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TANGO ORIGIN 2024 -Tango Rouge

Tango Origin Production Co., Ltd.
TANGO ORIGIN 2024 -Tango Rouge
The ultimate stage of Argentine tango of love and sensuality presented by Japan’s top artists from Buenos Aires!
[Image:×1680.jpg] Tango Origin Production Co., Ltd., which has been inviting many famous dancers and musicians from Argentina for many years, will present “Tango Origin 2024 -Tango Rouge-”, a tango show with more gorgeous members than the show house in Buenos Aires. The event will be held on Sunday, May 23rd at Nisho Hall (formerly Yakult Hall) in Shinbashi. The orchestra, led by genius pianist Emiliano Greco, includes Momoko Aida (violin), Takao Suzuki (bandoneon), and popular singer Vanina Tahini, who is active in Buenos Aires, and has performed around the world with gorgeous performances backed by high technical ability. Top dancers who are active in the field will perform dances full of individuality. At the Tokyo performance, special guests Huo Xiaojun (erhu) and Taku Motonaga (shakuhachi) will appear, further enlivening the stage. This is a highly artistic and authentic tango show that can be enjoyed not only by tango lovers but also by those who are unfamiliar with Argentine tango.
◾Event Overview/Name TANGO ORIGIN 2024 -Tango Rouge-・Sponsored by Tango Origin Production Co., Ltd.・Sponsored by TOKYO MX・Date/Time June 23, 2024 (Sunday)/Daytime 14:30 Open, 15:00 Start / Evening session Doors open at 18:00, Performance begins at 18:30 Venue: Nissho Hall (formerly Yakult Hall) Performers: Emiliano Greco (piano, music director) Emiliano Greco (bandoneon) Nicolas Enrich Suzuki Takatoki Suzuki (Bandoneon) Matras Grande (Violin) Momoko Aida (Violin) Manuel Gomez (Double Bass) Manuel Gomez (Singer) Vanina Tagini [Special Guest] Huo Xiaojun (Erhu) Huo Xiaojun Taku Motonaga (Shakuhachi) Hiromu Motonaga [Dancer] Neri & Shanina Neri y Yanina (Choreography) Vanessa & Facundo Jesus y lara Cristian & Nao Cristian y Nao Miguel & Chanel Miguel y Yanel・Main performance Scheduled songs Libertango / La Cumparsita / Canaro in Paris / Nostalgia / Tormenta / Malena / Others / Admission fee All reserved seats 8,500 yen (tax included) *February 15th (Thursday) – March Advance tickets will be sold for 8,000 yen (tax included) only on the 31st (Sunday).・Ticket purchase ・Tango Origin Production 03-6264-1539 (Reception: 12:00-21:00 / Closed on Sundays and holidays) ・”TANGO ORIGIN 2024″ ticket exclusive email ・Official website
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