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Toyo Work Group 2024 Induction Ceremony Held

Toyo Work Group Co., Ltd.
Toyo Work Group 2024 Induction Ceremony Held
A total of 417 new employees from group companies joined the company. ……
Toyo Work Group (*1) held induction ceremonies on Monday, April 1st, mainly at the Sendai venue, but also at various locations around the country, hiring a total of 417 new employees for the group.
This year’s induction ceremony was held online at 14 venues across the country, including a congratulatory address to new employees by Naoyasu Susa, Chairman and Representative Director of Toyo Work Group Co., Ltd., greetings from representatives of each group company, the issuance of letters of appointment to new employees, and speeches by Naoyasu Susa, Chairman and Representative Director of Toyo Work Group Co., Ltd. The participants expressed their determination, and senior employees offered encouragement to the new employees.
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The main venue, Sendai venue
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Appointments were issued to each operating company.
Congratulatory address to new employees: Naoyasu Susa, Chairman and Representative Director, Toyo Work Group *Greeting summary (excerpt)
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Congratulations to all new employees.
I was really looking forward to seeing you all today.
Today is the only day in your life.
Please remember this day as you go through life.
From today onwards, you are all members of society. Until now, I have been blessed with my parents, and I have been supported by them, friends, and many people.
However, starting today, it will be a step towards becoming a member of society. From today onwards, everything is my responsibility. Today marks exactly four months since the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on New Year’s Day.
Many unexpected things happen in social life, including disasters. There will also be competition. It may be frustrating. There will be hardships. On the other hand, it can also be very good. Today I would like to introduce the “Five Minds” to everyone who wants to cherish each day.
The first is to be “healthy”. You can’t accomplish anything unless you’re healthy.
The second thing is to be cheerful. You won’t be able to open up your life if you always look gloomy, hunched over, and looking down. The third thing is “motivation”.
I’ll definitely finish it. This is important.
The fourth thing is “perseverance.” If you give up too soon, you won’t accomplish anything. The fifth one is “haki”. You must have a strong will. I hope you live a life of ambition. And as I said earlier, many things happen in society.
The important thing is to have the ability to discern what is common sense. Each of you must grow based on your own judgment.
I would like to offer my greetings upon joining the company by wishing you all the best in your growth.
[Number of employees at each company]
◆Toyo Work Co., Ltd. 256 people (temporary staffing, human resource development business) ◆Techno Center Co., Ltd. 2 people (manufacturing contract, outsourcing, BPO business) ◆Toyo Work Security Co., Ltd. 152 people (security, security materials rental) Business) ◆ Toyo Work Security Okinawa Co., Ltd. 3 people (security business, security materials rental business) ◆ Clean & Clean Co., Ltd. 2 people (cleaning business of plastic containers, etc.)
◆QOLD Co., Ltd. 2 people (disability welfare, elderly welfare, medical welfare business) (*1) Toyo Work Group companies: Toyo Work, Toyo Work Security, Clean & Clean, QOLD (all headquartered in Sendai City), Techno Center (headquartered) : Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture), Toyo Work Security Okinawa (Head Office: Naha City, Okinawa

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