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Home » Asakusa Jidai-ya Implementation date changed for “Asakusa Night Cherry Blossom Rickshaw Cherry Blossom Viewing Plan supported by Asahi Beer”

Asakusa Jidai-ya Implementation date changed for “Asakusa Night Cherry Blossom Rickshaw Cherry Blossom Viewing Plan supported by Asahi Beer”

Asakusa Jidai-ya
Implementation date changed for “Asakusa Night Cherry Blossoms Rickshaw Cherry Blossom Viewing Plan supported by Asahi Beer” ~Asahi Beer, JTB, Jidai-ya collaboration project~
Jidai-ya, in collaboration with Asahi Breweries and JTB, has planned and sold the “Asakusa Night Cherry Blossom Rickshaw Cherry Blossom Viewing Plan,” a collaboration between the three companies that will take you to famous cherry blossom viewing spots around Asakusa and the Sumida River by rickshaw during the cherry blossom viewing period in Asakusa. However, the plan implementation date will be changed in accordance with the blooming of the cherry blossoms.
[Image 1:×1260.jpg] Cherry blossoms and rickshaw at night *Image is for illustrative purposes only [Purpose of the Plan] Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and JTB Co., Ltd. will start a co-creation project on January 30th of this year that leverages the strengths of both companies, with the aim of “creating a high-quality nighttime economy” for foreign visitors to Japan. We are working to provide original tours that allow the increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan to experience nighttime entertainment and services unique to Japan, and to develop high-quality nighttime economy content that allows them to experience the “extraordinary” and “extraordinary.” is. Reference/Co-creation project for foreigners visiting Japan◇Asahi Beer◇JTB /30_jtb-asahibeer.htmlAs part of this co-creation project, this plan is a collaboration between three companies, including Jidaiya Co., Ltd. (Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hidenori Fujiwara), which provides sightseeing rickshaws in Asakusa, which is popular with foreign visitors to Japan. It was realized as a plan. This year’s cherry blossom viewing will be the first time since the transition to Category 5 of the new coronavirus, and it will be a long-awaited cherry blossom viewing without any restrictions. In the Sumida River area of ​​Asakusa, which has long been known as a famous spot for cherry blossom viewing, you can fully enjoy the magical nighttime cherry blossoms that shine against the pitch-black night sky in a chartered rickshaw, and then enjoy a night out at Asakusa’s restaurant district. We recommend that you make your reservation early as the event is limited to 4 days during the cherry blossom viewing period.
[Image 2:×1852.jpg] A rickshaw running along the cherry blossom trees along Sumida Park and Sukeroku Yume Street (note: this plan is at night)
[Plan features]
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Cherry blossoms and rickshaws in the grounds of Asakusa Shrine (Note: This plan is at night)
In Asakusa, this is a plan that connects the cherry blossom viewing spot at night and the restaurant area by rickshaw. After getting off the rickshaw, enjoy Asakusa’s nighttime by drinking or eating at nearby restaurants. This is a plan that allows you to easily enjoy riding, seeing, drinking, and eating in Asakusa, so it is also recommended for foreign tourists who want to experience Japan’s proud cherry blossom viewing culture. ●Route Departing from the Jidai-ya store (Jidai-ya Meijikan) near Kaminarimon Gate, the route will take you to the cherry blossom trees in Sumida Park and other highlights of Asakusa’s night cherry blossoms, before arriving near Koen Hondori (commonly known as Hoppy Street). ●Special Present When you think of cherry blossom viewing, you think of alcohol and dumplings. This plan includes 1 can of “Super Dry Raw Mug”, 1 can of “Style Balance”, 3 cherry blossom viewing dangos from Sumizumi’s long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kotomin Dango”, and a 3-piece set including a map of Asakusa Hoppy Street restaurants. One set is included for each person.
*Please note that “Super Dry Raw Jug Cans” and “Style Balance” cannot be distributed to those under 20 years of age or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
[Plan details]
Date of operation: March 27th (Wednesday), 28th (Thursday), April 5th (Friday), 6th (Saturday), 2024 / Total 4 days
Start time: 1.18:00, 2.19:00 / twice each day
Course time: 45 minutes
Route: Departing from Jidai-ya, arriving at the cherry blossom trees around Kaminarimon and Sumida Park, cherry blossom spots in downtown Asakusa, and Koen Hondori.
Plan price: ・22,000 yen (tax included) per car for 1 person ・25,000 yen (tax included) for 1 car for 2 people *For groups with an odd number of people, only one car will carry 1 person and the others will carry 2 people.
Meeting place: Jidai-ya (Meijikan) Address: 2-3-5 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo Meeting time: 1.17:45, 2.18:45 / Please gather 15 minutes before the start time to register.
Arrival location: Around Koen Hondori (Hoppy Street) (rickshaw ends) Wonderful benefits: The following benefits will be given to all applicants.・Bonus (1): Super Dry Mug Can and Style Balance 1 can each/1 person・Bonus (2): Contains 3 Kotomin Dango Hanami Dango 1 Box/1 person/Bonus (3): Hoppy Street restaurant map 1 piece/1 person/Bonus (4): 10% discount on Jidai-ya service items (limited to those who apply on the day)
Application reception: Jidaiya Accepted by phone or email, up to 5 cars per day (priority given to advance reservations) ・Telephone: 03-3843-0890 ・Email: reservation Please let us know. Application deadline: Until 17:00 the day before the date of use
[Image 4:×1836.jpg] Night cherry blossoms at Nakamise (you can view them on foot after getting off the rickshaw)
[Notes] – Advance reservation is required to participate in this plan. (Up to approximately 5 vehicles per trip each day) – This plan will visit cherry blossom viewing spots according to the blooming status of the cherry blossoms, but we cannot guarantee that the cherry blossoms will bloom.・The route of this plan may be partially changed depending on the blooming status of cherry blossoms, road conditions, weather, etc. on the day.・This plan will be held rain or shine. *Excludes cases where operation is truly dangerous, such as rainstorms. The time spent getting off the rickshaw midway through the course and waiting or walking around is also included in the rickshaw riding time.・If the time is exceeded due to the customer’s request, additional charges will be incurred for the excess time.・You can take the “3-piece Kotomon Dango” home with you, but since it is a fresh confectionery, please be sure to consume it on the same day. – In case of
cancellation, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged up to 4 days before the departure date, and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged after that. [Additional options unique to Jidai-ya] Jidai-ya not only provides sightseeing rickshaws, but also kimono rentals, which are popular among foreign tourists, and various Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremony and calligraphy, so you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at night time only. You can also enjoy daytime. Please use this plan in conjunction with this plan. ●Recommended option: 10% discount for those who apply on the day! ◇Wear a kimono and enjoy cherry blossom viewing on a rickshaw◇Wear a kimono and enjoy a tea ceremony, making Japanese sweets, and other Japanese cultural experiences, then enjoy cherry blossom viewing on a rickshaw Reference: ・Kimono rental ・Japanese culture experience https: //
[Image 5:×1821.jpg] Set of 3 cherry blossom viewing dango from Kotomin Dango
[About Kotomon Dango] This is a long-established tea shop that has been around since the Edo period, and is famous for its dango, which was named after a waka poem that Narihira Ariwara read while traveling in the eastern part of Japan. We continue to maintain the origins of dango, with its light sweetness and the fact that it cannot be skewered. Shotaro Ikenami, who is loved by many cultural figures and literary figures and is known for his Onihei Hankachō, is known to have often visited and enjoyed the taste. [About Jidai-ya] Jidai-ya Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, and since running the first sightseeing rickshaw in Asakusa in 1996, we have contributed to the development of Asakusa’s tourism business and rickshaw industry for about 30 years. Since then, we have expanded our service items to include
wedding/event rickshaws, kimono rentals, Japanese cultural
experiences, retro cosplay experiences, Japanese-style events, etc. that anticipate the needs of domestic and foreign tourists, and are developing a unique business as a comprehensive tourism and culture business company. Masu. ●Jidaiya Co., Ltd. Representative:
Representative Director Hidenori Fujiwara Address: 111-0034 2-3-5 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3843-0890 (9:00-17:45, open all year round) Email: info @jidaiya.bizURL: [Press release contact] Usui, chief of planning

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