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Home » The ultimate pore care formula *1 Start your pore peeling habit with just one drop

The ultimate pore care formula *1 Start your pore peeling habit with just one drop

Sunlish Co., Ltd.
The ultimate pore care formula *1 Start your pore peeling habit with just one drop
Lifting peel serum will be released in March 2024 from the adult pore trouble brand “morefull”!
Available stores include Loft, Ainz & Tulpe, Hands, and Welcia Holdings Co., Ltd.
*Excluding some stores.
[Image 1:×2160.jpg] Intensive pore care for adult pores with Moreful’s highest
formulation*1. Just one drop of this before lotion for firm, glowing skin!
You can aim for firm and smooth skin with thorough multifaceted care for adult pores that you have given up on.
Multifaceted formula for pores + aging + peel care + moisturizing
[Image 2:×2160.jpg]

People who are worried about their pores are more likely to turn to cleaning products.
Pore ​​problems for people in their 40s and 50s (sagging pores and dry pores) Skin care is also important,
Morefull focuses on pore problems that cannot be improved just by washing.

[Image 3:×1000.png ]
[Point 1. Dullness *2 Pore care]
Speaking of pores, it’s vitamin C! Contains 4 types of vitamin C*3 for thorough pore care, and vitamin C is said to be essential for collagen production around pores. Contains 4 types of ingredients that are essential for pore care.

[Image 4:×1333.png ]
[Point 2. Firmness care]
The most common problem for adult pores is sagging pores.
Contains 4 types of collagen*4 for plump care from the inside. Approach stubborn and sagging pores!
[Point 3. Corner layer care]
Year by year, the stratum corneum thickens and turnover becomes disrupted. This causes clogged pores, dullness, and noticeable pores due to disturbed texture (due to dryness).
Contains 7 types of fruit acids*5, 2 types of AHA*6, BHA*7, and gluconolactone*8, which has a peeling effect and makes your skin look smooth and clear, removing old dead skin cells that have accumulated over many years!
[Image 5:×1707.jpg] [Point 4. Dry pore care]
A luxurious drop that is overflowing with ingredients that are currently trending and essential for aging care.
Contains niacinamide*9, hydrolyzed egg cornea*9, two types of vitamin E*10, glutathione*9, three types of retinol*11, artichoke leaf extract*9, and panthenol*9 for a moisturizing feel. For smoother skin.

*1 Within the Moreful brand *2 Dirt such as old keratin *3 3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid, ascorbyl glucoside, trisodium palmitate ascorbyl phosphate, sodium ascorbate (all moisturizing ingredients) *4 Hydrolyzed collagen, water-soluble collagen, Water-soluble collagen crosspolymer, succinoyl atelocollagen (all moisturizing ingredients) *5 Lime juice, orange juice, lemon juice, hawthorn extract, jujube fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, apple fruit extract (skin conditioning ingredients) *6 Glycolic acid, lactic acid (Skin conditioning ingredients) *7 Salicylic acid (skin conditioning ingredients) *8 Skin conditioning ingredients *9 Moisturizing ingredients *10 Tocopherol, tocotrienol (all moisturizing ingredients) *11 Retinol, retinol palmitate, hydroxypinacolon retinoic acid (all moisturizing ingredients)
“More Full Lifting Peel Serum” Product Overview
[Image 6:×1333.png ]
・Brand name: morefull
・Product name: Lifting peel serum
・Sales name: MF Lifting PS
・Content capacity: 27mL
・Sales price: 1,848 yen (tax included)

[Recommended usage]
Rated A* in the lotion category by the serious cosmetics review magazine LDK. By using it in conjunction with the More Full Nano Bubble Lotion series, you can increase the penetration of lotion.
[Image 7:×1707.jpg] Brand site

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