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Home » Removes moisture with 5 types of ceramide milk! Milk cleansing containing 95% serum ingredient *1 is now available!

Removes moisture with 5 types of ceramide milk! Milk cleansing containing 95% serum ingredient *1 is now available!

Sunlish Co., Ltd.
Removes moisture with 5 types of ceramide milk! Milk cleansing containing 95% serum ingredient *1 is now available!
“_method (Under Method) Cleansing Milk” will be released in March 2024! ……
Essence Co., Ltd. will release cleansing milk from Under Method, which is based on the concept of reviewing skin care from the washing step, at Ainz & Tulpe, Hands, and Welcia Holdings Co., Ltd. from March 2024. *Excluding some stores.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] [Remove while taking care with ceramide milk! Milk cleansing with serum ingredient *1 is now available! ]
Formula design that takes full advantage of the benefits of cleansing milk An under method cleansing milk that is gentle yet overflowing with serum ingredients*1.
Enhance your bath time with the ultimate cleansing milk that will make you look forward to washing.
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] [Point 1. Wash with serum ingredient *1]
Milk cleansing containing 95% serum ingredient *1. 5 types of human ceramide*2, evolved CICA*3, glutathione*4,
Contains serum ingredients such as 3 types of retinol*5,
niacinamide*4, and super vitamin E*6 for smooth removal after washing.
[Image 3:×2600.jpg]

[Point 2. Remove with vegetable oil]
Contains 9 types of vegetable oils*7 that are mild and remove gently and thoroughly.
It blends well with makeup and is formulated with carefully selected oils that can be used even on sensitive skin during the change of seasons.

[Point 3. Remove with phase inversion type]
[Image 4:×188.png ]
Comfortable texture that spreads smoothly and lightly.
Since it can be blended with makeup while maintaining an appropriate thickness, it reduces friction between the skin and fingers during cleansing, reducing the burden on the skin.
Also, as you massage it, it turns into an oil (phase inversion) and cleanses away makeup and dirt from your pores.
[Image 5:×326.png ]
[Point 4. Sensitive skin prescription]
Stinging tested (not all people will experience skin irritation), so even those with sensitive skin can use it with confidence. It is also recommended for those who are resistant to cleansing agents with 6 free prescriptions*8.
After washing, it won’t feel tight and leaves your skin slippery, making you want to touch it.

*1 Contains moisturizing ingredients and water *2 Ceramide NP, Ceramide NS, Ceramide EOS, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP *3 Centella asiatica callus acclimatization culture solution *4 Moisturizing ingredients *5 Retinol, retinol palmitate, hydroxypinacolon retinoic acid *6 Tocotrienols *7 Squalane, adlay oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, teriyaki seed oil, shea butter, corn oil, rice bran oil *8 Petroleum-based surfactants, mineral oil, parabens, synthetic colorants・Synthetic fragrances ・Alcohol
“Under Method Cleansing Milk” Product Overview
[Image 6:×303.png ]
・Brand name: _method (under method)
・Product name: Cleansing milk
・Sales name: UM CM Cleansing
・Content capacity: 130mL
・Sales price: 1,408 yen (tax included)

■About _method (under method)
This slightly tedious task at the end of the day is actually an important act that determines tomorrow’s beauty.
That’s why we remove it properly without any extra effort. Wash properly. It is the key to not only removing your hair, but also awakening your true beauty. The moment you wash it off, you will have a feeling of a new tomorrow. Tomorrow’s beauty is determined by washing your face. Brand site:
More details about this release: