Frozen Foods “Gyoza” sticking to a frying pan. In response to the call for “please send us your frying pans that are stuck to the surface for testing”, we will test the frying pans sent from all over the country to deliver the excitement of baking “gyoza” with wings without failure to as many people as possible. We aimed for As a result of our efforts, we announced the renewal of “Gyoza” on January 9, 2024 (Tuesday), and started selling it in stores from February 11, 2024 (Sunday).
At Pyramid Film Quadra, we are thinking about how we can use the 3,520 frying pans we have collected to give back to our customers, converting them into data using 3D scanning, and planning a project site that will allow people to enjoy the data while conveying the idea of ​​Ajinomoto Frozen Foods.・I was in charge of the production. (Project site:
[Image 2:×2765.jpg] Case film (Japanese subtitled version)
[Video 2: ]
Staff list (Pyramid Film Quadra staff are in bold)
Executive Creative Director + PR Strategist: Tetsuya Honda (Honda Office) Creative Director: Noriyuki Takamiya (I&CO Tokyo)
Photography: Yasuyuki Kanazawa (Oni)
Creative Director (Site/3D Scan): Tatsuya Abe (Pyramid Film Quadra) Producer (site/3D scan): Reiko Shitomi (Pyramid Film Quadra) Chief Project Manager (Site/3D Scan): Ryuki Shimizu (Pyramid Film Quadra) Project Manager (Site/3D Scan): Emiko Nakamura (Pyramid Film Quadra) Art director + designer: Asuka Matsuoka (.ma)
Technical Director: Mitsuru Watanabe (i2f)
Front engineer: Hikaru Ando (i2f)
Account Executive: Yuya Hirai (Honda Office)
Public Relations: Ayako Koganemaru (I&CO Tokyo)
Media promotion: Mizuki Kanno, Kazumi Kurose, Hisano Hayasaka, Shunta Tada (Material)
Assistant: Mutsumi Kobuumi (Honda Office)
ADFEST, also known as the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival, is one of the leading advertising awards in the Asia-Pacific region, established in 1998. This year, 1,587 works were submitted in 21 categories, and 63 judges from 23 cities divided into seven groups to judge the entries.
(Official website:
Award comment
Pyramid Film Quadra Producer Reiko Shitomi
This project is the result of the rich communication with customers that everyone at Ajinomoto Frozen Foods has cultivated, as well as a thorough commitment to permanently improving products. We have created a project site packed with gimmicks and information based on our desire to improve our products and deliver them to our customers. Also, through this project, I was able to realize how much “Gyoza” is loved. We will continue to work hard to become a bridge between everyone at Ajinomoto Frozen Foods and customers who love gyoza.
Pyramid Film Quadra Creative Director Tatsuya Abe
We wanted to give back to everyone who sent us 3,520 frying pans in a way that exceeded expectations. We have developed a project site where you can search and check the 3D model and data of each scanned frying pan, and publish it as information that will lead to new discoveries. We conveyed the seriousness and continuity of the project. As a result of serious research by everyone at Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, I believe that we were able to give back to our customers in the best possible way by releasing new and improved products in an astonishing 9 months from the initial tweet. .
The project will continue, so I hope to continue to develop and give back. Award results
PR Department (PR Lotus): GRANDE, GOLD, BRONZE
PR Lotus is a category that recognizes strategies and creative execution that develop, maintain and enhance a brand’s reputation and business. Amplify your brand’s message, products, and services in a compelling way that focuses on how strategy, insight, and creative ideas have positively impacted brand perception, whether in business, society, or culture. , evaluate online and offline multichannel experiences. There are 18 subcategories within the PR category (PR Lotus), and out of a total of 77 entries, 1 GRANDE, 4 GOLD, 4 SILVER, and 7 BRONZE were awarded.
The “Frozen Gyoza Frying Pan Challenge” received three awards: Grande, the highest award in the BRAND VOICE & STRATEGIC STORYTELLING category, GOLD in the REAL-TIME RESPONSE category, and BRONZE in the USE OF SOCIAL category.
Prior to this award, this initiative also received two GOLD awards in the Brand Experience & Activation and Social & Influence categories at Spikes Asia 2024.
Information on “ADFEST 2024 Inspection Report”
Two people from Pyramid Film Quadra, producer Reiko Morotomi and creative director Tatsuya Abe, traveled to ADFEST 2024 to visit the site. I also took part in the award ceremony.
Therefore, we will be distributing the “ADFEST 2024 Visit Report” online, in which the two people who spoke at the award ceremony will share with you what they learned during the on-site visit and the award ceremony.
From the latest creative trends in the Asia-Pacific region, we plan to write a report that focuses on the future of the advertising creative industry and what Japanese creators should keep in mind to achieve this. I hope that together we can find lessons that can be put to use in our work.
We look forward to your participation!
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Thursday, April 4th 18:00-19:30
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18:00-19:00 Inspection report
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