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AMI Co., Ltd. AMI releases remote medical support system “Cloud Super Diagnosis(R)︎”

AMI Co., Ltd.
AMI releases remote medical support system “Cloud Super Diagnosis(R)︎” ……
AMI Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Head Office: Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Representative Director and CEO: Shinpei Ogawa, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has terminated the “Remote Auscultation Interpretation Service Beta Version” and has announced the launch of the remote medical support system “Cloud Super.” It was released on April 1, 2024 as
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Service details URL:
This site is for medical professionals only.
Since the beta version was released in September 2023, we have received many positive comments and opinions from users and have improved the functions and services. The beta version will end at the end of March 2024, and the official launch will be in April 2024. After the official launch, the service name will be “Cloud Super Examination (R)︎,” and we hope that “Cloud Super Examination (R)︎” will continue to help support cardiovascular medical care.
This project is being developed with support from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development agency.
Our company is working on the early detection of heart disease, which is a global social issue in the medical field, through “auscultation DX.”
The auscultation DX that we aim for is not only to digitize
auscultation, but also to solve problems in the field by utilizing it in medical settings, clinical research, medical education, and telemedicine.
Japan is the first country in the world to become a super-aging society, and it is predicted that a heart failure pandemic*1 will arrive in the near future*2. On the other hand, problems such as regional disparities in medical care and a shortage of doctors are expected to worsen in the future, due to a decline in the labor force, a decline in the quality and quantity of medical services due to depopulation, and an increase in transportation costs.
In order to overcome this situation, we have developed the “AMI-SSS01 series of phonocardiogram testing devices*3,” a product that solves the problems of accuracy, difficulty, frequency, and distance in heart disease testing by utilizing “auscultation DX.” We have developed “Cloud Ultra-diagnosis (R)︎” to start.
*1 The significant increase in the number of heart failure patients due to the increase in the elderly population is sometimes referred to as a “heart failure pandemic”, likening it to the explosive spread of infectious disease patients. Reference: Japan Heart Foundation *2 Reference: Shimokawa H, Miura M, Nochioka K, Sakata Y. Heart failure as a general pandemic in Asia. Eur J Heart Fail. 2015 Sep;17(9):884-92. doi: 10.1002/ejhf.319. Epub 2015 Jul 29. PMID: 26222508.
*3 Brand name: Phonocardiogram testing device AMI-SSS01 series Approval number: 30400BZX00218000 General name: General-purpose phonocardiogram
Overview of “Cloud Super Diagnosis (R)︎”
The remote medical support system “Cloud Ultradiagnosis (R)︎” presents analysis results such as waveform information by uploading heart sounds and electrocardiograms acquired by the “phonocardiogram testing device AMI-SSS01 series” to the cloud. It’s a service. (*This service is not a medical device.)
Not only high-quality heart sounds, but also heart sound visualization data and electrocardiographic data can be shared with remote doctors through “Cloud Ultradiagnosis(R)︎”. This allows even non-specialists to consult a cardiologist about auscultation findings and receive support such as whether detailed examinations are necessary. Features and plans added in the official version
“Cloud Super Examination (R)” has two new plans, “Standard Plan” and “Premium Plan,” for medical institutions to choose from. ·standard plan
・Output of reports containing analysis results for doctors and other medical professionals
・Premium plan
・Output of a report containing analysis results for those who have undergone the test
Telemedicine initiatives
Since 2018, our company has been working on a project commissioned by Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture, “Preliminary Medical Examination Demonstration Project Utilizing a Remote System – Cloud Kenshin (R)”, and from 2020, we have been working with local core hospitals and mountainous areas. We worked on a demonstration project to connect clinics in remote areas online.
We also conducted field verification of remote auscultation on a remote island (Shimokoshikijima) in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Various media have also covered the fact that our “AMI-SSS01 Series Phonocardiogram Examination System” has been installed in the “Medical MaaS” mobile medical treatment service to remote areas at a hospital in Oguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture.
・Expand the scope of the online medical treatment demonstration project undertaken by Minamata City, National Health Insurance Minamata City General Medical Center and AMI
・Tripartite agreement concluded with Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture and National Health Insurance Minamata City General Medical Center
・Close contact! AMI conducts a demonstration of a video chat system that supports remote auscultation on a remote island in Kagoshima Prefecture (Shimokoshikijima)
・[TV/Newspaper] “Super Stethoscope” was introduced in various media
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・Obtained regulatory approval for the “AMI-SSS01 series of
phonocardiogram testing devices”
AMI Co., Ltd.
Our company is a research and development startup from Kyushu that is working on “Auscultation DX*” through research and development of “Super Stethoscope”. By developing products that utilize acoustic engineering, electronic engineering, and AI technology and
implementing telemedicine services in society, we aim to create a world where anyone can receive high-quality medical care, no matter where they are.
*We not only digitize auscultation, but also use it in medical settings, clinical research, medical education, telemedicine, etc., thereby providing new value to medical settings.
This is our company’s promotional video. Please take a look. URL:
[Video 2:]
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*This release is intended to inform stakeholders including the press, shareholders and investors about our efforts, and is intended to provide medical information to the general public and attract customers. It’s not what I said.
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